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Bizarre backup taught techie to dumb things down for the boss

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Daddy's little hero

I've had almost exactly that conversation, email after email was sent warning users that their company's SBS 2000 Exchange store was near or at limit, that they needed to archive off old email, save attachments, delete joke videos, pictures etc. they were asked to 'sign and acknowledge' that they'd read and understood before I 'took action' and enforced a purge of deleted items, oversized emails etc.

The Monday after the purge my frst phone call was from the MD's son who 'lost all his work in progress emails' that he'd decided to store in the trash, he was threatening all sorts of repercussions including invoking daddy.

I simply emailed his signed acknowledgement back to him and his dad before charging them an exorbitant rate to restore from backup.

Another redesign on the cards for iPhone as EU rules call for removable batteries

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Re: I'm not sure what problem they are solving

"You don't really believe there will be much demand for an iPhone with a battery door do you? There will be a lot more people living in the EU who want the ROW version than the people living elsewhere want the EU version."

Show your proof.

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Yeah, I'm a big fan of my S10, it's still a decent performer, still getting updates I think (3rd April was the last one), a little larger than I'd like but the only other thing wrong with it is the battery life is starting to get noticeably worse.

If it were possible to be able to easily replace the battery with Samsung original parts then I'd be hanging on to it for the foreseeable future, but I'm having to think about replacing it.

Elon Musk's Twitter moves were 'reaffirming' says Reddit boss amid API changes

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Re: He needs an icon -->

"None of that is any different from AWS, Azure, Apple, Google, Facebook, none of whom seem to have a problem making humongous profits and margins in the 30-40% range"

It really is different though, Azure, AWS, Apple, Google, Facebook all pay the same bills as Twitter but, pay attention, here's the crucial part, they have the *REVENUE* to cover those bills, Twitter doesn't.

Your business is dead if its outgoings are higher than incoming revenue anbd the boy genius Musk doesn't seem to have done any due diligence before he shot his mouth off and got nailed into a deal that was patently stupid to anyoen who was paying attention.

Sure, you could claim the employees are overpaid, they may well be, my point was that even chopping the 780 million wage bill, (perhaps more because 'murrican employment law and costs aren't the same as the rest of the world where employees have rights and are treated like human beings instead of consumables) won't make twitter profitable because their outgoing costs are higher than incoming revenue even after that.

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Re: He needs an icon -->

All that hosting, server farms, bandwidth, offices in multiple countries, legal 'stuff', financials, interest on loans, not cheap at all and I have a feeling your estimates of salary costs don't cover the actual cost of staff.

So, yeah, twitter isn't turning a profit any time soon, Musk needs real deep pockets (while he's incredibly rich on paper it's really not that easy for him to find cash without having an adverse effect on his other businesses which is why he had to beg for loans to back up his idiot mouth), and plenty of prayers that it's not regulated out of existence because of his disregard for trivial stuff like laws and lawmakers.

I reckon those investors who were loving on Twitter "somehow" made their money and ran when Musky sprayed his techbro small dick energy around and chained himself into a moronic purchase offer he couldn't escape from.

Orqa drone goggles bricked: Time-bomb ransomware or unpaid firmware license?

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I mostly agree on this, startups, new companies formed by hobbyists make mistakes but someone, somewhere has made that mistake.

If this was in the contract then it's Orqa who didn't do their due diligence and it's a hard lesson to learn but it's right to call them unprofessional, I hope they recover and that they won't do it again, they seem a cool company

If it's not in the contract then the dev is taking the piss.

Astronomers (re)discover never-before-seen phenomenon on Saturn

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Re: Curious

Does Saturn smell like her ring?

IT phone home: How to run up a $20K bill in two days and get away with it by blaming Cisco

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Re: Actual EU benefit

Pretty well, EU laws specifically prohibited it and the perpetrators got prosecuted and heavily fined.

People break laws, get caught and punished, when your food safety laws *allow* specified quantities of ratshit in your food then you know you're eating ratshit.

How's it taste?

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early days of voip.

One scumbag client bought into VoIP and got royally shafted by some muppet who threw together an Asterisk box and a crate of Snom phones.

They also got shafted by their west African cleaner who worked out how to schedule the forward on desk phones to friends and family back home, making a pretty penny selling phone calls to their UK friends.

Companies can't shut you up using severance pay, at least in the US

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Re: Deemed employees

Nah, that was just the aptly named Johnson who'd fuck anything vaguely attractive which showed an interest in him.

Here's a fun idea: Try to unlock and drive away in someone else's Tesla

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Re: Tesla Model 3

He is still that kind of kid

If Tesla Investor Day was about exciting investors then boy did it fail

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Re: you're all idiots


That's a very Musky Eau de Colon, I bet I can guess how you got it.

More victims of fake crypto investor scam speak to The Register

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Re: Some good points raised in the article...

"Anyone in legitimate business"

Yebbut, they're in crypto so...

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Re: Nominative determinism

Aptly named for crypto though.

Meta cranks Zuckerberg's personal security budget to $14m while cutting everything else

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But that's not the American way, you can't be rich unless you know you're grinding the faces of the poor into the dirt, anything else is communism surely?

SpaceX cuts off Ukraine's 'offensive' Starlink use

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Re: there were things SpaceX could do to limit use it doesn't agree with

And you think the Russian forces who illegally invaded Ukraine aren't using Starlink offensively?