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Cutting kids off from the dark web – the solution can only ever be social

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Re: Lets imagine for a moment that you had to have a valid identity

Oh but they do put up pictures of death and p*** by default.

If there's an abortion clinic then by default someone will be on the corner displaying grotesque pictures of death.

If there is clothing to be sold, soft porn in the form purposefully and sexually excitable imagery is par for the course.

The definitions of what is porn and what isn't slide conveniently to support exceptions to recognition for convenience of other pursuits.

Apparently the majority of people are dependent upon misdirection to give themselves permission to do what they're going to do anyway.

Firstly I don't have a problem with p***. And I don't value individual human bodies as much as I value individual consciousnesses and I don't believe consciousness even develops until a person is 7 or 8 years old. Until then they are wired for mimicry.

Not to say that I can't form an emotional attachment with a child . I have nieces and nephews but I helped to raise during their formative years but I do consciously recognize they they had not yet diverged to become a person yet. And my attachment was mostly to my own personal vision of the future for them.

Now they have diverged enough to shatter that vision and so replace it with their emerging divergence from external expectation to self-authored New direction aka the person.

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Dark web is just the larger world outside the garden.

How do we prevent children from discovering the real world and so protect and preserved their innocence?

The answer is you can't.

Either they'll find it on their own, or larger reality will find them.

The dark web is just the original internet in which the civilized areas are islands connect to each other with blinders to the outside as a more recent program of censorship running within of a pre-existing larger frame.

Eventually someone looks any other direction but the narrow accepted one and there's no going back. They are instinctually compelled as humans to learn about the world around them.

America's broadband bill subsidy runs out of money and halts enrollments

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It's often times turns out to be illegal to live within your means.

Hell I'd love to just set up a tent somewhere during the nice parts of the year and Bank everything I would have thrown into the trash through rent , to put a down payment on a house.

I homeownership would be much more achievable there's space for set aside for people to live within their personal physical means so that they could save up to graduate to homeownership.

And for those who would decide to live in a tent or whole life this would free up more of their income for spending at local shops and so feed the local economy.

But there is no legal means to do so without involving other people's means.

There is no Commonwealth here.

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High class grifters.

We can fix it.

If we capoed returns at 200%, and then the have stock automatically transfers to the employees.

Investor still gets a return to encourage further investment and employees get a fair return on their investment of labor attention and participation in the practice of authoritative hierarchy.

This would encourage small single owner business, while discouraging the development of big business with it's disgusting tendency to steal political power and representation from the people.

Retool society to serve the living.

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Re: Affordable Connectivity: A Vital Lifeline for Millions

Anything essential to basic life ought to be government provided. After all people ought to get something back in return for all the work and time distraction it takes to believe in government the concept of country follow the laws self-restriction. Remembering all that nonsense is quite the chore.

Restricting one's own potential to meet society's convenience is wearing.

Being a "good" citizen is a full-time job with no off time it deserves fair compensation in return in the form of basic securities.

For everything else capitalism works fine because if nobody actually needs it then people can actually afford to collectively cut off businesses that displeased them and so choke them out of existence.

Boycotts have little chance of doing their job of forcing compromise from commercial operations if people can't afford to to effectively isolate and starve businesses that displease their communities.

With government provided basic necessities, boycotting is no longer any danger unto the individuals owning these businesses as it will not put them or their employees starving into the streets.

After necessity it's all just points on a leaderboard and the safety concerns are absolved.

The Land Before Linux: Let's talk about the Unix desktops

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Re: Even Microsoft had a UNIX!

Citations are overrated.

Stack enough invalid citations Referencing each other and no one will notice the difference unless they directly tested the idea itself.

It's really gotten quite out of control in the world of publication and citation.

Since you have to directly test a concept to really know you might as well skip right to it or admit the validity is unknowable until personal experimentation has concluded.

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Supporting a mostly useless platform is easy.

It booted up and still sucks everything is to be as expected go drink some coffee and watch a movie.

