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Canva acquires Affinity, further wounding a regulator-bruised Adobe

Is there anybody out there?

Perpetual Licences Confirmed!

They have sent round an update to customers

"...we are committed to continue to offer perpetual licences in the future...if we do offer a subscription, it will only ever be as an option alongside the perpetual model, for those who prefer it."


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Re: I don't get the premise

If you watch the YouTube video from the CEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcaGgGErLMo he is quite explicit that "V2" will remain perpetual licence. Its what he is not saying that is the cause of all the angst. I love Affinity Photo but I'm not buying a subscription to V3 if that's where they are going (and why wouldn't they as that is the Canva model).

Many in the YouTube comments have pointed out his very uncomfortable body language. Is there a Canva hit man with a big gun just out of shot?

I hope I'm proved wrong but sad day it seems :(

New solvent might end winter charging blues for EV owners

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Re: Tesla owners complained....

My 2003 petrol S-Type hasn't even caught fire once, let alone 20 times.

IBM Japan and NTT think they can make datacenter aircon adjust to different workloads

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Its April 1st. Bring on the pasta trees!

No sorry. My mistake.

I installed https://www.ekkosense.com/ some years ago which does exactly this

Must have been a slow news day. Or perhaps our hack can explain what we're missing with this new fangled thermostat thingy?

AI copyright row deepens: Stability VP quits in protest over 'fair use' excuse

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Is it different from what people do?

Its interesting isn't it. You could (though I'm not sure I do) argue that human artists learn (are trained) vis works of existing artists and develop their own style from that. "No man's an island" and all that.

Which is sort of what AI is doing. Has AI got less rights than humans?

On the other hand, most artists are in general very poorly recompensed for their work and I don't want to encourage that which makes it worse. Which is a one reason why I still buy CDs (ideally from the artist) and don't use any streaming services (that's what radio is for). But that's a different topic.

Introducing the tech that keeps the lights on

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Dell make use of it...

Dell sell a backup/DR system which makes use of data diodes to provide a secure enclave for a copy of your backups. Its a bit complex and hardware intensive but a good system actually (from what I've seen).

LG has its own folding PC now, but good luck getting your hands on one

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Where's my Courier?

I'm still waiting for MS to resurrect the Courier. The very buggy iPad app gave a glimpse of its promise before it was put out of its misery

After fears that Europe's space scope was toast, its first images look mighty fine

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Re: Euclid

One of the pictures they show a few times seems to have a nasty dust donut on the left. Doh!

Is there anybody out there?

I don't think you can prove non-existence can you? Something to do with black swans... I take your point though :)

Bacterial byproducts may help stop the stink in future spacesuits

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Re: WTF?

Lucky you! I'll send you some :)

First US nuclear power plant built this century goes online

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really - how so? https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/sep/23/uk-nuclear-waste-cleanup-decommissioning-power-stations

Google accused of ripping off advertisers with video ads no one saw. Now, the expert view

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The Emperor's New Clothes

I don't know anyone who doesn't dislike ads and few would admit to being more than peripherally influenced by them. So why does the ad industry exist at all? What would be different without this worldwide phenomenon? You could still get the information by going to the sellers site - it just wouldn't be in your face. The Golgafrincham's had the right idea I think.

Microsoft rethinks death sentence for Windows Mail and Calendar apps

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..but its horrible

The new look is horrible. It cluttered, messy, ugly and ad ridden. I tried to give it a proper go but lasted about 15 minutes. For home use, Mail is fine for me.