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Apple is Fisher-Price of sound quality, says Neil Young


Dan Goodin has forgotten the Analog bit

People are forever talking about bitrates and lossy compression, but they don't often discuss the Analog D/A converters, amplifiers and transducers between the digital bits and our ears.

Perhaps that's because these things are so much harder to measure.

There is plenty of evidence on the Web that Apple is using conversion chipsets without the best audio quality

'Bullying' Aussie high school stops fingerprinting kids


Some schools in Sydney have been doing this for some time

The aptly-named "Rooty Hill" high school in Sydney has been doing this for some time:


Wikipedia COO was convicted felon


Is there any suggestion of impropriety?

I'm really disappointed that the TheRegister posted such a publically damaging article about someone without any suggestion of recent impropriety on Carolyn's part with respect to Wikipedia.

Perhaps Wikipedia was helping her get her life back together again, but that seems unlikely for now.

As it is, with the new DUI, they were right to let her go, but were also right to let her go quietly.

If she had embezzled funds from Wikipedia, then that /would/ be a story ...

Net watchdog goes pig-sticking on Comcast


Why offer unlimited volume at all?

It worries me to see so many people argue against BitTorrent because its users download so much more than everyone else.

This is the wrong argument. We should instead argue for internet users paying for what they actually use. There is no god-given right to "unlimited" plans, and, indeed, such plans do not actually exist.

In Australia, every plan is explicitly limited, and you simply buy the bandwidth and volume you want. Some plans charge for excess volume; some throttle to 64kbps. Some charge for uploads; some don't.

It's entirely rational, and most people know what they are buying.

BitTorrent costs money: let the users pay.

Retailer sets legal attack dogs on protest website


Lowe's website is DOWN

lowes.com currently says:

"To serve you better, we are currently performing maintenance on Lowes.com"

Too much traffic, or some minor embarassment?

Fortunately, lowes-sucks.com is still up, and is the best read I've had in ages.