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Canada passes controversial spook-powers law


Re: royal ascent

Nope - not a sovereign country, technically. Royal ascent is a real thing...that said, it's nothing more than a rubber stamp, in reality.

Cashing it in: Personal finance apps – the best and the rest


Missed some...

Mint.com and their free app...

Canon PowerShot G1 X compact camera


20cm Macro?

I was sold until the 20cm macro focus....hardly macro. I've got a G7right now, which can get to 1cm.

360 Browser


nice browser!

Wow - thanks for this article! I just tried out the free version, and it's really really nice. The one thing it seems to be lacking though, is pinch gestures....I can't zoom in/out by pinching my fingers together/apart like we've grown so accustomed to these days. Seems like an odd oversight - surely I'm just missing something here....

Dell Studio 17 touchscreen notebook

Thumb Up

Got one.

I've had one since about early March (Canada)....After you've used this laptop for a while, you'll find yourself poking at all other laptop screens.

As much as some might think that touchscreen laptops are a waste, at least 80% of the time, it's far faster to just tap a button on-screen than find the trackpad, move the mouse to the right spot, and click. And for web browsing, you can't beat it (scrolling, moving back / forward, changing tabs, etc).

It's an expensive beast (it is pretty beefy, especially with the extra large battery - not shown in the Reg pics), but it's a solid replacement for my desktop.

Google Wave: Testers line up for the love-in


@Patrick O'Reilly

So it's Facebook+RDP (which comes with every windows/linux box anyway).....I'd say it's *evil though, not -evil....Google's got way more sinister potential than Facebook!


umm....doesn't this already exist?

I haven't used Wave yet, myself - but hasn't this already been invented? Isn't this just Google's version of Facebook?

AT&T playing iPhone streaming favorites


Works on my old Palm 700P...

As dead as Palm is, at least I can run my SlingPlayer on it!

Phoenix Lander listens to Mars murmurings


mic - not mike

It's a mic (short for microphone - not mikerophone).....unless the mic is named mike, I suppose.

Other smart phones are people too, says ex-Apple team


@ Kinoma?

No. Kinoma doesn't HAVE a format. Their PalmOS media player is (not was) an absolutely essential app - lets you watch YouTube, listen to internet radio, podcasts, etc...basically, it lets you play just about any media form you'd ever want to.

"Play" is simply the Windows (port) version of their existing MediaPlayerEX for PalmOS. It's identical, only now for Windows....

Facebook takes a break


.com not working 100% either...

The US/Canadian .com site's not been working 100% this morning either. No Apache errors, but things just aren't loading in some cases.

Windows Vista update 'kills' USB devices

Gates Horns


I can't run my new hardware on Win2k - It's not a 64bit OS (i've got 4gb of ram, win2k would only see 2 of that - plus a 64bit cpu, which w2k wouldn't make full use of either). My reasons for switching to Vista were that simple. I wanted an OS that would let me use my hardware to the fullest. It does that. I use XP at home, but I have to say that I think I prefer Vista. As for being a resource hog, maybe (about 50% of my ram's tied up just with the OS), but I don't notice it....and I've tried disabling Aero, and it doesn't lower the resource usage any (to speak of).

Compared to XP, Vista seems to be just as stable, if not more so (even without SP1)....only it's got lots of little things in it that make day to day usage just a little easier.

Gates Halo

works great for me!

I hate M$ as much as the rest of us - but my USB devices are still working just fine.

I've about had it with all the fuss is about Vista crashing (or generally sucking) - I've yet to have it crash, and found it super fast. Plus the need to reboot when installing drivers and programs seems to be mostly gone, PLUS it's nice and fast (even with Aero)....I'm coming from W2K, and so far Vista's way better (speed, stabilty, looks).

I did have to remove SP1 though, in order to keep using Google Earth (thanks google, for not making a 64bit version)....But in all honesty, I saw no difference in SP1.

My guess is that people just don't have the hardware to run Vista properly. Get the hardware, and it really is a nice OS.

Counterfeit Vista rate half that of XP


Ok, enough...

Enough with the Vista bashing. I've had it. I hate M$ as much as the next guy, but Vista does have it's uses. If you've got lots of ram, then you've got to have it. If you want to run Windoze apps and you want to use your fancy 64bit cpu to the fullest, then you've got to have it. Let's all be honest about it.....

I still use 2000 a fair bit, and XP a bit too. I've also used Vista enough to see that if you've got the hardware for it, it's really fast - even with Aero on. Put that hardware in XP or 2000, and you won't see that sort of speed.

Ok - flame on.

Beer better than water: Official



How is that even possible? When you get drunk, you are feeling the effects of dehydration. You get dehydrated from drinking only beer...How is it possible that beer can rehydrate you, if that's the case?

Sony PS3 narrows gap with Nintendo Wii



Not that I care much - but looking at the graph, the story is a bit different.....Wii sales have dropped a LOT, PS3 sales have dropped a little, and XBOX sales have picked up little. Seems odd to say that Sony narrowed any gap. I mean, that implies that they had something to do with the gap narrowing....and since it really only narrowed thanks to their own drop in sales, it's not really true. Really, Micro$oft has narrowed the gap between it and Sony (big thanks to the large drop in sales by Sony)... And everyone it getting closer together thanks to the big drop in Wii sales.

All that said, I've got my Wii (and love it)....If the PS3 didn't cost so much, I'd consider it (even though they've lost the new console war, I think).

Apple iPhone


What's so "new" about the iPhone?

I'm still trying to sort out what is so exciting and new about the iPhone. It's just a Treo without the convenience of the keyboard.....and without the convenience of being able to easily pack it full of other 3rd party apps!


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