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Tired techie 'fixed' a server, blamed Microsoft, and got away with it


Re: Interesting

DWORD, innit.

Trying ti channel my inner Ali G.

A cheeky intern nearly turned MS-DOS into NSFW-DOS


Comes from Extended ASCII from IBM.

Fed-up Torvalds suggests disabling AMD’s 'stupid' performance-killing fTPM RNG


I happen to know what it is due to it being a prerequisite of installing Windows 11 (please don’t), but read the article wondering when they’ll tell everyone.

Clingy Virgin Media won't let us leave, customers complain


Existing Customer

They never leave me alone and I’m an existing, relatively happy (modem mode) customer. Continually cold-called by their sales team (chaps from India) who hang up and disconnect. I think I pissed someone off when I tried to get a new deal.

Threads versus Twitter: Shouldn't we be happy the wheels are falling off antisocial social media?


Re: One Man

Blah blah blah, Fried chicken!

Microsoft drops out of top three for UK software and IT services



We can speak about productivity when salaries increase at the same level as inflation and the cost of living. I’m effectively earning less, so my productivity may be a little less.

No open door for India's tech workers in any UK trade deal


It’s far cheaper if the workers remain in India and work remotely. I suspect this is at the forefront of any decision making.

Elon Musk to abused Twitter users: Your tormentors are coming back


Re: Translation.

What’s race got to do with it?

European carriers again call for Big Tech to fund network builds


Consumers of the content already pay through the nose to use these networks (not to mention bandwidth costs incurred by streaming services themselves). Now we’ll ultimately pay again when no doubt costs are passed back to consumers from content generators. Passing the buck on years of poor investment and foresight in infrastructure.

Microsoft Outlook sends users back to 1930 with (very) mini-Millennium-Bug glitch


Re: Not Just Outlook

.NET Framework and Core behave like this when parsing a two digit year.

Would have expected Core to be **50.

What am I saying? I didn’t expect that at all.


Re: Banking/Insurance

I think we leap 1000 years on 4000.