Administering a useful Network built on a useful platform towards users, that's more difficult because the versatility and user mods to be useful is what creates the work for the administrator.

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Re: Proprietary

Yes but general considerations can be wrong.

Anything generally considered to be good should be treated as a warning flag that there is a general push to avoid further examination within a specific situation.

That should be taken with suspicion and used to motivate specific examination and exceptional exploration for alternatives.

These general goods rely upon a lot of assumed goals that may or may not be in play.

Some things seem good only until you examine the underlying philosophies and methodologies and goals. finding ou disagree with some of the foundational assumptions and so invalidates the entire model.

Undeclared assumptions can make abstract wishes seem to be facts

China 'readies production' of homegrown high-bandwidth memory

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Yep and then we will imitate theirs and then some third party will imitate both and in the processes of imperfect imitation innovation occurs.

Sometimes those innovations become recognized as massive discoveries and turning points in history.

May the imitating of each other continue the inventive process and bring forth more discoveries unto all.

Qualcomm signals its PC push will coincide with back to school sales and be tied to a Windows launch

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Re: Windows on ARM with Snapdragon X Elite SoC ... for School-kids, and for AI?

Power efficiency.

Everyone wants longer battery life under moderate load.

Arm is particularly well suited for that.

Congress told how Chinese goons plan to incite 'societal chaos' in the US

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Re: 'societal chaos' in the US?

I live in the US and societal chaos is the norm here.

It's re-themed every couple years to seem as if something new but when you grow up with the monotonous trend of chaos, recognizing despite the rebranding becomes all too obvious.

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Re: It's about time

Serious minded people stress out and that lends to greater occurrences of misjudgment.

Light sense of importance with the acceptance of the occasional inevitable setback and and make it fun to try. Now that's a recipe for happy success despite imperfect results.

It took Taylor Swift deepfake nudes to focus Uncle Sam, Microsoft on AI safety

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More deep fakes for eventual peace.

If deep fake nudes become prevalent enough then it will discredit any genuine nudes.

This is helpful to society because it'll break the social mechanism by which leaked nudes cause social harm.

If everybody becomes casually discrediting towards nudes out of suspicion of fakery they lose their power and we no longer have to pay the overhead of effort in focus to moderate them to protect living people's reputations.

AI-driven booze bouncers can ID you with face scan

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Re: A golden age of under-age drinking

Oh they'll just go buy a large bottle of flavor extract.

Most of them are around 180 proof and require no ID.

Or they will steal it.

Once you try to pay for it and are turned down it doesn't feel the same as other stealing under the insults of age discrimination.

You insult someone directly enough times and they stop caring about what you think of them as a result.

Same is true of teenagers viewing themselves being treated in a discriminatory fashion.

Everyone enjoys giving their oppressor a failed expectation.

They are systematically oppressed, even if it's a socially justified oppression. And so all the downsides and reactant expressions of the oppressed come into play.

Huawei prepares to split from Android on consumer devices with HarmonyOS Next

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Re: Learning is now theft!?!?

Silly guy , I was referring to "development" the function

Not "Developing Country" the socially compromised term used as a fabricated permission system within the limited context of international squabbles.

every Nation. every person, every creature, in every situation is constantly developing until it develops into non-existence.

They will continue to develop until they develop non-existence.

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Learning is now theft!?!?

I remember when I first stole high fives from a TV show.

Also remember how I stole language from others around me.

Then there's how I stole smiling from my parents.

Hell I stole every bit of understanding I have from the environment that surrounds me.

Or maybe this is all just a case of the wrong word because I'm pretty sure the appropriate word is not "stole" but learned.

The Chinese may have learned from the world around them but don't we all.

It's okay for a a developing entity to mimic the expressions of others.

In fact it's absolutely necessary normal and healthy.

The commercial world disregards real world sensibilities and operates as a sort of exception from reality lala land in which reality is suspended in favor of a law enforced game made of fabricated from imagination and willful desire of its authors.

