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You OK, Apple? Seriously, your silicon lineup is … a mess


First world problems... they're all more than adequate, no matter what the imprint on the CPU says...

Greener, cheaper, what's not to love about a secondhand smartphone?


Re: Mmmmmm

Try https://divestos.org/ which is a hardened fork of LineageOS. I run that on a Pixel 3a and love it as much as GrapheneOS on the Pixel 6a. I also have DivestOS on an old Nexus 10 tablet, not really secure anymore with Android 7.1, but it still gets monthly updates, unlike Google would do...

Debian 12 'Bookworm' is the excitement-free Linux you've been waiting for


Re: Pipewire... didn't work correctly... Re: re: Much as I love Linux ..

I was wondering about this as well, as Liam wrote:

> "Bookworm does, however, default to using the Pipewire audio server – which in our test installation was the single component which didn't work correctly, and left us without working sound."

I installed freshly on a separate partition, and mine worked out of the proverbial box. What I *did* do afterwards, however, was to check if things like pw-jack were installed, since I use my Debian system for recording with Ardour. Works very nicely for me, and with qpwgraph I can do all the cabling just like I did before using Carla, Catia, and so on.

I had tried Pipewire in Arch before, which worked as well. So thumbs up to the Debian team to get this right.