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Divorce lawyer spots increase in Christmas 'text message bustings'

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Re: "...usually because the husband leaves the phone around..."

Simple... Women keep their phone in their handbag. Most men are smart/stupid enough to never look inside a women's handbag.

Google punts url shortener to world+dog

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My google maps...

My google maps already shortens URL's for me .. http://goo.gl/maps/WLYR

See? :)

Google: 'We are Meltdown proof'

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Who are the experts?

"But even the experts have no way of judging how well or how poorly this works." ...

Seems to me that Google are the experts on how well or poorly it works! Anyone else who figures it out will probably end up being employed by them!


Thomas Crown blagger recruits decoy dupes on internet

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Absolute genius. I'm well impressed

Google sued for 'crimes against humanity'

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Index that PDF???

Maybe he'll sue <insert organisation here> for putting that PDF online for google to index & make his details available!!! hahahah.

it's so ironic.