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CLIs are simply wizard at character building. Let’s not keep them to ourselves


Re: Windows CLI text editor?

you are correct. i was in too much of a hurry. :(


Re: Windows CLI text editor?

winget gnu.nano install

Tech renders iconic rockers Kiss genuinely immortal


1976 me approves

damn, that was a long time ago.

I guess it's kind of like going to the movies, but louder and more expensive.

Microsoft's 11-year itch: The uncelebrated anniversary of Windows 8


Re: Server 2012 ?

Oh G-d. Up until recently we had some internal dev servers running 2012, and i literally winced when I had to RDP into them to do something. Then I would forget that hideous interface existed until the next time. All gone now, thankfully.

Texas cryptomining outfit earns more from idling rigs than digging Bitcoin


when I was in college we joked about buying a farm and letting the government pay us for not growing wheat. now we can buy a crypto farm and let the government pay us for not mining bitcoin.

the more things change......

Artificial General Intelligence remains a distant dream despite LLM boom


Re: They are statistically derived word sequences

statistically derived word sequence: "The purple parrot swiftly danced beneath the shimmering moonlight, while delicate flowers whispered secrets among ancient stones."

randomly derived word sequence: "Elephant, mountain, laughter, sunset, adventure, solitude, dream, ocean, fire, serenade, mystery, tranquility."


Re: Intelligence

but they are not "randomly generated word sequences". They are statistically derived word sequences - based on decidedly non-random text that was fed into the model. No intelligence necessary.

This ancient quasar may be the remains of the first-gen star that started us all


Re: "the so-called Population III stars"

but it WAS Episode 4 - I remember quite well being confused by that.

Open source's totally non-secret weapon big tech dares not use: Staying relevant


Re: a way to make the good of the end user more relevant than maximising revenue

"If I asked the public what they wanted they would have said, "faster horses". -- Henry Ford