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VMS Software prunes OpenVMS hobbyist program

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Is there anyone still porting software to OpenVMS? All the open source tools seem to be horribly outdated.

SWIFT embraces central bank digital currencies after sandbox success

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CBDCs are a one-way ticket to total control.

See this comparison for starters: https://eylenburg.github.io/payments.htm

It basically combines the downsides of the traditional banking system with the downsides of Bitcoin.

Beijing issues list of approved CPUs – with no Intel or AMD

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I wonder if those Chinese state-mandated Linux distros publish their source code. It's a requirement of the GPL after all.

Or maybe they pull a Red Hat: "you can see the source, of course, but if you share it with anyone you'll be banned from the country".

Firefox 124 brings more slick moves for Mac and Android

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Re: Still no zoom and reflow

Yes it's crazy. The one thing I miss the most from Opera.

TrueNAS CORE 13 is the end of the FreeBSD version

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FreeBSD is dying...

The situation for other Unices like Illumos, NetBSD and OpenBSD is even bleaker.

Grok-1 chatbot model released – open source or open Pandora's box?

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Always good to see this stuff open sourced. It's a hedge against companies like OpenAI turning evil or becoming a puppet of an authoritarian government.

Cryptocurrency laundryman gets hung out to dry

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Bitcoin mixing is perfectly legitimate. It's the only way to prevent a completely public history of your transactions and wealth in the blockchain.

But then again - if you actually want privacy, if you actually want peer-to-peer electronic cash, you need to use MONERO and not Bitcoin.

Supermium drags Google Chrome back in time to Windows XP, Vista, and 7

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it's "Deity"

Trump supporters forge AI deepfakes to woo Black voters

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"Gemini, make an image of Trump surrounded by his White fans"

Lightweight Windows-like desktop LXQt makes leap to Qt 6 with version 2.0

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I still don't know what's the point in having all these compating medium-weight, no-frills desktop environments. Like LXQt, Xfce, and MATE. Isn't one enough?

Google to reboot Gemini image gen in a few weeks after that anti-White race row

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Re: So wrong most all of the time

It's quite funny how Bing AI - while often returning nonsense as well - is miles ahead of Gemini. The old dog Microsoft seems to win the AI race while Google falls behind. Even in the normal Google search, I see more and more SEO spam and junk results. Not that Bing is necessarily a better search engine, but the gap is becoming smaller.

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>would that not mean that White people are now in the Global Minority, and thus should be afforded any and all privileges associated with promotion of minorities?

Yes, people of European ancestry are between 5-10% of the world population and shrinking.

Ubuntu, Kubuntu, openSUSE to get better installation

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Re: Non-issue

I mean, I would like to get more options actually. Btrfs compression yes/no? Btrfs snapshots yes/no? Which packages to install, which ones to skip? AppArmor or SELinux? Firewall yes/no? `sudo` yes/no? Flatpak or Snap yes/no?

That's why I love the current openSUSE installer, which is an absolute gem, and I hope the new one won't drop any features.

GNOME 46 beta has more tweaks than a coffee shop

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Still waiting for a taskbar, tray icons, minimize/maximize icons by default, type-ahead find in the file manager, properly working thumbnails in the file picker, fractional scaling, support for server-side window decorations on Wayland, and much more.

Microsoft Publisher books its retirement party for 2026

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Re: and users can expect the same experience as today

Why doesn't MS just keep it around forever without updating it? As long as it opens existing files and runs on the newest Windows version, that's good enough.

Chrome engine devs experiment with automatic browser micropayments

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1. I will block all ads

2. I will not give you micropayments

3. I will not pay for a premium subscription either

I might donate you some crypto if I really like your website.

For-profit websites were a mistake, leading to clickbait and SEO spam. Bring me back to the 90s when people made websites because they had something to say.

Mozilla CEO quits, pushes pivot to data privacy champion... but what about Firefox?

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Re: All wrapped up

I agree, the word wrap seems to be a proprietary Opera feature, not even present in Chromium either.

I'm curious why that is, because on any desktop browser, if you zoom in or change the window size, the text will reflow to fit the width. But on mobile, all browsers but Opera will just keep the text the same and add horizontal scroll bars.

KDE 6 misses boat to make it into Kubuntu 24.04

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Debian 12 is also stuck with Plasma 5.27.

