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L1NUX number plate roars onto eBay

Mal Arkey

Be different...

Seen in Northern Virginia, proof that Yanks can have a sense of humor: 2DV8S2B

ElReg40™ seeks the world's worst web 2.0 ideas

Mal Arkey

MalarKey: coming to a web near you!

MalarKey is on the forefront of Web2K technology with its bright innovative and extralutionary (TM) conceptual fusion of P2P and Cryptofuzz steganology.

No more fear of losing your PGP keys or encrypted pr0nmarks once you share them on the MalarKey Foundry Network (Beta). Create an account, secure your identity with our patented retina fingerprint CRT/TFT-scan device right from your PC monitor, and enjoy a future of guaranteed privacy and security

Simply upload your sensitive data to the Foundry and our servers will safely inject it as alternative data streams into mp3 and other commonly shared file formats and distribute them to millions of peers.

Need to retrieve your lost (or delibrately deleted) hashes? No problem! Just visit our website, verify your ID and we'll provide you with anonymous torrent links to your data. Download, restore, and you'll have access to your sensitive data in no-time!

MalarKey: National Security Administration for the Masses!


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