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Microsoft pulls Windows 11 24H2 from Insider Release Preview Channel


Why bother?

As a non windows user for some time now, I can’t for the life of me, understand why people bother with it. Alternatives are available and not all of them have any sort of steep learning curve.

AI smartphones must balance promise against hype and privacy concerns


Re: In contrast, those who prioritize value for money

Had a similar experience with someone taking group shots, continually asking people to bunch up. When I indicated she could rotate the phone she said she would never have thought of it.

What strange beauty is this? Microsoft commits to two more non-subscription Office editions


Re: "The future of work in an AI-powered world is on the cloud"

^^^ This ^^^


Upgrade? Not me…

I use locally installed office 2007 and as yet have absolutely no need get anything bigger or better.

Microsoft puts the 'why?' in Wi-Fi with latest Windows patch


No regrets... so far

The one and only reason I bought a MacBook was this. Every update Microsoft forced on me broke something.

I've had no issues to date from Apple.

Google Drive misplaces months' worth of customer files


I do similar. Back up to iCloud and use Time Machine on a local drive.

Chap blew up critical equipment on his first day – but it wasn't his volt


If I remember correctly from my long ago days as an apprentice electrician 32mA is more than enough to make the heart fibrillate. I'm sure 24mA used to be called the threshold of pain. These are on 240vac by the way.

LibreOffice 7.6 arrives: Open source stalwart is showing its maturity


Re: Office 365 for macOS

I’ve recently completed my first cookbook in Pages. Chapter headings and indexing were a breeze. Slowly getting my head around Numbers too, after a near lifetime of Excel and the dreaded VBA.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 9 requires a tedious balancing act



I've been a Windows user and occasionally a programmer for many a year. Now happily retired and no longer having to use Windows, I have recently bought a MacBook Air M2 and it is a revelation. As you point out seamless data sharing between iPhone and iPad, even starting to enjoy Apple Numbers.

Clingy Virgin Media won't let us leave, customers complain


I had no problems.

Moved house last December to a village with no Virgin fibre. They couldn’t have been more helpful, even got a refund.

At last, Microsoft lets Windows 11 share files with Android apps


...the great unwashed

"In short, normal users are crap at that sort of thing."

I resemble that remark.

I consider myself to be a 'normal' user and pride myself on keeping things in order.

Pixies keep switching off my morning alarm, says Google Pixel owner


Lucky… or not so much?

I honestly can’t remember the last time I needed an alarm to wake me up. I seem to have an inbuilt clock that wakes me around 6:00am every day.

Apple pushes first-ever 'rapid' patch – and rapidly screws up

Thumb Up

No problems here.

iPhone, iPad and MacBook all updated first thing this morning without issue.

Microsoft freaks out users with Windows 11 warning: 'LSA protection is off'


Feeling Fruity

After yet another Win10 update that seems to stop at least one thing working as it did.

I have now bought an M2 MacBook Air. So far so good.