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NASA, Boeing opt to fly leaky thruster as-is for first crewed Starliner CST-100 mission

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If it's a film about getting it up that you're after, it'd be Ron Jeremy rather than Ron Howard?

Bad vibrations left techie shaken up during overnight database rebuild

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Surely a printers output at a rate of notes? Knots not so much?

'Little weirdo' shoulder surfer teaches UK cabinet minister a lesson in cybersecurity

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Re: Situational awareness is rare

At the ONE place...?

What were you doing at the others? :)

Boffins suggest astronauts should build a Wall of Death on the Moon

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Re: Next step....

Of you've not seen it, you might find Rollerball an entertaining watch. I've not seen it since the 70s

so I might be giving it more credit than it's due, but the soundtrack had its moments if all else fails.

Miss your morning iPhone alarm? It's not just you, and Apple is looking into it

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Re: Being retired

Bladder training as described has a downside, which is that not emptying your bladder when you need to is a leading cause of kidney stones.

People I know that have experienced both kidney stones AND childbirth (only two people I admit, and therefore not a statistically reliable sample I know) tell me that the kidney stones are substantially the more painful experience.

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If you're genuinely needing to pee every 90 minutes you're probably not emptying your bladder fully, maybe only 50%. It's a common condition, diagnosable with a quick ultrasound test, & (AFAIK) either curable or significantly improvable.

I can fix this PC, boss, but I’ll need to play games for hours to do it

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Re: Ah, Bosses with heart

"should not return to wok..."

Doing IT for a takeaway?

Samsung shows off battery tech it says will see you gone in nine minutes

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Re: What's the catch?

MCS is creeping into existence, though I'm not sure that any chargers currently in service are rated to the maximum 3000A at 1250V that the is the beefiest MCS standard, iirc.

City council audit trail is an audit fail after disastrous Oracle ERP rollout

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So, less an audit trail, more an Audi trail?

404 Day celebrates the internet's most infamous no-show

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Re: because the designer, Pininfarina, worked for both Austin and Peugeot.

Didn't actually answer your question, & tbh I don't know in that instance. For the more modern manufacturers each model has a given life cycle with a mid-life refresh, & the perceived as higher end models tend to get the new stuff first, so in the VAG instance, the A1 might have the latest structure whilst the contemporary Fabia might still be based on the previous model for another year or two.

Very likely something similar would apply in the case of the Oxford / Cambridge / Wolsely 6/110 (?)

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Re: because the designer, Pininfarina, worked for both Austin and Peugeot.

That'd be the Wolsely Hornet & Riley Elf iirc.

Both Minis when you peel the skin off.

All examples of a large manufacturer trying to fill out the model ranges of all it's brands without the cost of letting them design unique cars for themselves. See also Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) for example. Seat Ibiza / Skoda Fabia / VW Polo / Audi A1. All essentially the same car, & the pattern repeats as you go up in size. Given the crucifying r&d cost of developing a new car to the standards of noise & ride that we've become accustomed to, to do otherwise would be madness.

Less obviously note how Nissan's reliability scores fell off a cliff once Renault started inflicting their components on them, & left Nissan designing skin & interior only for most of their range. Then there's Kia / Hyundai. Fiat / Lancia / Alfa Romeo / Chrysler, etc.

Basically they're all at it now.

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Re: That one is not too bad either

All cars are shaped according to something. Today it's aerodynamics, back then it was fashion, (& whilst fashionistas believe that they are all interesting individuals, the rest of us can see that they are all just parts of a massive, homogenous herd. Thus, at any point in history, cars end up looking the same. See also modern architecture, for all values of modern.)

Rice isn't nice for drying your iPhone, according to Apple

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Also, just noticed that an article promoting rice is authored by a Mr Currie. I know it's not spelt correctly but still a little disappointed by the lack of puns.

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Quite surprised that no-one has linked to this yet, & as I'm three or more days late, again, (most of my Reg reading is by going through the newsletter over several days across the weekend) I dare say that no-one will see this one either...


(links to an ifixit article that itself links to a test that someone did comparing various drying media. Spoiler alert, rice was less effective even than drying in free air.)

Firefox 122 gets even more competitive with Chrome on translation

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Re: Awesome Bar

See also Jack Wagner's / Monty Python's / A.N.Other's "usage of the word Fuck."

'The computer was sitting in a puddle of mud, with water up to the motherboard'

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Two downvotes, wtf?

Too soon, presumably?

BOFH: The Christmas party was so good, an independent inquiry is required

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Re: Plagiarism?

and of Eton.

NASA engineers scratch heads as Voyager 1 starts spouting cosmic gibberish

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Re: "does anyone have an exciting new 2020's term?"

I knew that there was one small sidestreet in London that is still gaslit, but I couldn't remember where it is. Googling suggests that there's actually quite a few with around 1500 gas lamps still in service.


That old box of tech junk you should probably throw out saves a warehouse

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Re: Two recent accomplishments

Not sure which side of the Atlantic you're on, but if in the UK then the estimable Kenneth Watt at UK WhiteGoods is your best hope for all things Asko here. Aside from that I have a useful supply of Asko documentation in pdf form. Though it's mostly for washers & dryers, there is definitely something for dishwashers as I have one.

Appropriately for this thread I should admit to having binned a dead ISE (rebranded Asko) dishwasher a few months ago...

IT phone home: How to run up a $20K bill in two days and get away with it by blaming Cisco

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Re: The good old days :)

From "british telephones.com" (which might formerly have been "bobstelephonesite"):

From 2022 onwards there is a national conversion of all UK telephone lines to Voice Over IP working. For those with old phones this means that dials will not work, as no provider is supporting pulse dial signalling. To allow old dial phones to continue working a pulse to tone converter must be purchased. These are a simple plug in unit to will convert the dial pulses into tones, which is what the new system requires:


links to a page explaining the problem. Scroll down to:

"Phones that work with Dials or early keypads"

& click the link below.

(Full disclosure, I'm not affiliated in any way, etc, & haven't yet tested the device in question, but will be at some point.)