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There is no honor among RAM thieves – but sometimes there is karma


TLDR: My machine broke so I replaced it.. How enthralling!

What is that annoying noise, oh, it's the sound of the barrel bottom being scraped. This used to be an interesting column but sadly it appears all the decent tales have been used up

Singapore's banks to ditch texted one-time passwords


Have them all on the same device, with all your passwords stored as well as the PIN numbers for all your accounts and cards if you want - and do not care about security

I stated the 2nd factor should not be on the same device as the system you are logging in to, why would you think putting them both on a phone is any different or in any way secure? Unless that was a piece of passive aggression? Cannot work it out and don’t really care


Channel separation! That is why certificate based MFA is also often a security risk - if the certificate or OTP application is installed on the laptop being used for access then compromising the password for the laptop (factor 1) automatically gives you factor 2 (the certificate or OTP app). That negates MFA, as the second factor is actually just the password for the device which is the same factor twice. And no, having a different password for the OTP app does not work, as that means both factors are passwords

Just saying...

A decade after collapsing, crypto exchange Mt Gox repays some investors


Re: Mt Gox collapsing was a gift to its users

Dictionary definition of "traditional" :following or belonging to the customs or ways of behaving that have continued in a group of people or society for a long time without changing. Don't see anything wrong with that

Also, my comment was that the Gold Standard has not existed for years in response to a comment that tried to differentiate crapto currencies by saying they are not backed by gold.

Your comment about who can issue currencies ir irrelevant and "real currencies" sometimes do not hold their value....look at the Argentine Peso and some of the sub saharan currencies


Re: Mt Gox collapsing was a gift to its users

I absolutely loathe and despise this crapto currency fantasy but one thing you should understand is there has not been a "gold standard" backed currency for over 10 years. The US $ dropped it in 1971, and now all currencies are backed by the Dollar...which is backed by nothing. The UK dropped the Gold Standard in 1931!!

Traditional currencies still have real value, but mistakes like this allow the blockhead-chain idiots to divert focus from the truth - they are part of a massive pyramid scheme!!!

Uber ex-CSO Joe Sullivan: We need security leaders running to work, not giving up


Re: How credible

So you do not understand the difference between an opinion and advice..thanks for making that clear

Also, for you to go and look at my posting history is a form of stalking. I repaid the compliment and saw that you invariably post comments about other people’s comments on here, not the articles in question, which makes you both a stalker and a troll. Your use of the insult “snowflake” when you are safe from any consequences also makes you the epitome of a keyboard warrior.

Please think twice about your behaviour, you are coming across as a really unpleasant bullying sad little person. Of course that may be exactly what you are but unlike you I don’t troll

Have a lovely day, I will if you are not in it


Re: How credible

£75. That was the cost to fix the problem caused by me following incorrect “free” advice.

Hope your day is better from knowing that


Re: How credible

Do you not understand the difference between opinion and advice?

Thanks for stalking me though, nice to we you are watching everything I post


Re: How credible

Well said! Sadly these "meeja daahlings" know what they are doing, know what makes a good soundbite, and therefore get the coverage.

I just saw a "tech expert" giving advice about the HUUUUUUGE risk of using public USB charging ports at airports etc, saying that they will ALL compromise your phone. Dig a little deeper and it turns out they are not a tech expert...they sell phone cases and chargers with no relevant experience or qualifications to make any such claims

I was once told by a mechanic that you should never listen to free advice as he said that if the person that was giving free advice actually knew what they were talking about they would be able to charge for it. The only other reason for free advice (or free anything) is that the "giver" is getting something out of it a different way. In this case you are probably right, the media circuit and a book deal

Quantinuum inches closer to fault-tolerant quantum with a 56 qubit machine


Bring on quantum AI?

Might be a good idea. They say two wrongs don’t make a right, but in this case if you combine two error prone technologies maybe you might get a right answer every now and then? Remember, even a stopped watch is right twice a day!!

NASA, Boeing opt to fly leaky thruster as-is for first crewed Starliner CST-100 mission


Re: Here we go again.

I can assure you Boing …sorry, Boeing…are NOT sacrificing quality just to get it out of the door. They forgot to bolt the door in properly, so they are actually trying to get it “out of the hole in the wall”

Uncle Sam to inject $50M into auto-patcher for hospital IT


How is this going to work then?

Automatic patching must include compatibility testing, patch one piece of software without testing and you stand a good chance of breaking something else or introducing a security vulnerability bigger than the one you started with,

Cue 300 startups offering NFT’s of AI (predictive texting) platforms priced in craptocurrencies running on Web3 as part of a DeFi approach to solve the problem

Who comes up with these stupid ideas?

IMF boss warns of AI 'tsunami' coming for world's jobs


Re: How can they believe this crap?

No, that will never happen! Imagine someone masquerading as a tech guru running - say - a sowshall meeja company called Twatter or an EV company called Twizzler laying off tech teams and then realising they were actually needed. Honestly, could you EVER see someone doing something so stupid? I mean, these guys know what they are talking about, they are into Crapto Currencies, they must be clever.....Oh dear.....


How can they believe this crap?

