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Microsoft wireless keyboards crypto cracked


Fast Forward...

iPhone software that sniffs blue-tooth keystrokes and translates on the fly? Plausible? Sounds handy.

US man sets himself on fire and cuts off his own arm



Skin melting off like plastic?

Kinda brings that ending scene from raiders of the lost arc to mind. Which was REALLY creepy a bazillion years ago, but now looks like melting plastic and ping-pong eye-balls falling outta faces?

I repeat EW~~~~!!!!11!1!1

stop stop stop the brain ewwww....

Dutch teen swipes furniture from virtual hotel


I dont think most of you commentors visited the Habbo website?

It's not what I expected. It's definitely aimed at kids and I can understand how kids could like it, and lets face it most of us spent our weekly allowance on baseball cards, garbage pail kids, pogs, hey---remember MUSCLE MEN, those little rubber monsters figures?? Basically pointless fun stuff. This Habbo site allows you to buy game-cards at retail places like Target and CVS pharmacies and then use them to do cheesey kid stuff to your virtual toy.

Anyway... Back to the article... It's ultimately a case of compromising a commercial computer system illegally. Sure its stealing virtual toys and not exactly a murderous crime---I'd say its akin to shoplifting as a kid, and just as I got caught stealing as a kid he rightfully deserves a slap on the wrist....Before he starts thinking its also ok to steal credit card info.

Am i right?

Kiwi boffins prove that booze makes you clever


Anyone mind if I still prefer my airline pilots sober?


ROK invites you to chat