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Official: More than 7 million Brits have NEVER accessed the interwebs

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May I remind all you good folks that it was people now over 76 who actually conceived and developed Internet; Mobile Phones; PC's etc.!

Sony taps bug peepers to kill gloss-screen glare

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Moth eye technology was invented by PA Consulting in 1985


BBC chief acknowledges DAB flop & internet radio

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Internet Radio

I dropped DAB and FM some time ago and now listen principally to BBC Radio 3 via a Logitech Touch on my audio system. (Belcanto monoblocks + QUAD Electrostatic 2905) . At 96 KHz sampling rate - excellent.

Tories ask: Why BBC3, BBC4?

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Completely agree.

McKinnon lawyers vow to take fight to US Supremes

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Labour maladministration

The US has failed to ratify its side of this treaty. We should therefore have withdrawn our ratification long ago. In my opinion this is maladministration by our government.

There is absolutely no way that the US would extradite one of its citizens to face UK law - I suspect that would be the case even if they had kept their side of the bargain.

Toshiba to back Blu-ray Disc with player launch?

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BluRay viewer involvment

The extent to which BluRay makes a difference compared with DVD is very content dependent particularly where sound, music and image are balanced in their importance to the viewer. BluRay is not just about resolution but about colour depth and audio quality as well and when all of these come into play then BluRay becomes superb. This BluRay advantage was also true when comparing BluRay with HD DVD as we rapidly found out when comparing the same material at home side by side on the two formats.

For example Opera on BluRay is astonishingly good and we have a large collection of Opera on DVD that is simply not comparable to BluRay and is being replaced as quickly as possible.

If you don't like Opera, try the new Quincy Jones 75th Birthday Celebration BluRay disk. Outstanding musically, visually and aurally.

If you don't like Quincy Jones try Slumdog Millionaire or Vicky Cristina Barcelona or even Australia which at least comes alive visually and aurally whatever you think of the movie.

Fraunhofer boffins tout new 'diamondballs' mech tech

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DLC is almost certainly diamond like carbon and not diamond like coating. This is a technology that has been around for donkey's years and is in wide use. It has even been used for example to coat loudspeaker radiators (tweeters) as it increases the bandwidth to beyond 40Khz in a typical design.

Probably Fraunhofer are looking for fundiing!

Line up for full-windscreen satnav

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I have had Sat Nav on my BMW HuD for three years now. (Also includes speed and warnings). Brilliant safety feature - also great if you wear glasses as HuD focus coincides with normal driving view.

Islamic ceramics wow mathematicians

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Startling, Indeed not!

This was well covered by Bronowski in "The Ascent of Man" in 1973. Pages 166 - 176 in the book and explored in the "Music of the Spheres" episode of the BBC TV series at the time.


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