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Steve Jobs bends iPad price reality


Mmmm no

The point is that a lower entry point means that more people can buy the product.

My iPad cost $499 and I am totally happy with it. The fact that Apple offers a product at that price point is significant. So when Jobs say most of his price points are under the Xoom price point - he has a point.

Apple MacBook Air wins Greenpeace's approval


Battery is Fine

In terms of green, it could also be mentioned that the MacBook Air is much more energy efficient than Apple's other laptops.

Richard, It could also be argued that sending the units in to Apple for battery replacement makes it more certain that the original battery would be disposed of properly. Most replacement batteries do not require the return of the spent battery - Apple could enforce that 100%.


on the other hand

On the plus side sending the machine to Apple does mean that the spent batteries will be recycled 100%. We may see over time that these battery replacements could be done in store - that would be idea.

There are advantages to having the battery inside, less casing, better protection for battery and more reliable connection between battery and device. Given that this sort of servicing only needs to be done every 2 -3 years and that many laptops, even with replaceable battery are discarded without ever replacing the battery, it kind of makes sense not to have the battery removable.

Regarding article, it should be also noted that the Macbook Air also consumes much less electricity than a comparable laptop.

Apple coughs up G4 refunds to dissatisfied Danes


mac product are generally good but there are problems with iBooks it seems

I have many old macs, all of them work to this day and I generally follow the advice that you are better off not buying extended warrantees. But I would say that there seems to have been a problem with the iBooks. I am looking at a dead one on my shelf right now, it can turn on of a few seconds and then goes black. I am glad to see some people got their money back, I would like the same here in the US.


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