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Vacuum cleaner set Swedish nuke plant on fire

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Was the cleaner vaporized?

Facebook fails webmail tests

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Hotmail - Really?!

Really? It sucks ass for me. The JS they run for going back and forward is total pants.

UK banks 'not doing enough' on internet fraud

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I love their system, it really doesn't interfere with me at all.

Three hospital worm infection dubbed 'substantive failure'

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@ Steve

"Since XP SP2 it hasn't been insecure out of the box. It automatically updates, it has a firewall and you shouldn't need any vists to the desktop for support. Yeah, it costs. But it's also easy to work with and the admins are cheap. Management is a piece of cake and you KNOW there's an application - with support 24/7 - for nearly any application you need."

Two words: Ha ha.

Not that I'm advocating Linux on all NHS machines, or Windows on all NHS machines. I'm just laughing at the statement you made.

Three simultaneously cut undersea cables under repair

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So this is the RIAA's new throttling technique!

Google stretching underwater comms cable?

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Uh oh...

Google is slowly (quickly?!) taking over the world....

World's biggest ISPs drag feet on critical DNS patch

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Insecure DNS

Over here in SK, my ISP is wide open.

Korean Telecom/KORNET

SanDisk makes sub-SSDs for sub-laptops

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Surely they could have squeezed an "i" in somehow?

Computer Misuse Act changes are delayed further

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Ever been to the Isle of Man? The mobile connection is terrible there. If you're not vodaphone, the whole idea is down the pan. Or it's going to cost you a lot more ;)

Microsoft orders 65nm Xbox 360 graphics chip

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@ Price Cut!

They've had to replace 16% and produce 2 (or more!) new versions to try to solve the problem.

Price cuts? Unlikely :D More like price increases....

Your personal data just got permanently cached at the US border

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Black Helicopters

Well, I have a solution

EEEPC + /home on an SD card.

= win.

Take it out of the drive, put it in your wallet, suddenly your personal information vanishes. They can look through the laptop as much as they want, the logs are all stored to RAM and are gone. All that's left is linux sans home.

Telling you guys, epic win.

Ballmer bitch slaps Vista

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@Brent: Always use root!?

Omg, omfg, etc.

Monroe BJ film - world exclusive still

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I don't get it...

...he's just brushing her hair.

Mr. and Mrs. Boring sue Google over Street View pics

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Surely that's a false name? If I was the judge I would have serious difficulty not making jokes in court.

Home Secretary in ID card gaffe

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Oh god...

So we have this massive database which, presumably, all the customs, passport guys, everyone, needs to have access to. If they don't have access to it, it defeats the point of the whole thing!

If it does have to be shared, how will they get the data - by post?! I thought they had already tried that.

RIAA chief calls for copyright filters on PCs

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Oh god.

It's the TCB all over again.


Didn't they watch 2001 A Space Odyssey?!

Pillar adds 'application awareness' to Axiom arrays

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Apparently it's the name of his dog, not the shellfish :D


Man buys MacBook Air, pulls it apart, takes pics

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I'm still shocked at how little is under the hood. It looks like an IPod on the inside!

I can't help but think that Apple have missed the point of miniaturisation. Light, small, etc are all good points - thin? That doesn't really make it smaller in any sense. I mean, if you took pretty much any object and made it thin instead of smaller, it would still be a pain in the ass to carry around.

Still, thin looks good.

Rocket train smashes world land-speed record

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Sure, i'd love to see them set off a rocket without any oxygen.

ICANN to throttle domain tasters

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I lol'd

That was amazing, JK.

Polish IT worker calculates exact speed of snail mail

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"...an internet was sent by my staff at 10 o'clock in the morning..."

Spotted in the wild: Home router attack serves up counterfeit pages

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Would not knowing the password make a difference? I think 99% of people I know have the default settings up.

admin/admin = win.

The OLPC XO laptop

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@Wrong age to do the review

Are you having a laugh?!

I was unaware that kids did anything with computers *apart* from browsing the net and multimedia related stuff.

Clash of the compacts: Eee vs Air

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Bla bla bla...

It looks pretty, there's no doubting that.

But I love my eeepc. As it's been said many times before, thin != small, thin == more likely to break.

Or at least thats my conclusion. Sure, maybe it's made of indestructibleness, I guess we'll all find out when someone actually gets their hands on one and can flex it a little without those mac security guards pooping themselves.

'Dangerously alluring' Ukrainian joins Bond 22

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"Olga Kurylenko" in google image search reveals boobies in the fifth result.


Head banker leaves job over Muslim gaffe

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"What a joke, thank god they did away with him! How can people with such a low intellect reach such high ranks? I remain puzzled!"

Pfft. I wouldn't call it low intellect. Hell, it's just a play on words, not really a racist joke. I can see why people are getting pissed off, but honestly, what a waste of time.

Lighten up world.

Now RIAA says copying your own CDs is illegal

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They're getting pretty desperate to sue people, aren't they?

If this goes through...wait, there's no way this can go through.


The day Microsoft 'embraced and extended' Java

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Already it begins....

.Net sucks, rar, rar, rar :)

Nice article, I enjoy computing history. Any chance of a history of Xerox and their computing mistakes article in the future?

Google Maps rolls out the Mesopotamian nil-cubit

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Never forget...

...furlongs per fortnight.

Best unit ever.

Free-market think tank urges EU to unbundle Windows

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Sure but....

I'm a linux fan, I run 3 Ubuntu computers (Quiet you "Ubuntu isn't proper linux" lot :P ). I'm pretty well versed in computers, yet it still took me a good hour to get my video card working with 2 monitors and my soundcard working with mixing (so you can listen to 2 audio sources at once, eg XMMS and Firefox).

Anyway, my point is that Linux is great for the low down computer users who just want to check their emails and maybe type a few documents, great for the geeks who want to do everything else and have some control, but it's terrible for the medium power users.

You know, the guys who want to listen to music, play games, etc, who don't particularly care about how their computer really works. Which I suspect is the majority of people, or at least, the loudest group of people.

Point is: What needs to happen is manufacturers need to release decent drivers for their hardware that run on linux (you listening ATI?), but that isn't going to happen until something like this happens. But it's a bit of a catch 22, because until this decent support is available in linux, the group I discussed above aren't going to buy into (or not buy into, as it's free) Linux.

So, hey ho, I hope it goes ahead for the "free market" etc. But on the other hand, if I get millions of phone calls from my parents demanding tech support, i'll be pissed.