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Garage sale genius juices software-hawking eBayers


Similar problem here

I sold a new and boxed copy of Adobe Photoshop CS3 on ebay, and within a short time had an email from a user called "metropolis" asking details about the label etc. I replied and within 10 minutes my perfectly legal copy had been pulled from ebay. I asked ebay why and they told me that it was illegal to sell pirated or copied software. I replied that it was brand new, fully licenced but they were not interested. I re-listed the item and within 10 mins again got an email from a "prospective buyer" - Metropolis again - and guess what - pulled again.

These people are a nightmare, I was made to look like a crook to prospective buyers after my auction was closed prematurely, with no comeback to ebay.

Skull and crossbones 'cos some people DO sell pirated software - JUST NOT ME !

Boffins sound exam cheat warning on brain enhancing pills

Paris Hilton

Could do with some of those

My job (for the most part) is sooooo mind numbingly boring at times that a fistful of "brain enhancing pills" would do me the world of good . . . . .

There is one (hidden as yet) problem with this though.

SPAM ..... yep, now the 117 emails that I get every morning offering me either Viagra or Penis extensions will be supplanted by offers to give my memory a boost along with my manhood.

Paris (again) cos she is a natural penis extender

MS bashes Gay(wood) Xbox Live gamer

Paris Hilton


Mike Huntiswet - I LOVE that - superb.

When I was at college, I was in a class with a girl from Eastern Europe called Annette Kurtin - That is a real name, but still her nickname was "beefy" . . . . .

Mine's the flasher Mac in the corner.

P.S. an obvious one, but Paris, cos we have all seen her beefy curtains !

Web cam images undo MacBook thieves

Paris Hilton

Could not make it up.

As a result of hearing this story a few days ago on one of the Mac forums, I am now in the process of ordering a site licence of this software to install on all the macs in the company - easily targeted by thieves, this is a superb way of keeping things safe.

Paris, cos she know a thing or two about the "dirty mac brigade"

Mine is the coat with the white apple sticker on the back

Independent dubs El Reg lesbian

Paris Hilton

I wouldn't mind being branded a Lesbian . . . .

So what does it take to qualify as a Lesbian .....

Lusting after sexy ladies

Having facial hair

Having hairy legs perhaps........

Therefore by definition I must be a Lesbian

I am a 42 year old father of one, happily married so perhaps not ?

Paris . . . . cos she may well star in a nice girl on girl flick some time

Mine are the dungarees - off to the pub now for a pint !

Grand Theft Auto 4 queue man stabbed in head

Paris Hilton

Art imitating art ?

Nah . . . . . .

Every time something happens in the world that is bad, computers / games / the internet is blamed. If it were really true, Horace Goes Skiing would have caused ski-pole rage many years ago !

What happened BEFORE the days of computer games ? I cannot remember anyone blaming Cluedo for violence ??????

Paris . . . . cos she has had her share of games

Mine's the coat with an axe in the inside pocket

Mobiles give you brain cancer?

Thumb Up

Cooked nuts anyone ?

Quote "To be honest I am far more worried about the effect that my phone has on my balls, most of the time it is far closer to them than my head :)"

I can second this, I used to carry my old, analogue mobile phone in my right pocket all the time, with headset plugged in (an old Nokia 101). I developed a (fortunately) non-cancerous tumour at precisely the point where the antenna stuck out of the phone.

Since then I am MUCH more careful about where I keep my phones, I, for one, don't fancy the thought of nuke bollocks.

PC superstore refuses to take sack in hand


This was my laptop bag !

A short reply to Shane McCarrick - I am glad that you were resourceful enough to repair your bag, in my case, the stitching came away completely from the shoulder strap and was therefore not repairable without the right equipment . . . . in any case, though you state that, to paraphrase, I had had the bag for several months, it was "asking a bit much to take it back" . . . . IT HAS A ONE YEAR WARRANTY - that is the whole point of the warranty ! - my beef was not in any way with Pakuna - the bag is genuinely EXCELLENT, I just had one bad experience, it should not be taken as a complaint against the bag manufacturer . . . . my one and only problem was with the incredibly ignorant member of PC World staff who claimed that my laptop was incompatible due to it being an Apple and not a PC ?!?!?!? If you look up "incompetence" in the dictionary, the definition is "any member of DSGi staff, management or to a lesser extent the people who shop with them" - and THAT INCLUDES ME !


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