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Dongles pricey and pointless, says Bluetooth SIG



If you use your handset as a modem for 3G data you may as well use your ass as a convenient holder for it as that's what it'll feel like when you get your bill compared to a dongle data plan...

Who said it was fair?

Business suit tailored to reflect phone radiation


Manny Cohen turns in his grave...

Never mind the quality, feel the width...

Kirchoff says: If the phone powers up enough the suit will combust... a bit like wire wool in a microwave oven...

Cheers Gustav!

Google sued for 'crimes against humanity'


Amazing Potential

I'd like to place a bet that he qualifies for a Darwin Award within the next 5 years...

Is it possible to have an injunction to prevent him breeding?As that indeed would be a crime against humanity...

Would be illegal for me to sell his details on eBay?