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Firms must go to court to stop all counterfeit hauls

Marc Savage

Sounds fair to me

Is this the same HMRC we know and hate ?

It will also stop Ip holders from doing dodgies

Spanish court in favour of topless celebs

Marc Savage

ref : y Sarah Bee Posted Wednesday 24th June 2009 11:12 GMT

Got out of bed on the wrong side this morning ?

However i do agree with your sentiments

Israeli robo-kamikaze selling like hot exploding cakes

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Always with the MOD bashing

Microsoft to bomb Europe with IE-free Windows 7

Marc Savage

What will happen is...

Microsoft will charge 20% more for the E version then say to europe, look see people want the browser version.

Zaphod Beeblebrox home sun 'shrinking', may have blown up

Marc Savage

You can't trust an astrnomer...

They do stupid things like demote pluto from planet status for stupid reasons.

If they say it one ways its because the rest of us have made jokes about it.

Hunt for MPs' expenses leaker hots up

Marc Savage

maybe he didnt like the

daily hate or the hate on sunday.

Home Office to keep innocent DNA samples

Marc Savage

posts above....

OMG, I cannot believe some of the posts. Personally I think we should all be profiled at birth.

Bucks village repels Street View spycar

Marc Savage


They are lucky plod did not do them for blocking teh queens highway.

First Windows 7 beta puts fresh face on Vista

Marc Savage

Why ?

Why change things ?

One of the things that most annoy people about Vista is the change to the way you do things. A generation have grown up with the same basic look and feel to Windows. Now they are obsessed with changing it.

They should leave the option for legacy look and feel.

Wireless comms and the end of civilisation

Marc Savage

previous poster...

The thing is that the story is stupid. Its like them forgetting antibiotics.

silly program.

Oz driver pulled with todger in pasta sauce jar

Marc Savage


A search of Weatherley's motor uncovered "pornography, a homemade sex aid, women's stockings and a Jack Russell terrier".

Its the way they mention the do that worries me.

750mm and a jack russel is a poor jack russel.

Study clears cannabis of schizophrenia rap

Marc Savage

What a suprise....

My comment never made it past the censorship.

Almost ever post above is pro weed. You lot make me sick. When somebody brings up the facts about the damage teh stuff does, you fall back on the old "cigs and booze" blah blah blah, worse than weed, blah blah blah.

Of interest should be teh fact that there are far higher numbers of people who consume booze and fags than weed. Thus you will get larger numbers of negative incidents.

Bet this post never makes it to the thread either.

Academic wants to 'free up' English spelling

Marc Savage

death to apostrophe's

God how I hate the stupid things.

Whats the point. Its instead of it's would be so much easier. The reason we say It's in stead of it is; is to make it easier and quicker to say.

the rest of course is utter tosh. Never will I spell colour in the american way unless I am using a forum opr html.

Google releases open source browser

Marc Savage
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Not sus at all.

Bet ou they can monitor your search history

Inquirer celebrates spammer murder-suicide

Marc Savage

Bad taste

The guy may have been scum but its bad taste to celebrate something like this.

Just another reason why I read the reg and not the inq.

Consider yourself Moderatrixed

Marc Savage

FAO Sarah and A&LiAR

You will find that your situation is one of two things.

1. Revenge by the male staff for having to wear business clothes allt he time at work and the ladies can wear what they like.

2. You hang around comic book guy type geeks. the bad sort.

As as tall attractive clean long haired it tech all I can say is, your too late. I found myself the perfect women a few months ago so I am taken.

Also I can ask where were you when I was single and fed up with meeting girls with old chewing ghum for brains.

Judge grants Viacom 12TB of YouTube user records

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Lots of paper

Assuming 80 rows and 100 columns, expressing the data as binary in 8pt font and using 80gsm paper thats a cube 50m on a side.


King Arthur was English 'propaganda', French claim

Marc Savage

Oi, Hands off our legends

Looks like Arthur, KING OF THE BRITAINS will have to return from Avalon in this our greatest time of need.

mumble grumble....bloody foreigners... grumble.

Tory trash talk fails to halt bin bugging plans

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Huh ?

I thought Gordan promised not to roll this out ?

Personally if they roll out microchipped bins in my area I will in the spirit of being pissed off remove the chips and jump up and down on them.

We already suffer in my area with kids opening the bin lids and then they fill with water.

Also your bins end up with other peoples rubbish in them.

If they do this a V style march on London will be called for.

Intel's Otellini faces Brussels court

Marc Savage


From what I can understand AMFM was reading between the lines.

Basical iIntel are saying because the CPU market is working fine no matter what they did. What they did is not wrong.

El Reg decimates English language

Marc Savage

I hate people like this

The apostrophe is a stupid thing.

Tell me why I should use don't instead of dont. I say don't instead of do not because its quicker, I want to write it more quickly as well.

Drunken Korean attempts to cook landlady's Chihuahua

Marc Savage

There aint much meat on a rat on stilts

he would have had to go get some more 10 minutes later

Kent council approves 'cleaner' coal-fired plant

Marc Savage

Damn Greenpeace

They are a bunch of tree hugging idiots who obviously don't have to work for a living. If mummy and daddy would cut off their trust funds they would have to get real jobs and they would find themselves more worried about how expensive everything is rather than the carbon footprint of everyone else. They would also be too tired to bother anyone else as for once they are actually working rather than having a "cause" so they can get laid by other stupid people.

Asus: memory upgrades will not void Eee PC warranty

Marc Savage

IIRC voiding warranty due to upgrades is illegal ?

I would love to see a manufacturer try and hold this up in court.

MoD budget train crash behind Brown v forces rumpus

Marc Savage

How stupid can people be ?

Doing the work in the Uk plows money back into the UK economy. Improves home grown skills etc.

911 phone phreakers face jail

Marc Savage
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? Misguided ?

Dont you mean viscous and nasty. People could hae been killed.

Congestion charge dodgers register Bentleys as minicabs

Marc Savage

FAO Peter Tynan

Its just a question of economy of scale.

If enough people did it it would be cheaper than the £8 or £25 a day.

I drive my car every day of the week and it would cost me £9k a year just to drive my car ? sod that for a bloody game of soldiers. Even if it cost me £3k then ive saved moeny.

I agree with the tank guy above, I will be i another tank nearby also running over green nutters and to be nice and green, i will shoot them with recycled bullets :)

Reg lexicographical Shock Army liberates mobe

Marc Savage


I thought AMFM had got a job

Becks shows Scientology some rispek

Marc Savage

OMG I can understand a AMFM

I will check in to a mental house forthwith.

UK.gov plans more active-traffic motorway ANPR cams

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Don['t get me started on lorries doing their stupid dance.

if i am feeling vindictive I sit in the middle lane and take the place of one of the lorries. they get really really pissed off.

DA suppressed Alabama Baptist pastor autopsy

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You have got to love the world. So many sick monkeys out there to entertain us with their deaths.

I wonder if this guy has got a darwin nomination yet ?

PC superstore refuses to take sack in hand

Marc Savage

This is why I wont buy from PC world

This is what you get for buying from PC world. If anyone was this stupid in my tech team they would be sacked.

Also have PC world staff not had sale of goods act training. ?