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Medibank prognosis gets worse after more stolen data leaked


Can be useful to collect these stories

I tend to collect these types of stories for use in future project discussions. Sounds harsh, but having a real horror story can bring to life discussions on architecture, design and best security practices when you have some smart ass project manager briefing against you for trying to slow down a deliverable.

Always ensure key stakeholders hear the message and, more importantly, that it is in the minutes that this was discussed in their presence.

Doesn’t always work, but I reckon that I have prevented one or two cock-ups using this this (I once used The Mars Climate Orbiter as an example of needing good data architecture that aligned common reference data).

University orders investigation into Oracle finance disaster


It's all about the processes

I’ve been involved with ERP implementations for over 20 years now (started with the “wonderful” Y2K anomaly). The ones that I generally see go OK are where the business aligns with the processes in the ERP system. Where it goes to pot is when the idiots from Finance (or Purchasing, or HR) say “No, it has to work to my process”. Sales guy says no problem, budget remains unchanged, followed by bad analysis / decision making by the client. Throw in a bit of off-shore consultancy and the biggest wonder is why anyone believes this can possibly work.

But as people have said, those in charge of the project very rarely have experience or ability. But they do have one common trait – an ability to move off the project before it hits the fan.

Soaring costs, inflation nurturing generation of 'quiet quitters' among under-30s


Re: Crap phrase

“Quiet quitting as a phrase can die.”


As someone who is towards the latter end of a career, I have tended to go with the following maxim.

Do the best that you can to fulfil the agreed role within the agreed hours. If you can’t do that, then move on because either you are not up to the role or (more likely) it’s a BS role profile. But don’t join the “jacket on the back of the chair” brigade. They are just t****ers of the first order.

Hybrid work not working? Try building an 'intraverse' to fix it, says Gartner


Re: How do Gartner still exist?

There was a time when Gartner did useful analysis on technology choices. I don't know what has happend recently. Perhaps they've let the children take over. Whatever it is, this is nonsense stuff at a time when we need to really focus on producing value.

India's IT services exports top $150 billion for the first time, US and UK are biggest buyers


Re: UK high value jobs

Let me explain. It’s all about saving money. By not using UK based contractor staff (who would pay tax into the Treasury coffers), it makes more sense to use money to fund overseas organisations. Err hang on, thought I had this…