So if anything the Chinese might be cheating by American rules, but if mimicry without consent is stealing then lock every Infant up, kill the learning process and and revert humans to dumb animals.

For not willing to do that then you have to admit that it's not stealing.

Either it's b******* that people made up or it's real independent of cultural and legal Fabrications.

David Mills, the internet's Father Time, dies at 85

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Re: Hmm!

Well you can teach a person how to draw a line, you can't teach people Art.

Well at least not directly.

The difference between a collection of shapes and colors or contrast and curvature and art is the hype that the artist comes up with on the fly to justify their work.

You can create artifacts all day but to make it art in the eyes of others, you or someone else needs to broadcast a b******* spiel to others to make it seem like more than it is and thus you have created art.

That's a creative inventive on the fly process that's more about social engineering than it is to tangible product creation.

What's the difference between art and non-art? The twisting of the viewers perception.

Windows Server 2022 patch is breaking apps for some users

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Registry editing

For something relatively routine to any experienced Windows user,

What's with the scare tactics?

As long as the registry edits necessary are published, review and deploy. Done.

Be honest. Would you pay off a ransomware crew?

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Probably an unpopular opinion.

If you grow too big for your britches you become the biggest target.

It seems fair to me that those that game higher success through social renown in the commercialized world fall by the same lack of discretion and restraint.

Stay small and discreet or expose yourself as the bigger treasure pot to plunder.

Helping to provide overturn and prevent entrenchment.

Those who climb higher encourage ever larger more sophisticated attacks through their visibility.

This seems to be basic natural Dynamics maintaining independent of human fantasy.

Is anybody actually surprised?

What the AI copyright fights are truly about: Human labor versus endless machines

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Re: Copyright is related to human effort, no human effort, no copyright...

Copyright WAS intended incentivize human effort.

that intent has shifted.

copyright current intent is to to provide for unfair compensation so that more effort need not be applied to new invention by holding everyone else's potential hostage to yester-time's already fairly compensated efforts.

A officialy declared intent can be and in this dynamic proven false by cumulative experience across the last two decades that is counter to that declaration.

It is not uncommon for official wording to be purposely deceptive regarding intent to indirectly gain an advantage in another related direction.

That's the nature of politics.

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Re: Blood in the Machine

Santa Claus already is the biggest criminal in the world.

He's a master of trespass, sneaking in by way of the chimney.

Everything he brings avoids import tax so he's also an international smuggler.

Anything he brings with the brand name on it is copyright infringement and counterfeit as the elves reproduce it without any regard for intellectual property.

Santa Claus psychologically groom's children to two materialism which we all know is a state of artificial psychological deficit that is easily exploited throughout the rest of life by apathetic money grubbers and social con artists.

But the founders of the USA are also criminals. Guilty of high treason and they are held in high regard at least by many in the USA.

Social example in the USA shows that being a criminal doesn't matter if people like what you do.

The UK as well.

For the example

Robin Hood was a fictional story of a famous criminal that was loved by many and is still loved today.

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Re: Blood in the Machine

What is free is not part of the market that falls under gathering / foraging.

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Re: Blood in the Machine

Well how's this for a compromise then.

A Luddite market, but you're free to assemble lesser quality solutions for your private use.

That way you were still free to exercise your choice to pursue lesser quality solutions in your life, but the rest of the world is insulated from your influence so that so as to avoid any unfairness unto others, stemming from your preference.

If you're going to depend on the collective efforts of others then your opinion and desires are only worth whatever fraction you represent to the whole.

If you can insulate your personal desires from dependence on others supplementing you then it becomes appropriate for others to leave you to it.

Brain boffins think they've found the data format we use to store images as memories

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Re: Brain Images

Well the initial viewing of anything is an on-the-fly interpretive construction made of previous associations, outside stimuli and a composite biased towards previous recognitions.

