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'Della': Dell's very special site for women

Daniel Jones

To be fair

To be honest, my mom owns an eeepc 701(similar to the fare being punted on della) and the main thing she uses it for is...

...looking up recipes on the web.

The other thing is... checking her email.

Sound familiar?

Sage numbers buoyed by falling pound

Daniel Jones


What, you mean the cross-your-fingers-and-start-preying-when-the-next-update-comes-through routine annoys you?

I thought people /liked/ having to run all that .net bloat just to run an inferior-to-what-went-before-it GUI on a piece of accountancy software.

...and don't get me started on Sage Payroll. It has security issues you could drive one of those Israeli unmanned house demolishers through.

Virgin Media pilots 200Mbit service

Daniel Jones

I'd be happy if I could even get it...

100 yards in pretty much any direction from my estate and VM is available.

My estate? No chance. Built after the initial cable install, y'see....

So I'm stuck with the oh-so-cheap BT. Up to 8mbps, averages out at 6.




Google sued for 'stealing' Android name

Daniel Jones

To all those who said...

...the Windows trademark only applies to 'Microsoft Windows' specifically, and not Windows.

You must have very short memories.

Do you not remember 'Lindows'?

Whilst I'm no fan of Google, when I first read this article, I thought that the guy must be a trademark troll. Looking at the website (which is now listed by google; it's third in the list) to be honest I'm not all that convinced he's not a troll now either. It's something that looks like it could have been knocked up in a couple of hours or less. A swift whois reveals an apparent creation date of 20 April 2009.

What gets me is why on earth just because something is a piece of software it has to have a unique name; the two pieces of software do completely different things, for Goodness sake. One is a mobile OS and one deals with web content (and is vapourware by the looks of it).


NASA deploys huge clingfilm strato-pumpkin over Antarctic

Daniel Jones

I gotta wonder

Whether Richard Branson's little space project might get a hold of this tech.

He's wondered about using a balloon to get his fatcats' space tourism vehicle part way into space to save using rockets before but was told (IIRC by Buzz Aldrin) they'd thought about it in the fifties/sixties and it was decided rockets were the best option. (presumably they were not as good at building balloons in those days)

I'd have thought you could build some sort of manned capsule and have it weigh less than a tonne. 'Course, the cats may have to go on a diet before wasting their 200 grand...

Microsoft issues emergency IE patch as attacks escalate

Daniel Jones

@Michael Xion

Yep, and pick 'pages from the UK' in google and you get.....

A link to this article. And that's it. I'm not saying we're immune (happily using Firefox w/NoScript add-on installed here) as this isn't the only filename, though.

I only use IE when I /absolutely/ have to. And I complain bitterly when companies force me to use IE. (Saying your company has standardized on Firefox (which mine has) and that you'll be on the lookout for another supplier which doesn't force you to use IE generally gets some attention)

Employees sue for unpaid Windows Vista overtime

Daniel Jones

To all those...

...who said people could just leave their computers on/asleep.

Many companies have an explicit company policy which says you can't do that, 'for the environment'. (their profits more like).

...who said people could set their computers to shut down and then just p*** off.

Those self same policies also state that you can face disciplinary action if you leave your computer switched on; it matters not whether it's a failed shutdown or you meant to leave it switched on.

They WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO FILE SUIT over unpaid shutdown time if that were not the case.

...who said 'ooo, my computer starts in two minutes, 15mins is WAY too long!'

You've obviously never worked in a large corporate environment with ageing/slightly misconfigured kit. AD roaming profiles & all that crapola which goes along with it can take ages and ages to transfer, particularly if the server is overloaded and lots of people arrive/leave at the same time.


US to give some rendition info at Gitmo trial

Daniel Jones

@ Matt Bryant

It's funny you should mention Salim Hamadan; why exactly do you think he should receive a death sentence? The only truly proved charges are that the guy worked as a driver for OBL.

He's been tried, found guilty of what they managed to pin on him and is now serving the last part of his received five and a half year sentence.

However, when that is over the Pentagon has indicated that they intend to revert him to 'Enemy Combatant' status and hold him, again without charge, indefinitely.

So even when you do have your day in 'court' and are sentenced and serve that sentence, they will still hold you. Where's the justice in that?

OpenGL 3.1 promise follows gamer revolt

Daniel Jones

@Tom Ince

'First version'? I've installed many copies of XP over the years, including versions that have included SP1 AND SP2 out of the box.

They all have the same limitation; the Microsoft driver included on the windows disk (and hence is out-of-the-box) has OpenGL V1(.1), so unless the graphics card/chipset manufacturer has implemented an ICD which supports OpenGL >1, you're out of luck.

AFAIK the same is the case with VistaMe.

Daniel Jones

@Tom Ince

Dude, you need to learn what 'out of the box' means......

AVG scanner blasts internet with fake traffic

Daniel Jones

@ Henry Wertz & all those 'so just install it without ...' and 'so turn it off then'

@ Henry Wertz

Totally. They wouldn't even have to have the content download twice; their email scanner already downloads stuff, scans it and then serves it to the email client.

Why the hell not do the same with this?

@ all those 'so just install it without ...' and 'so turn it off then'

Riiiight. So all those non-patched systems run by numpties who take no interest in how their system works at all and never go anywhere near the register or anywhere else except big-boobies.com or whatever, who do not even realise the harm this is doing(ie most people) are going to run:

c:\avg_free_stf_*.exe /REMOVE_FEATURE fea_AVG_SafeSurf /REMOVE_FEATURE fea_AVG_SafeSearch

Are they? Yeah right, whatever. Most people would have trouble with the Tools->Add-ons trick, if they even knew about it. Which most don't.

This stuff should come switched *OFF* by default, not on, if it even should be included at all (which it shouldn't IMHO in it's present form)

/So/ glad I switched to ClamAV from AVG (although that was because of the annoying focus stealing getting on my nerves, but that's another story)

RM boss says school's out forever

Daniel Jones

Ah, RM. Them were the days.

I'm not talking about the PC-a-likes produced a little later (from memory Duke Nukem worked on them, so they weren't a complete loss) but the earlier 8-bit Link 480Zs.

Nicest-feeling keyboard I think I've ever used.

Brings back memories, too. The person who set up the security system on those machines made a distinct ID 10 T error when writing the error message which appeared when things went wrong with the network; if you were at the security login screen and the network went titsup, when you entered your password you got the helpful message 'cannot find file USERS.IDS'.

This plain text file, BTW, happened to be in the default path. You can imagine the phun we had.

Ofcom mulls BT Openreach price hike

Daniel Jones

@ Steven Hewitt

Indeed. Except it was the GPO, not British Telecom.

British Telecom is what the milk snatcher called the privatised bit of the GPO.

OpenOffice builds extensions for v2.3

Daniel Jones

Office 2007 Novell plugin

Actually, I just downloaded and installed the Novell plugin on OpenOffice 2.3 and after a gazillion 'Octet/Stream not supported' error messages, the thing installed and now appears to work.

Of course, I've only tested it with a .docx file I created and saved (then loaded again) from OOo....

So I could be talking out of a certain (open) orifice...