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Bank's struggle to replace Atos threw system back to dark ages


Re: IR35

One of many many many no doubt, but brushed under the carpet by HMRC / UK Gov. It won't be any better until the vested interests of our PM are removed. Not sure anyone else will be any better though? It's too much money to lose but "too difficult" to do properly. Meanwhile UK PLC and the populus suffer. Sounds familiar?

How governments become addicted to suppliers like Fujitsu

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Re: Don't forget NPfIT

Great final comment..."Until we stop this "but Jane needs to be notified **with a green banner** because she prints the paper letters when she's in on Wednesday because that's how we've always done it in our building and we won't rely on email even though everyone else does" nonsense, every single initiative is destined for immediate catastrophic overspend and ultimate failure." so true...

IR35 costs UK Research and Innovation £36M – the same it spent funding tech projects


Re: Truss

Unfortunately true, at a stroke contracting and skilled contractors who choose to work for themselves are quashed.

UKPLC is hobbled all to for the sake of a few people taking the pi$$ that were an simple target rather than going after the people\corporations who can afford to defend against HMRC!

Of course those with a vested interest (PM included) get to continue untouched.... and as for those who say "well if you are a genuine contractor then it won't be an issue" what about the countless big companies who didn't even bother with IR35 assessment risk (and it is a risk as HMRC can't be definitive) and just took PSC's out of the supply chain. The "genuine" contractor market reduces hugely as a result of this mess...

Three quarters of UK tech pros are ready to leave their jobs


Re: Hybrid working

Really! "boiled down to we'd have to pay the same amount of tax as other people". Wow, just wow, exactly the same lack of nuance that the government has shown over the last 15-20 years to the highly skilled flexible workforce.

What about the fact if a contract inside IR35 now it means you pay MORE tax (employers NI) than the usual PAYE. What about you have to go through the wild west of unregulated umbrella company uselessness at your own risk now.

I appreciate some people took the p1$$ and should pay their way, but the legislation as it stands has crippled the flexible workforce. Lorry driver shortage, key worker shortages, older workforce retiring etc. etc blame it on Brexit. IR35 of course had nothing to do with it!