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Microsoft 365 faces more GDPR headwinds as Germany bans it in schools

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It's back to LaTeX for you. The Borgs behind Open Office, Libre Office and Office 365 are Dead. You'll see unfixable bugs in them.

Qualcomm faces fresh competition in world of Arm-based Windows PCs

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Re: Windows on x86 is the new mainframe.

Windows XP, ran well on a 300 MHz Processor.

Windows 95, ran on a 25/30 MHz Processor.

We're in the Days of 2 GHz Sony/Mac M1/ARM64 Processors.

4 GHz Intel and 5 GHz My Fathers Processors (Without Overclocking / Overheating / Lifespan). You can get to 6/7 GHz with Overclocking.

So an ARM Windows PC is Not that Difficult.

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Qualcomm is the Sony Playstation Guys. Broadcomm is Intel. Both are Dead.

AMD grows Epyc datacenter share, loses to Intel generally

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AMD is your God / Father's Brand. Borg Intel makes them for your God.

Them Mac M1 ARM processors, Sony makes them, including Qualcomm.

Microsoft's grand unified theory of .NET advances a little

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We can get .net 5 to 7 to Work on Our Hackintosh.

However, it's not the Same as Microsoft.

.net 5 to 7 is the Work of the PlayStation and Macintosh guys and Your God / Father.

iOS, Android and Macintosh.

Our Future - Lotus Notes / WordPress for those that can't Program.

ASP / JSP for experts. EJB - SQL is much Faster. Asp.Net / Java Facelets - Requires Higher Network Bandwidth (Communism & Transfer of Wealth from One Region to Other) to create your Broadband Networks.

Oh, look: More malware in the Google Play store

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Re: "before adding the malware back in a future update"

The problem is How JavaScript works.

To get your Web Browser Office Apps (Google Docs) to Work, JavaScript changed from Interperated to Compiled.

Compiled Languages are easier to Hack. Interpreted Languages, the Virtual Machine, can See What is Happening at a High Level. Therefore can Check things Thouroughley.

C# .Net, Java and Visual Basic are Semi Compiled. They're just as Safe as Interperated JavaScript, if ALL Checks are DONE.

JavaScript is 1/10 th the Speed of C++. Fully Checked C# .net is 1/7 th the Speed.

C# with partial checking is 1/2 or 1/3rd the Speed of C++.

C# on the XBOX isn't doing FULL checks and Can be Hacked.

We're using Minix, with Partial Java / C# Checking. That's equivalent to Full Checking with Speed. The Entire Industry is gonna have to go back 10 years. The Days before AJAX apps. Now, Tomcat EE (PS3) looks pretty good. The Borg are Dead. Nobody to Fix Free Software bugs in Weblogic. The Competition has only got PHP. That's not even good as JSP (PS2). PHP is like C for Web Development. Equivalent to SNES. The days of Website hacking are back. Website hacking Stoped with ASP (PS1) or JSP (Java and Web HTML).

My Father was Planing to be a Linux distribution and a Software Consultancy.

Now, he's Microsoft Java Linux and Apple PlayStation VR.