And it turns out that remembering things is not a reversal but is the same process of creativity by the brain every experience of memory is CSI like reimagining blurred by experiences occurring after the initial real world action or scene that the brain is attempting to remember

The initial vision itself is a useful imagination loosy based on external stimuli.

But eyes do not see like cameras do.

Eyes send all sorts of crazy data that must be curated and selectively interpreted always with some degree of inaccuracy or loss of information, as well as creative assumptions by the brain to render an acceptable experience to the conscious mind and so render the experience of seeing it.

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Re: What about the people who can't visualize?

I'm curious and have a question

do you have a hard time remembering what things look like in order to visually pattern match what's your looking for with what's around you?

I always have to visualize what things look like before I I have a pattern to recognize when looking for things.

So it's hard to imagine being able to find anything without being able to visualize.

Is it literally out of sight out of mind?

Do you have to reevaluate everything every time by testing them physically to know what they can do and thus what they are?

Here's who thinks AI chatbots will eventually be smart enough to be your coworker

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Re: An AI

What a nightmare that would be.

Not for you.

But for the people who own those vehicles and others on the road.

When your security gets cracked in parallel by the ever emerging curious consequence-naive PFYs then The fallout presents real physical danger.

But assuming a harbor from liability combined with an apathy for real world consequence unto others, I agree it would make your job much easier.

Programmable or 'purpose-bound' money is coming, probably as a feature in central bank digital currencies

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Re: Whilst it has a lot of drawbacks...

It doesn't have to be that way.

And it's not that way any of the stores in the Midwest.

Just gets integrated into the payment processor so that EBT is charged first and the remainder generates a secondary payment.

That is a failure of the particular store to set up their payment processing correctly.

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Mm rations

Ration stamps outside of wartime.

Sounds like a dystopian circus attraction

Apple pops blue bubbles of Beeper Mini's iMessage service again

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Sms doesn't use data channels. It recycles extra header space in the tower pings.

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If there is no additional cost to me to help you out and I say no then I guess that would make me an a******. It takes more work ,there for loss of effort ,time and attention to say no and enforce it than it does to not care.

That's the spitting image of vindictive.

To spend additional resources time and attention to prevent someone else's benefit that represents no real threat to you, demonstrates ill will towards others and a general contempt.

While it's not against the law to be an a****** I prefer not to be one so I'd totally let you use my driveway to run a lemonade stand.

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To leave things be is neutral. Not a reward.

But we're really talking about is subsidizing Apple's lack of offerings in order to fix a glaring omission

There's one thing to say we don't feel like doing the work to bring it to Android.

It is quite another to block someone else picking up your slack so that consumers don't suffer.

As far as your independent Starbucks dsituation .

That sounds great.

Starbucks would have to increase their quality or lower their price.

Somebody in greater need would have access to a new revenue stream.

There would still be enough brand loyalty idiots psychologically triggered to continue focus on buying Starbucks garbage.

Business is a place of gambling/economic war games by another name. It's okay if gamblers lose as long as the civilians have access to what they need.

It doesn't really matter what business is getting the money as long as people are getting what they need that's the whole reason the public

collectively licenses businesses to operate in the first place.

To serve the struggling masses at home.

And it doesn't matter how many businesses fall as long as people have access to the things and utilities to serve their real life at home.

If business is not harnessed to ultimately serve the public good, it's just a black hole stealing and hoarding the resources of the world from those just trying to honorably get by rather than compete in economic wargames for Glory and greed.

YouTuber who crashed plane for sponsorship dollars earns 6 months behind bars

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Re: Freedom..

For someone used to operating as an independent contractor, I don't think employment will ever suit him anyway.

He already knows how to walk on his own.

I don't think after tasting the autonomy of being in charge of his own life he would ever go back to being a disembodied hand of an employer again.

He will just find something else he knows how to do and there's his experience to market directly and thus keep all the efforts of his work.

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federal prison is generally nicer than county jail.

