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Inside the Windows 2008 stack experience

chris stephenson

Interested to see how you go

Wouldn't go there myself but good luck to you and keep us updated

Is Oracle really the next Microsoft?

chris stephenson

Apple is the next MS

end of.

Sir Edmund Hillary dies at 88

chris stephenson

Sir Ed...

Farewell mate, you're a bloody legend

Academics slam Java

chris stephenson

Why can't we all just get along

Cool your egos chaps, use whatever language, tools, or os for that matter, you like. If you and those that pay your wages are happy with the work you do then who gives a flying... Why is it that IT people get so fundamentalist about thier favourite language/framework/os? Different tools for different jobs chaps, diversity is a good thing.

excuse me whilst i strap a bomb to myself and recite my mantra "there is one but language but ...

Safe drinking guidelines 'plucked out of the air'

chris stephenson


I saw this "story" break on alcholic britan headlining on radio, newspaper, and television. The fact that it was all BS hasn't been nearly so widely reported.

i thought the profession of journalisim was alive and well in this country, obviously not.

Kiwi brewery offers lifetime's beer for stolen laptop

chris stephenson



The bottles are 330ml. Unfortunate that the old fashioned 750ml (tallies) bottles aren't really being done anymore. A crate of 750ml a month may have made a bit of a dent in the monthly beer expenditure.

As for the comments about the quality of kiwi beer, I must protest! Please don't confuse kiwi beer with that pishwater from across the ditch!

Future of computing safe, thanks to Excel patch

chris stephenson

Accountants use Excel!?

"I'd bet good money that accountants and engineers (if there are any that actually use Excel)"

Do accountants use excel? Is the pope chatholic?

Excel has some useful features for the bean counters out there, shame it can't add properly

IT risk becomes board-level issue

chris stephenson

More Governance

In my experience IT risk auditors are finance types who don't understand IT and thus cannot adequately assess the risks. And if they are auditing my systems I may be unwilling to point out thier oversights. Regardless it's a tick in another governance box.

This is set to become a growing revenue stream for the big 5. And for many folks another good reason to outsource.


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