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TikTok: Is this really a national security scare or is something else going on?

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To beat China

We must become China

Genius mate, fracking genius argument

Ammo-maker says TikTok's datacenter site could deprive it of electricity

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Send in the celebrities

Never seen so fucking many celebrities and movie stars visit a war zone before.,

OpenAI CEO 'feels awful' after ChatGPT leaks conversations, payment info

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Re: I don't think it was a bug

but they can't leak previous conversations

He says on an article about them doing just that.

JHC, some of you people really are thick as fuck

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Re: I don't think it was a bug

Hallucinations requires an imagination, which these LLMs do not posses.

So if you're going to pull people up for being correct and proper, take a good look at your own BS first.

They don't hallucinate, they produce factually incorrect responses.


B-List celebs including Lindsay Lohan fined after crypto shill probe

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This shit rag and all the rest data mine every fucking reader going to sell all their information for pennies.

You can't complain about people willingly handing over money when shit rags like this don't even give it's readers a choice to have their data mined.

I bet you all a dollar the CEO of The Register would gladly flog you NFTs for articles if they could get themselves this years bonus.

I don't agree with Bitcoin, but at least the saps walk into it willingly.

Unlike the American media companies who just believe all the data simply belongs to them

Indian state turns off internet for 27 million, for four days, to stymie one man

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You can be arrested in the UK for using the wrong fucking pronouns.

Putin to staffers: Throw out your iPhones, or 'give it to the kids'

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Meanwhile in America

The White House Press meeting has Celebrities on giving health advice whilst a black reporter from Cameroon is shouted down for being unprofessional for asking questions.

Fuck me

Amazon lays off another 9,000, because why not?

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Re: They can blame anything they want

Maybe if you put as much effort into bettering your own life as you do moaning about the success of others you wouldn't be such a miserable twat

BBC to staff: Uninstall TikTok from our corporate kit unless you can 'justify' having it

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Only American companies are allowed to spy on the British

This then allows the British to spy on the Americans

Part of the 5Ballbags solution

TikTok cannot be considered a private company, says Australian report

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Always beware of the pious. They will stop at nothing to maintain that illusion.

America doesn't gives a shit about your security or privacy. If they did, Goodle/Facebook/Microsoft simply couldn't exist.

All America cares about is being top dog.

It's an insecure little fuckwit country. Hence why it spends more money on weapons than the rest of the planet put together.

It truly believes it can invade any and all countries to install its version of 'freedom and liberty' into the country, down the barrel of a gun of course.

And then you have the left wing liberals who are up in arms that the rest of the world doesn't think the same way they do.

Lets be honest, the ONLY reason America is having a tantrum about China is because it's scared of competition.

I'd you truly thin it's about privacy, you've really followed the propaganda.

Remind me again, how many US companies trackers on this one website...

Go on...

Vessels claiming to be Chinese warships are messing with passenger planes

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Good Old Propaganda

It never went away.

Go on Youtube and watch the state sponsored propaganda films of the 50s

Now that Biden has decided he doesn't like China, then no-one else can.

But when trump did it, it was all 'ooh, look, he's a right right nazi'

Sums up the left for you.


Police pounce on 'pompompurin' – alleged mastermind of BreachForums

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Meanwhile over at Microsoft

They are adding a crypto wallet to go alongside their coupons and shady loans, all within their browser, that you will use, because they will make it difficult for you not to.

But hey, look, ChatGPT...

Hong Kong's state-sponsored SEO on national anthem strikes the right note

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We all need to look to America

To tell us who to hate next

We read OpenAI's risk study. GPT-4 is not toxic ... if you add enough bleach

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A reflection of ourselves

Nobody likes looking in the mirror at their own flaws.

There's nothing wrong with Chat GPT.

It's just a computer program. Trained on a data set, provided by people.

Garbage in, garbage out.

And if you lefties think you're sooo much better than everyone else, you're dead wrong.

You/re just as nasty as the far right,

And just like them, you think yourselves so fucking special, when actually you're just the opposite arse cheek of the same butthole.

Humans are a nasty, spiteful, vengeful bunch. Full of pettiness and rivalry, and an unbelievable capacity to delude ourselves we are righteous, and it is our enemies who made us this way.

I include myself in this, but at least I can admit it.

It's called being human,. If you think you're any different, you're lying to yourself.