Much like getting sent to summer camp requires you to prostrate yourself before camp counselors through ritualistic obedience exercises even though they are strangers.

The kids get through it. With a positive attitude some even enjoy it.

So can this guy.

Welcome to sleeping in, not having to prepare your own meals, a complete break from stress of responsibility, and plenty of time to read and think about the mysteries of life and organized recreational sessions

when you think about it it's not much different than living in a retirement community.

He's going to be just fine.

Although the lack of freedom can be aggravating, life outside prison isn't so free either . Situational logistics form chains as strong or stronger than physical iron. Freedom was always an abstract concept.

In a frame of existence ruled by causality and consequence there is no such thing as true freedom.

Whatever the nature of the experience of freedom, it surely is a psychological construct, and so not absolutely tied to physical circumstance to attain.

Tesla says California's Autopilot action violates its free speech rights

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Re: RE: arguing for free speech

It's not lying if you believe it at the moment that you were saying it. What a person was thinking after or before that moment is irrelevant.

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Re: According to Musk, fraud is protected under the 1st Amendment

That's a obvious paradox.

And so all attempts to apply will fail.

Which is useful within a ploy of purposeful confusion designed to give a false semblance of consistency to what is really just a wild card to be interpreted anyway that is convenient to the power entrenched at the moment.

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Re: According to Musk, fraud is protected under the 1st Amendment

Well actually freedom requires a lack of artificial/targeted consequence as a prerequisite.

That's what freedom is.

The elephant in the room is that freedom isn't real and can never be except for an individual living in isolation with only physics itself to prevent for consequence naturally.

There is no such thing as freedom in any social body.

Only by disassociating to become individuals can freedom be grasped.

Hence the common obsession with land ownership

If you have enough land that no one can see what you're doing to complain then you might one day be free.

However, if anybody else is aware that you're there, and create threat to interfere now freedom has been suspended until you can eliminate the interference if ever.

Always found it darkly amusing to see philosophical paradoxes and impossibilities are referenced in law to be protected even though what they demand protection of never existed.

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Re: According to Musk, fraud is protected under the 1st Amendment

Yeah "speech" is whatever the current politics of the day declare and therefore meaningless as a term due to lack of consistency.

And it can't be physically measured and accountability consistently held to that measure, and so it's all just a bunch of b******* people made up to game each other for various advantage or preference.

Social and legal definitions might carry weight of consequence but they are just whims forced on to unwilling participants through campaigned intimidation.

No different then being forced to pretend pharaoh is a God or else be targeted for suffering at the hands of an other.

Or to receive a demand to pretend that humans are really birds or else someone(s) is going to get you.

Senate bill aims to stop Uncle Sam using facial recognition at airports

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In a perfect world maybe.

But in the real world when these systems fail to operate with an expected bounds, we want the failsafe to prioritize avoiding harassment of innocent travelers.

What if you were the person who was sacrificed innocently to prop up a pursuit of criminals you have nothing to do with?

There's no compensation in the world that can undo the psychological damage, and snowballing repercussions for the rest of your life.

The foundational justification for laws and law enforcement is to protect the innocent from harm.

If those who pursue criminals endanger the innocent and cause harm they no different than the criminals in what they represent to society.

If society is to sacrifice the innocent to pursue the guilty then there's no one to protect and so justify the horrifics of control involved in law system in the first place.

Rendering the whole situation as nonsensical.

Windows users can soon ditch Bing, Edge, other bundleware – but only in the EU

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Re: What is the brexit bonus ?

They don't compete in the same market space.

One operates in the AI response marketspace

The other operates in commercial navigation marketspace with some light activity in the consumer navigation space.

So there's no conflict.

Child psychiatrist jailed after making pornographic AI deep-fakes of kids

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Re: The Ai

It's more humane to execute a swift death penalty than to lock them up forever.

Gaining comfort through the knowledge that others are suffering is an evil trait that is not to be encouraged.

