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Smell burning? Samsung’s 'Death Note 7' could still cause a contagion

Andre Jolivet

Smartphone illiterates ?

What kind of parallel universe are we living in on this forum ? The author only mentions Oneplus as a "generic" and the is no word about Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Leeco and others, which are massive Chinese brands shipping remarkable phones in huge volumes in the chinese market. Of course they are not spending 10 billions in brand awareness, and that is probably the reason why the 400$ Xiaomi Mi5 Pro has the quality of a 800$ Samsung or Apple phone. You can find these phones on internet market places like aliexpress.com coolicool.com and many others. Look at the recent OnePlus 3 (the 1 has been a success, the 2 a flop). What a gorgeous phone. I have it in my collection of smartphones. Forget about Samsung or Apple, 800$ is the price for a laptop, not for a phone. Buy one of these phones directly from China. I have been doing so for the last years and very happy with this decision.

Start-up sued in US courts over GPL 'violation'

Andre Jolivet

Some observations

I wish to comment on the last post ...

-Many companies have lawyers or financers as CEO, which I regret since I'm technical, but ...

-Many companies work with Microsoft and this is not the problem I have with Microsoft. I am in favour of open standards and industrial cooperation.

So, drawing conclusions from that is very short minded.

By the way, I know the blokes at Monsoon and I am certain they were simply too busy(box) to answer. No intention at all.

As a Linux enthusiast, I'm ashamed that there is this lawsuit after Monsoon. Why go after these small people who struggle to survive ? It is very irresponsible to go after people without at least speaking with them. What if this fuss worries investors and put them belly up ? This is going against the interests of Free software because it will make everybody worry. Better use Windows CE or Windows Mobile in embedded in this case ! I already know guys considering the move back to Microsoft because of the GPLV3. Be careful, the best ennemies of Free Software is not Microsoft et al, it is the Free Software people themselves.