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Cisco rations VPNs for staff as strain of 100,000+ home workers hits its network

Richard Laval

Re: Split Tunnelling

One reason given for not allowing split tunnelling is to force all traffic through the company's monitoring and security systems. From a security point of view I can see the benefit but it is a pain in the ass when you have to keep disconencting the VPN so you can access your home lab etc.

Royal Bank of Scotland IT contractor ban sparks murmurs of legal action

Richard Laval

Re: Just the start

HMRC aren't being intransigent about the annual pension allowance causing the NHS problems. They are merely enforcing the law with regards to it.

It's the Treasury and the government minister's who thought it was a terrific wheeze who have been both in denial and intransigent.

Idle Computer Science skills are the Devil's playthings

Richard Laval


Where can I sign up for a course in that!

BA CEO blames messaging and networks for grounding

Richard Laval

"BA's only hope is if the American carriers continue to be as dreadful as ever."

So they definitely have a fighting chance then!

Old-timer Odyssey to babysit Curiosity's Mars landing

Richard Laval

Re: what? has no one else groked the first problem?

Given how long Odyssey has been out there I suspect it was Windows ME, which would explain the safe mode.

Sky's mobile movies move leaves Apple, Amazon gasping

Richard Laval


The spawn of satan is who they are.

One third of Russians say Sun revolves round Earth

Richard Laval
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Bull shit unit of measure

@Ken Hagan. Nope the gartner as a measure of bullshit works just fine.

Little black dress with SIM card slot offered for 2011

Richard Laval

Not Wifi socks but RFID socks

Then there is a fighting chance of pairing up more than 10% of the sock collection.

Czechs toast Bud-beating beer win

Richard Laval

Follow that bear

I liked Hoffmeister. It didn't pretend to be anything it wasn't and you didn't have to sit in a dull, brown, old mans pub listening to a bunch of anal retards banging on about how warm, cloudy, chewy water was the next best thing to nirvana.

Council websites falter on business services

Richard Laval

5 + 18 = 5?

If 5% are very good and 18% are satisfactory how does that equete to only 5% compliant?

Observer columnist in online porn mixup

Richard Laval

memories ..

Ah the simple pleasures of whistling down an acoustic coupler!!

Brocade's Backbone wants control of the data center

Richard Laval

DCX! Where have I heard that before?

Speaking of trademarks, doesn't who ever bought the remains of CASE Communications many years ago own the trademark "DCX"?

Tories offer NHS IT rescue plan after major patient data losses

Richard Laval

More or less?

If the data is stored on, say, 6 regional databases, doesn't that just mean there are 6 times as many DBAs etc. to lose data, make a mistake etc?

Facebook accuses MP of impersonating MP

Richard Laval

Lib Dems Gran

No Lib Dem MP is going to sell his Gran for a vote.

They needs to know that at least one potential voter has heard of them.

BAE slimed from all directions

Richard Laval

Pilot training?!

"as well as training of Saudi citizens in the field of aviation"

Remind me again, where did the majority of the 9/11 terrorists come from?


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