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Chinese porn crackdown goes mobile

Chris Irvine
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the Subtitle...

had me in stitches for a good 5 minutes....thank you thank you, good to know comedy like this gets around :D

Microsoft smooths Windows 7 snafu

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to install? fuckin bloatware, they make the code big because HD space isn't the precious commodity it once was, but 16gb is taking the piss...... i got a new laptop, had vista home premium pre-installed, so i can't downgrade, and it's so fuckin slow (and this laptop is no slouch) so i dread to think what win7 will be like :(

Play.com pestered to back up price claims

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nothing but

Excellent service from play.com, agreed sometimes the mailouts are misleading (like showing a picture of Heroes characters and saying "TV Series from 9.99!") but the prices are good, and they are fast, would reccommend to anyone been with em for 4 years

Steve Jobs is 'cancer-free'

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suprised i'm the first to say it this way


i'll get me coat....

Texas man tries to cash $360bn cheque

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i think he took it because...

he probably wanted to fill up his car

i'll take someone elses coat, this man has inspired me to do so

'I'll be back' is most-quoted movie line

Chris Irvine

totally geeky but....

the poster who made the remark about StarScream in the Transformers tv series misquoted it, as it was re-written to suit the scene

Runabout : "hey, wheres your security pass?"

Starscreams Ghost : "passes? PASSES!? We don't NEED no stinkin passes!"

Chuck Norris to do battle in El Reg Arena of Death

Chris Irvine


Did we forget the existence of the letter "u"?