If You have to solve a physical problem through hard action, so be it.

But capitalizing on human suffering for emotional benefit is the mark of supervillains.

We ought not to be training general society to such ill methodologies of soothing.

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Pubic hair is extremely important to the hygienics of people who walk around nude all the time.

It keeps the bugs out of the genitals.

No I'm not talking about crabs I'm talking about mosquitoes, and others flying as well as creepy crawlies.

With clothes it's just a sweat mop that has nowhere to go except to the feeding of odor causing bacteria.

So with the invention of clothing pubic hair became a disgusting pain in the ass.

Before clothing it was generally more hygienic because while no one wants bugs in their vagina and a big hairy bush on a guy definitely helps to keep your balls from being bit.

So while showers are there as soon as you put your clothes back on but then about 10 minutes you're sweating again.

Also if your pubes are thick enough you're never actually naked.

If all you can see is hair then you can't actually see any genitals and any complaint is pure psychological dysfunction stemming from an overactive imagination on the part of an objecting observer

Woman jailed after RentaHitman.com assassin turned out to be – surprise – FBI

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Re: notifying the FBI National Threat Operations Center

Hope the roommate still got the theft charge.

Only some people hate weed Farmers but everyone hates thief.

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Honest visuals versus sneak attack

The bazooka is more likely to be used for property damage and acts as a passive deterrent effect to attackers, while the concealed handgun is more about fooling people into thinking you are pleasant peaceful company so that you can shoot them when their guard is down if it so pleases you.

The bazooka guy is at least being honest in their visual demonstration of what they represent.

The concealed handgun person cheats others of opportunity to identify and avoid those who would choose to do so.

If you got to be sneaky, the appropriate lifestyle for you is a hermit.

'Corrupt' cop jailed for tipping off pal to EncroChat dragnet

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Re: Sneaky badges got caught

But often the secret police create as much harm or more that's what they oppose.

Leaving everyone else to pick up the collateral damage for their power struggles to dominate the behavioral landscape.

With criminals I can make a deal, or provide a physical demonstration, have some trust that the principal of mutually assured destruction will motivate adequately. That combined with the easier marks my neighbors make for have some reasonable sense of security.

With police involvement then all power choice and opportunity to handle my own business is taken away. They reduce the individual to a sitting duck.

Police involvement renders one defenseless and paralyzed to take any personal responsibility regarding their own life.

I prefer having opportunities to be directly effective rather than being reduced to infant like influence in my own affairs.

Outsourcing personal security to others that have no genuine hard loyalty to you is a living nightmare.

Not thank you.

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Sneaky badges got caught

Regardless of what it's being employed for, I like it when would be sneaks are defeated by a bit of honesty.

I have no loyalty to either side but I do find police subterfuge especially disgusting.

To adopt criminal/dishonest practices in the name of fighting crime you lose your moral high ground and represent no better than what you oppose.

'Influencer' gets 7 months in prison for plot to interfere with 2016 US election

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Matters to what?

To a fuzzy comparison to an ideal?

Or to a physical reality?

In which case what physical reality

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Re: Satire is now illegal in the US

Everyone's born stupid, smart application is built on a mountain of mistakes.

Every stupid person is x survived mistakes away from becoming smart.

x is a local variable of the individual and should not be taken in a global context.

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Re: Darwin in action

Important to what within what limited context?

nothing's important except relative to an intent.

Without that intent and limited context described, I find my myself waiting for the partial idea to be completed so as to avoid assumption.

Privacy advocate challenges YouTube's ad blocking detection scripts under EU law

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Re: Why log in?

There is no real privacy in a shared living environment anyway.

Anything the cameras see in common areas could just as easily be noticed without them.

The cameras merely make it more obvious that no one is a ninja in shared space.

Textbook publishers sue shadow library LibGen for copyright infringement

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Re: Welcome to the new corporate Register

Better that you had never created that if it is to be paywalled.

That just increases the divide between the haves and have nots.