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Hold up world, HP's all-in-one print subscription's about to land, and don't forget AI PCs


Re: Just print, damnit!

Credit card info to finish installation? That sounds like a mafia racket to me.

Uncle Sam tells nosy nations to keep their hands off Americans' personal data


So we're finally doing something about TikTok?

China breakthrough promises optical discs that store hundreds of terabytes


Where's the backdoor that copies all your data to CCP servers for later perusal?

Hands up who wants a PC? Lenovo reports declining returns


When Lenovo can convince American buyers that their hardware isn't sucking up data and sending it to the Chinese Communist Party their sales numbers will increase.

Misfiring Lenovo hires Ford director to help with revamp


Unless he can convince the US that Lenovo's AI isn't feeding private data directly to the Chinese Communist Party, he will fail.

Turning a computer off, then on again, never goes wrong. Right?


Re: Reminds me of an old (early '80s) AI koan ...

I like to call it the Aura effect. Just my aura is enough to fix most user issues.

Microsoft signs 1.5 million seat contract for Office 365 and more


34 months? They mean forever. Once staff starts using 365 and get all their documents and info tied up in it how can they get out? Also whoever the sales guru was at Bytes Software Services, I hope they know a good realtor in the south of France to help them spend that huge commission check.

Metaverses are flopping – hard – says Gartner


The more I hear about VR/metverse flopping the more I imagine Zuckerberg pouring more money into it and worrying. More and more Facebook Inc. looks like a one-trick pony.

If you want a big brain, make a habit out of daytime naps


Normalize napping now!

UK launches SKYNET – not a doomsday plot, just shopping for improved satellite comms


TBF Skynet is a pretty great name.

Cunningly camouflaged cable routed around WAN-sized hole in project budget


This is why the vikings took over Europe.

FBI abused spy law but only like 280,000 times in a year


Disband the FBI.

US sanctions cut Huawei profits by half in first quarter


Use Huawei equipment, expect your data to be piped to the ChiComs. Moving away from Huawei in the free world can't happen fast enough.

Microsoft's big bet on helium-3 fusion explained


So Helion is on their seventh generation design and it still doesn't work? What other technology gets to seven iterations with no success and still attracts massive investment? I'm sure their are some, but I remember reading about fusion reactors in grade school in the 80's and it was just 'ten years away' from working.

Microsoft signs up to buy electricity produced by fusion, perhaps in 2028


Fusion is a pipe dream. I cheer the researchers and the things they have learned from this process, but the time, energy and money would be better spent on building safe fission reactors that will actually work.

Support chap put PC into 'drying mode' and users believed it was real


This seems like a very harmless prank, which is the best kind when it comes to messing with humorless coworkers. My concern was that the floppy drive motor would burn out from the unloaded spinning.