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Dell customer order database of '49M records' stolen, now up for sale on dark web


I'm a third party dev for Dell and judging by the quality of code their internal devs write I'm not surprised at all.

Forgetting the history of Unix is coding us into a corner


Re: One thing that has/should change is...

Of course they know what a lightbulb is.

It's something that needs bluetooth and wifi, google home integration, a special app just for controlling the hue, and probably a subscription service for good measure.

Windows boss takes on taskbar turmoil, pledges to 'make Start menu great again'


Or summarily executed as I read it, enough damage has been done to technological progress in the name of advertising and marketing

Bright spark techie knew the drill and used it to install a power line, but couldn't outsmart an odd electrician


Back in primary school my brother accidentally cut the lawnmower's cable and called me to cone fix it.

Turned off the plug, got the tools, and headed out. But my mother's cousin was an electrician and his last words translates to "do you think I'm stupid" in response to his colleague asking if he was sure the breaker was open, so I asked my brother to go make sure the switch was off.

He dutifully turned the switch back on and I learned to always do my own double checking.

Sci-fi author 'writes' 97 AI-generated tales in nine months


AI drafting job descriptions and CVs.

Warehouse packing robots dying from exhaustion.

They're really trying to replace human workers in every aspect huh