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Web devs fear Apple's iOS shakeup for Europe will be a nightmare for support


Re: Safari Is An Albatross Around The Necks Of Web Developers

Will Google even bother pushing an update to older versions of iOS? It barely manages to push it to its older Android versions…


Re: Safari Is An Albatross Around The Necks Of Web Developers


How many iPhone users around the world would even notice a difference or care enough about what underlying engine is running their browser of choice? Very few.

Web Developers will know because they are the internet.

An iPhone WebKit Chrome user will get an update. (will they even bother updating!?) and now they’ll be an iPhone Blink Chrome user.

Cool I guess. Browser choice or whatever.

All I know is that my passwords are on Apple Keychain and whatever OS I’m running has a keychain extension if not on macOS. As long as a webpage loads up when I need it to pay my bills and my login autofills and syncs. Nothing else matters to me.

Wait, hold on, everyone – Mozilla thinks Apple, Google, Microsoft should play fair


Re: Amazed that FF isn't used more

I stick to the default because there’s no incentive to do otherwise.

My VPN and hosts file block ads so there’s no need for blocking extensions.

Im forced to use Edge at work so my Desktop at home is just Edge now. My phone and laptop have safari and their password manager has everything I need. I just have keychain extension on Edge at work and home.

Done and Done

There is nothing Firefox and Chrome do that I can’t do on Safari and Edge.



Each of those other tech companies have giant platforms to push their browsers.

Firefox got popular because at the time Internet Explorer and Safari sucked. Now they are actually worth keeping. Users are sticking to what they know and apparently Firefox fell behind instead of improving to stay the favorable browser when everyone else was competing.

Edge got better, Chrome became popular and an alternative to Firefox at the beginning. Safari improved and the average iPhone users just don’t bother downloading another browser.

So now what? Mozilla got lazy in their high chair for too long and didn’t pay attention to the competition biting at their heels. Now they woke up and realized how far they fell so they complain.

Apple's Vision Pro costs big bucks to buy and repair ... just don't mention the box design


Re: More homepod than ipod?

Meh, it depends if the demand is true. It’s a niche product but the Quest proved it’s fairly popular for the middle class American family. AR/VR titles on cheap headset is popular enough to keep Meta pockets happy.

There hasn’t been a real push outside of them into the higher/premium consumer market besides Valve. The HoloLens and Quest Pro focused on enterprise.

It’s the perfect time for Apple to swoop in with their “luxury” brand. Developers have stayed away for now. However with other countries markets willing to deal with inflated pricing just to have it before local release. Developers might get a fire under their ass to start pushing apps to monetize on the potential hype.

Or this can all blow over with returned headsets sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

Wanna run Windows on an M-series Mac? Fine, buy a license, but no baremetal


They allow the use of macOS on "unapproved" hardware by not telling you that you can't do it. You can very easily get your hands on the macOS installer files. However it's on you to figure out how to get it working on your Arm devices. So long as it's for personal use they won't go after you.


It supports it, but not really.

Microsoft wants you on their subscription or just on a PC. While Apple gives you the option, but won't publish M-Series drivers. This is a chicken or the egg scenario.

Windows 12: Savior of PC makers, or just an apology for Windows 11?


Re: This is why I abandoned Windows.

Windows 11 UI is bloated, macOS is a lot more minimalistic. Most Linux DE's are minimalistic in comparison to the hogwash mess that is Windows 11 and soon to be W12. Windows has turned into the early 2000's Internet explorer toolbar hellscape we all loved.

The only thing keeping Windows around are the companies still sitting employees across a Windows powered computer. Those same employees go buy personal computers running Windows because it's familiar. The world runs on Linux backends.


Re: Local accounts

but subscription models make more moneys


Linux does "just work". If you go for a mature distro centered on "just work"ing. If you're fiddling to get it to install, then you're doing intro to Linux backwards.


Vista Ultimate Plus Pro Max Kito Edition

- Recreate Windows 11 all in rust (Don't walk the rust line, dive into it)

- No preinstall apps, onedrive, candy crush etc

- Installation that is nothing but Partitioning and a quick and simple Local User creation with the OPTIONAL network connection and online profile resync.

- Call it Windows 12

Windows 11 was Vista all over again, now instead of downscaling into a W7 like W12... It's Vista Ultimate Plus Pro Max

"No let's just keep burning it into the ground. The potential popularity of Linux rising among the common folk isn't a concern"

"macOS on arm running x86 Windows better then Windows can run Windows isn't a concern"

Apple slams Android as a 'massive tracking device' in internal slides revealed in Google antitrust battle


We all know google is slimy. Apple just wears a glove and tried to dip its fingers.

None of this is new. Just more receipts proving the same thing

How Arm aims to squeeze device makers for cash rather than pocket pennies for cores


This again?

Didn't Qualcomm or some other company try something similar to this? Didn't they got sued into the ground and never spoke of it again.

While yes ARM plays a large part in what makes devices today what they are. That doesn't mean they suddenly deserve a percentage of end device profits. Just charge more and claim it on inflation or whatever the new hot word/phrase is.