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MariaDB CEO: People who want things free also want to have very nice vacations


Re: "finding the balance between its open source roots and the needs of investors"


"Open Source does not generate money. As Red Hat has demonstrated, the only money you can make out of Open Source is support"

You forget about dual licensing of Free Software, which allowed MySQL to be sold for 1 billion USD.

BSL software, (time limited Free Software/Open Source) can also be an Open Source revenue model, where one pays for the latest version and old versions are Open Source.

There are a lot of other ways to make money with open source. You should be able to find some of my talks about this on YouTube.


Michael Widenius

Creator of MySQL and MariaDB

MariaDB cuts jobs, repeats 'going concern' warning to stock market


Re: Money

Yes, I did get some money from Sun for MySQL

I spent a big part off that creating MariaDB and paid all salaries to 20 employees from my own pocket for 4+ year!

I have been working on MariaDB server since 2009, most of the time for non or a low salary.

I also created the MariaDB Foundation to ensure that MariaDB would be guaranteed to free software forever!

Yes, I am not anymore at the MariaDB board, as I had to quit from the board as part of MariaDB Corporation going public with the SPAC.

I am still working full time improving MariaDB and helping users with MariaDB issues on different public forums.

I am also actively involved in the MariaDB Foundation, including handling pull request from external developers.

What more do you think I should do or have done to prove that I care about MariaDB, the developers behind it, and the community around it?

Michael Widenius

Creator of MySQL and MariaDB