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Nano a nono: Pixel 8 phones too dumb for Google's smallest Gemini AI model


Pixel 8 owner here

I am delighted that I wont be able to put my persona data in even more harms way than it already is.....

IP address X-posure now a feature on Musk's social media thing


Free users cannot send DM's

And this means theyre not exposed to the ability to make/recieve calls?

Seems like a selling point to not pay for the artist formally known as Twitter

Greener, cheaper, what's not to love about a secondhand smartphone?


Re: Mmmmmm

Have a look at an AOSP replacement such as Graphene

New year, new bug – rivalry between devs led to a deep-code disaster


I am Jacks

I am Jacks P45

(the often omitted Fight Club reference)

Doom developer John Carmack thinks artificial general intelligence is doable by 2030


"...thinks artificial general intelligence is doable by 2030"

Does this mean we will have non-artificial intelligence a few years prior?

Meta's data-hungry Threads skips over EU but lands in Britain


big slurps

that's a bit list of data slurping, I think I will avoid....

Mines the phone with GrapheneOS installed

Metaverse? Apple thinks $3,500 AR ski goggles are the betterverse



Seriously WTF???

Medusa ransomware crew brags about spreading Bing, Cortana source code


Liked for the use of cromulent.

The return of the classic Flying Toasters screensaver


beats the truly awful "matrix" effect screensavers.

Ex-Tweep mocked by Musk for asking if he'd actually been fired


Re: Not necessarily……

Yes it matters....

When you misrepresent the truth it really matters.

Microsoft and community release scripts to help mitigate Defender mess


Re: Aaaaaand so we stumble on to the next problem. And the next. And, well, the next..

This wasn't a Windows update that caused the issue, but a Windows Defender security update.

Not that this get MS off the hook, but does show your lack of comprehension of what you skipped over for the joy of a snarky comment.

But whatever.