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Tesla hits the brakes on rollout of Full Self-Driving code to new users


Could this possibly be what I think it is? woah

Bitcoin mining rig found stashed in school crawlspace


I won’t be surprised, will you?

If Nahas’ boss was aware of the mining operation from inception haha

More victims of fake crypto investor scam speak to The Register


More victims of fraud should speak out!

Thanks for the article and all the research that went behind it. Most people get scammed and feel embarrassed then clam up about it, leaving other vulnerable. I had a similar experience trading cryptocurrency with a fraudulent brokerage and I nearly lost $286K. Overcoming this obstacle relies on a robust blockchain analytics report clearly setting out the context of the fraud.

More practical impediments can include costs and the exchanges. Victims of fraud are not always able to fund complex recovery actions, and so funding for professionals working on an ‘at risk’ basis may be required, or a combination of both.

Finally, identifying the location of exchanges and being able to exert sufficient leverage to obtain their cooperation in freezing assets, disclosing information or satisfying third-party debt orders in this space, has required some creative thinking. I feel a fool but at least I got back my stolen digital assets with the professional guidance of a legal team of cryptography experts and licensed fraud analysts.