Germany clocks that ripping out Huawei, ZTE network kit won't be cheap or easy

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Only America has the god given right to spit on you

Just ask the recent American Senator who got pissy because they had the tenacity to spit on him as though he was one of the plebs

John Deere urged to surrender source code under GPL

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Re: why is it so hard to follow a simple license?

Can you prove you 99% claim?

Of course you can't. Just talking shit really aren't you.

Reg FOSS desk test drive: First beta of Fedora 38 drops

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Re: When it comes to Linux, I can't be arsed.

Jesus, you'd think Linux stole your wife and murdered your kids by the way your moaning on

Go outside, find happiness.

Now collapsed SVB's parent files for bankruptcy as Biden calls for stiffer penalties

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Re: too lazy to look

fuck em

and if you keep demanding the public cover capitalists losses, then fuck you too

China’s Baidu claims its ERNIE chatbot reinvents the computing stack

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Re: Remind me

Given the state of windows these days

You're saying that's a bad thing....

Flirting hard with India doesn't mean US is breaking up with China

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I see Tim Cook has pressured the Indian states into throwing out workers rights so they can achieve parity with the slave labour in China.

Meanwhile back in the West, he preaches about rainbows and unicorns, and so do all the other full of shit woke companies

And the lefty liberals swallow it up like the dickheads they are

'Robot lawyer' DoNotPay not fit for purpose, alleges complaint

Esoteric Eric

You the owner?

Are are you a bot?

Hard to tell these days

But whatever you are, you just wrote a load of BS.

China's semiconductor and IC imports have slumped. Why on Earth could that be?

Esoteric Eric

Because China is only good for Slave Labour

Can't have them actually competing with the West.

Acceptable when we are using them as slaves though.

Brit newspaper giant fills space with AI-assisted articles

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The ship sailed a long time ago

The majority of newspapers stopped reporting on the News a long time ago. The editors allowed the reporters to spew their ideological political views instead of sticking to the facts and allowing the readers to make up their own minds.

The end result was that the vast majority of the public, in all Western countries have nothing but contempt for the press.

Hearing that these same 'journalists' are all losing their jobs gives me great satisfaction. It really does. Now they are free to spew their sanctimonious hypocritical viewpoints on twitter, where I can safely ignore them.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch

Thought you'd opted out of online tracking? Think again

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Thankfully El Reg doesn't do this...

Oh, wait....

Esoteric Eric

Re: The non personalised ads .

You use FB and instagram?


News Corp outfoxed by IT intruders for years

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As apposed to the tax avoiding guardian?

If you think your lefty papers are any different, you're a clown as much as the readers of New Corp

Frankenstein malware stitched together from code of others disguised as PyPI package

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Didn't realise I needed to be a blacksmith to be a theif

But then I suppose all the top thieves hammer their own crowbars

Snap CISO: I rate software supply chain risk 9.9 out of 10

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Re: "It's a physics problem, ..."

Nice of us to tell you what someone else actually meant to say.

I suppose that's a chemistry problem...

Esoteric Eric

Higgins is full of it

"It's a physics problem," Higgins said.

Nope. At best it would be a maths problem. But ultimately it's a management problem.

Trying to blame the Higgs Boson field for lack of security is pure and utter bullshit

China accelerates drive for scientific self-sufficiency

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Re: How CCP is El Reg?

Do you own a computer, a watch, a tablet, or have electronic devices?

What YOU doing supporting such a brutal regime?

Smash them all up, right now, and then you can preach

It's official: BlackLotus malware can bypass Secure Boot on Windows machines

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ROM's are great. They are read only memory. Nothing can be written to them. Calling something a TPM and 'secure' boot with a chip that can be overwritten by third party code is by definition never trusted nor secure.

Now sure, one could argue that with a ROM, it would be difficult to update the systems if a bug is found in such a device that can't be updated without replacing said ROM.

But it's obvious that a ROM is far more worthy of being called secure and trusted than a modern day BIOS. They are Hardly 'secure' or trusted.

And as for the issue with insecure ROM chips, Just make a trap door on the laptop with a module that one can replace the ROM chip itself.

Under no circumstances can you call ANYTHING secure or trusted that I, or anyone else can write out own code to.

It's no more secure that the boot sector on a floppy.

You can have convieniance, or you can have security. But never both at the same time.