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Canadian cops cry for BlackBerry wiretap

Viv Collins

Old school encryption & delivery

Its ironic that the most secure way to send a communication in the 21st century is by a hand written letter delivered by the local postal service! why? because they cant afford to allocate enough plod to open all the letters by hand and read them! emails are easy and cheap a machine can do that but letters need expensive people.

Ballmer on banking crisis: No one is safe

Viv Collins

MS invests it liquid cash were?

So were does a company the size of Microsoft invest its free cash reserves? they do not keep it down the back of the sofa so maybe it was invested in the market some were that was promising a high return?

Is that why Balmer is jittery and wants to see a government bailout?

US Marines: Osprey tiltrotor doing OK in Iraq

Viv Collins

How long?

Its not that it took a long time to sort out the Osprey and get it to fly reliably, rather it took a long time to learn how to make the Osprey fly in the first place! a huge amount of work went in to developing the tools to do it.

Audit bodies should merge, report says

Viv Collins

Who Audits the Auditors?

Its no surprise they should decide to audit them selves but who will audit this recommendation?

Canada announces monster solar plant

Viv Collins

What is the area of 24,000 roofs? <> than 365 hectares

365 hectares or as some one worked out 1.4 sq. miles of land taken up by the solar array, but what is the roof area of the 24,000 houses this array is supposed to power?

Seems pretty stupid making a centralized array when a distributed array system could be built for the cost of the tax break given to home owners to retile their roofs.

Or is that a bit too utopian?

James Cameron finds grave of Jesus & Son

Viv Collins

We have Gods DNA?

So if I understand this correctly we now have the DNA of not only Gods son Jesus (and any putative grandchildren) but also that of his father god himself?

Well that brings me to the interesting claims of one Green peace leader over his true linage!

Would the son of god please step up to the bar for a swab;-)


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