It’s not intelligence, it’s predictive texting on steroids. Predictive texting has been around for years and I only just got to stop being forced into using the word “ducking” when texting about the ducking idiots that have fallen for this garbage,

Just for shits and giggles I asked an LLM the other day what the LLMNR service was to get a concise description for a presentation…It came back with a detailed explanation which looked great. Sadly, it told lies, thought that LLMNR was part of VPN technology (???) but it LOOKED like it knew what it was talking about. Maybe that’s the common denominator between the technology and the supporters - neither of them have a clue what they are talking about, but they both put a lot of effort into polishing their turds?

Consultant charged over $1.5M extortion scheme against IT giant


Re: Security "consultancy" firm...

The device did not belong to the security firm, it belonged to the customer. I do not know if there was a failing in communicating his access revocation to the customer but there are no grounds to suspect the device control of his employer was at fault. No, I do not work for or have any association with any involved parties, I just read the article where it said whose device it was…

Meta's value plummets as Zuckerberg admits AI needs more time and money


Re: Can somebody come up with a suitable prompt …

Show me my money in 12 months if I invest it in AI right now? Show me what happened to all the money invested in NFT's? Show me what happened to the money Zuck ploughed into VR? Show me my money invested in Muskrat's enterprises (pick your own, Twatter/eX corporation or Tesla)? Show me a pile of money I put in one of Elon's spacecraft 15 minutes after launch?

All of these will produce the same video, wonder why?

Waymo robotaxi drives down wrong side of street after being alarmed by unicyclists


No comment about the mob of unicycle / scooter rider behaviour then?

Are these “vehicles”? If so then there were more traffic violations from them than the car (and no, I am not a Waymo supporter). The camera operator rode across a pedestrian cross walk and crossed the divider as the car did. Yes, the performance of these autonomous vehicles is les than ideal, but there are far more out of control scooters, electric bikes, unicycles and other “personal electric transport devices” on the road that cause absolute mayhem - human struggle to deal with heir antics, no wonder the Waymo car had a problem!!

Don't rent out that container ship yet: CIOs and biz buyers view AI PCs with some caution


3D TV? I had one until very recently!

OK, so it sat in the corner of the spare room for 6 years totally unused since it was replaced with a decent TV but it took me until quite recently to find a way to get rid of the bloody thing as it was too big to put in my car and take down the tip

Amazing what people will want if you tell them it's free, stuck it in sowshall meeja after someone said it would go and it was picked up the same day. Didn't even have to pay them to take it away!

Feds probe alleged classified US govt data theft and leak


Re: How to unhide something/anything/everything ... with cracks rather than hacks

You need to either cut down on the meds or stop using an LLM to write your posts dude, this took time and some brain cells died that you will never get back. Not even sure what you are trying to say, and definitely not sure it is worth saying!

The federal bureau of trolling hits LockBit, but the joke's on us


Well thought out article...and loved the punchline at the end

The only "commercial" use of any crypto currency is apparently to hide unlawful activities. Can anyone (except the suckers that bought other crapto currencies or NFTs) actually put their hand on their heart and say honestly they made a real world payment for ANYTHING with this so called "currency"?

So we have criminals as the only users, criminals running the exchanges, wallets and sometimes even the currencies (ha) themselves. Why do people defend it so strongly?

"But it's DeFi" shout the supporters....Yup, it defies belief.

LockBit ransomware gang disrupted by global operation


Re: Suck shit

What a clever boy you are…Upset somewhat? Or maybe your post is a description as to what these scum are now doing?

Artificial intelligence is a liability


Only thing I can say is

What a fantastic article, well written, thoughtful and insightful. I admit it aligns with my views (it is not AI, it is predictive texting on steroids) and it is the refuge of the hordes that jumped the Crapto Currency bandwagon when the wheels fell off) but it is definitely one of the best I have seen. Thank you!

When is a PC an AI PC? Nobody seems to know or wants to tell


Re: A simple definition

Why all the fuss about the price? The people who are pushing Machine Learning (it's not their fault their spell checker changed it to Artificial Intelligence - they would never over hype anything) are EXPERTS!

I have been following them and a number of evangelists, gurus and influencers on TiK-Dork and idiotstagram for ages, and thanks to their advice I can EASILY afford to but a PC to do this. I will simply sell some of my NFTs, get paid in craptocurrency and as the blockchain is secure I will be able to withdraw my funds which have grown incredibly thanks to Sam Bankcard-Fraud and the team at FTX.

You luddites need to get with the program (or is that programme, when I have an AI PC it will put the right word..or Pogrom, or Pomegranate, not sure)

Brit newspaper giant fills space with AI-assisted articles


News headline: “Reach output contains traces of intelligence”?

This is a first, their usual output is so dire that even so-called AI must be an improvement. I struggle to see how AI is going to cover the topic occupying the space not taken up by Love Island and Katie Price though - namely what the local free food they tried was like. I suppose the AI can review Spam though….

Zoox blurs line between workers and crash test dummies in robo-taxi trial


Re: This IS open to the general public

No point in objecting here, I pointed out two typos in my post, they both got corrected but my post was rejected….Not inspiring, you can read comments which may not relate to the version the poster saw at the time they were written….