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Social networking and pron - together at last


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Booze worse than Speed or Acid shocker


Mark Charlton, you talk nonsense

What makes you think they base these results on "how many people die of alcohol poisoning a day"? Did you not even read the article? It clearly stated: Drugs were considered for the physical harm caused - immediate effects, consquences of repeated use, and specific problems caused by injecting drugs.

I hate it when people don't think before making comments.

This kind of study, whilst not new, has been needed for a long time. As someone else said, whether the government take notice is a completely different matter. If they start publicy publishing that graph that shows two of their main tax revenue streams as being more dangerous/damaging than Ecstacy, they open themselves up to waaaay more problems than if they just leave it alone and bury the evidence.

What's this 'scotomisation' in The Da Vinci Code?


It has everything to do with it.

'Scotomisation' has everything to do with it. If people don't *want* to believe that what they are seeing is in fact the depiction of a woman sat next to JC, then they won't see it: they'll see - as you put it - "a rather feminate looking male close to Jesus".

The fact that other artists depicted these characters in the same way is completely irrelevant. Da Vinci wasn't sat at the table with JC and his disciples - he just painted what he thought they'd have looked like. Which rather nullifies the whole arguement, both in the movie and here on El Reg.

It's all lies anyway. :)