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iPhone tops mobile browsing charts

Kenneth Bradley-White

Opera Mini on 3

I have both those things mentioned as those needed for a decent browsing experience: Opera Mini 4, and an unlimited (well, fair use) data plan from 3 for £5 for a month.

This way I get a half decent browsing experience, and save a few hundred while I'm at it. I know which I'd prefer...

EU TV laws are coming

Kenneth Bradley-White

@ Steven Gazard


advertising should be mutable. I'd love a TV that you can blank when needed as I find that they're a good time to talk to other people in the room.


Such a thing exists. It's called the "Off" button.

P2P file-sharing recognizes no borders

Kenneth Bradley-White

It's "their" dammit!

Another case of the their illiteracy. Why is it that no one knows these things? It's like it's and its. Little lesson...

- There = positional ("it's over there")

- Their = possesive ("that's their ball")

- They're = they are ("they're coming tomorrow")

There, I said it.


MS drops nagware validation for IE7 installs

Kenneth Bradley-White


From the linked IEBlog post:

"...you can get it now from the Internet Explorer home page on Microsoft.com, get a customized version from a third-party site..."

Hehe, who knows - maybe someone will make a customised version that renders pages the way they're meant to be. *chuckles inwardly*

Microsoft: New Live Search 'as good as Google'

Kenneth Bradley-White

RE: Wikipedia


Another observation - Google appears to place far more faith in Wikipedia than MSN - for many words, the wikipedia result is in the top three for Google, but not visible in the first page for MSN.


Two words: MSN Encarta

OpenOffice builds extensions for v2.3

Kenneth Bradley-White

OpenOffice Features

For once Microsoft actually came up with a useful update in their Office short of a fancy new colour scheme - the new Ribbon thing. I tried the MS Office 2007 beta and found it really intuitive, but wouldn't pay the ridiculous amounts of money they charge for it. I think they even decided not to patent it so that others can use the idea. Now I'm no fan of Microsoft (although we've been pushed into a Microsoft world) but the day i see this in OpenOffice is the day I rush to download it.

But I think extensions is a great way to go - it's the most powerful feature in Firefox and is mainly the reason I miss it when I can't use it (god bless Adblock).

For now I plod along with Web-Based Office apps (namely Google Docs) till the day desktop based ones become worth their Hard Drive footprint, or I need all the features they tout.