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The end of Microsoft-brand peripherals is only Surface deep


Re perks of the job

You mean like us IT guys 'its not stealing company equipment because it was going to go for disposal' before it goes on ebay

No more feature updates for Windows 10 – current version is final



no doubt user error


re shopkeeper

was he Asian?


lol macs

suggest Macs all you like, hey they only cost around double usual windows machines


Re: Linux desktop

Linux users like vegans, even if the discusion isn't about that, one has to turn up and talk about it


Win 11..

sucks the sweat from a dead man's balls and I won't be going near it until 2025, unless they introuduce some must have feature to it before then and there's talk of Windows 12 already

UK watchdog blocks Microsoft's Activision Blizzard acquisition



happy with the decision

Twitter's API paywall crumbles (but only for those saving lives, predicting weather, etc.)


Re: Not rocket science

it was a left wing echo chamber

Four out of five Uranus moons likely to have ocean under crust



Musk been bkamed on here for it yet

Ex-Tweep mocked by Musk for asking if he'd actually been fired


Re: This breaking news just in

You're a bigger twat


Re: What a Cretin.

oh get over it you soft cunt



that rescuer started it by mouthing off with a shitty attitude, its great that Musk won that one


Re: Not necessarily……

I wouldn't worry about it, the hypocrisy on here is plain to see, faux outrage for mocking an attention seeking wheelchair user, but the same people who call every single person who voted for Trump as deranged / low IQ etc, which is ironic really as he did a better job than the demented spastic who's running the show over that side of the pond now

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 as a Linux laptop


Re: installed on every machine

I'm seeing a pattern her looking at your downvotes

The comments on just about every story on here are mainly by Linux loving, maybe apple loving, left leaning liberal Elon Musk haters, maybe its an American thing, than god that most of the UK IT departments I work in aren't like this. The joys and freedom of contracting where you're still allowed an opinion if its not far left.

Meta confirms decentralized Twitter rival in the works


no thanks Fuckerberg

Windows 11 puts 'disgusting' Remote Mailslots protocol out of its misery


Re: Net Send was disgusting.

lol utter tripe

'Brittle' Twitter suffers bad case of the Mondays: Links, pics, vids fail


Re: there’s an argument ... Musk destroying Twitter …

well it's a fucking crap argument then


Re: Timeline

Spot on, obviously the left disagree

NASA fixes solar observation spacecraft by turning it off and turning it on again


oh my word, Musk hasn't been blamed yet in here

Cry Havoc and let slip dogs of war ... there's an upgraded malware server in town


oh the article isn't about Musk so it hasn't brought the haters in yet

Tesla's self-driving code may ignore stop signs, act unsafe. Patch coming ... soon


Re: Recall is right..

you got 14 downvotes for saaying Musk is right, what is it with these wankers on here

Musk, Tesla win securities fraud battle over that 'funding secured' tweet


ah so you all hate him because he isn't left wing

Most Londoners would quit before they give up working from home


Re: Cattle

you mean the 'loonies' who are being proved more correct on an almost daily basis now


well thats because most of them are left wing Khan supporting remainiacs

BAE Systems handed £38m Border Force intelligence contract


just bypass it by coming in on a dinghy

Musk says he ain't going anywhere as Twitter CEO until at least late 2023


good, keep the liberal left frothing

Biden: I want standard EV chargers made in America by 2024 – get on it


Good old 'Dementia Joe" fucking clown he is. Bring back Trump

Foxconn expands Vietnam factories, perhaps to help Apple diversify beyond China



Dell planning job cuts as PC demand jumps off a cliff



Dell's laptop build quality is appalling these days, not as bad as HP though

As Apple sales slide, Tim Cook says fanbois will tolerate higher iPhone prices


subjective, most found the P30 to be an outstanding phone


Best bang for buck I've found the last few years are Xiaomi / Poco


Yep, there's none so blind as Apple fanbois

Glasgow staff form UK's first Apple union after historic vote


The sweaties beat the Scousers to it

Learn the art of malicious compliance: doing exactly what you were asked, even when it's wrong


quite submissive attitude, easier to never get married in the first place, total mugs game


Re: Dishwasher vs sink washing

I've never had to rinse in my life when hadwashing the dishes, people are just being squeemish. I'll never get a dishwasher, just for lazy people


Re: Steves Failure

agreed, the manager's the twat in this instance