I don't really see the issue though. If you want a stable, LTS distro - why not just stick to the Plasma 5 LTS version, which will still receive security fixes but no feature updates? While Plasma 6 seems to be a smoother transition than 3->4 or 4->5 there is still some risk of regressions and breakage.

If you feel that you need to Plasma 6 now, you can just use OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, Arch, Fedora, or non-LTS Kubuntu.

Twitter spinout Bluesky ends invite-only phase and opens its doors to all comers

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Nobody's going to use it

Whether Bluesky, Nostr, Mastodon, or Threads - the majority of people will just stay on X/Twitter due to network effects. Decentralisation is nice but normal people don't care about it.

When it comes to working from home, Register readers are bucking national trends

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Shhh.. we don't ACTUALLY care about the climate. Now buy that electric car and come to the office, pronto!

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Re: Abrreviations only vaild in

Don't forget that EMEA also includes the whole of Africa.

Sweden or Somalia, who cares? It's one and the same when you want to do business.

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Re: It's the commute

>Employees fear to raise that point, because they are afraid employer may ask them to come to office instead of paying extra, whereas employers fear to raise that point because they don't want to lease offices.

So you're saying both sides win?

Dell said to be preparing broad Return To Office order this Monday

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Re: The inalienable human right of WFH.

I demand every office to have an air full of concrete dust. If builders have to cope with unhealthy air quality, why are office workers exempt? It's not fair.

Still no love for JPEG XL: Browser maker love-in snubs next-gen image format

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Very sad. It would be better to abandon AVIF and Webp, which are strictly inferior to JPEG XL and have no real raison d'etre.

With JPEG XL you can even losslessly convert your old JPEGs and PNGs.

Fairberry project brings a hardware keyboard to the Fairphone

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Physical keyboards are definitely nice. I miss my Blackberry Passport, the best phone I've ever had, and Blackberry 10 OS, the best phone OS I've ever used. I also really liked the slideable keyboard of my Blackberry Priv, although Android was too heavy for the CPU so I actually ended up hating that laggy phone. Could type "blind" (under the table) or drunk and never made any typos.

But the Fairphone is already huge (>16 cm tall) - won't this just make it even more enormous?

Firefox 122 gets even more competitive with Chrome on translation

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Really needs some non-EU languages in there. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, and so on. For Romance and Germanic languages I don't *need* a translator

Seoul restores smartphone subsidies because premium handsets are apparently essential

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Just buy an old phone then. The Galaxy S10 is better than anything that came after - small screen, SD card, headphone jack, custom ROM support.

Could immutability be a Leap too far for openSUSE users?

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I wonder if Leap 16 will still support a normal desktop like KDE or Xfce. Because it sounds like ALP won't.

KDE 6 hits RC-1 while KDE 5 brings fresh spin on OpenBSD

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Looking forward to it! KDE Plasma is definitely the best desktop environment at the moment. GNOME is just stupid, Xfce is "old", and the rest (MATE, Cinnamon, LXQt, Budgie, COSMIC, Unity, Pantheon, CDE, ...) doesn't really have a use case not covered by the other three.

Apple sets new 16,000-foot iPhone drop test after 737 fuselage fail

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How come it was unlocked though? I thought iPhone have a mandatory screen lock after 5 minutes or less.

After injecting cancer hospital with ransomware, crims threaten to swat patients

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Where are all these ransomware gangs from and why can't we find the perpetrators? I'm genuinely curious. Like, is it random Indian/Pakistani scammers or North Korean government-sponsored hackers? Or both?

Asahi's Fedora remix dazzles and baffles on Apple Silicon

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I like that KDE Plasma is the flagship because GNOME stubbornly refuses to allow fractional scaling: https://social.treehouse.systems/@marcan/111510084925258924

Linux Mint 21.3 and Zorin 17 are beta buddies

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>whose parents moved thence from Ukraine

Isn't the correct word "thither"?

Wayland takes the wheel as Red Hat bids farewell to X.org

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Re: Wayland itself is getting old now...

I'll make the logo!

Crypto crasher Do Kwon's extradition approved, but destination is unclear

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Re: "a multi-billion-dollar crypto asset securities fraud"

>Oh, so a basic crypto scheme then, right ?

The BASIC crypto currencies - like Bitcoin or Monero - are absolutely fine. It's the complicated, "smart" ones that tend to be some kind of scam.

Will anybody save Linux on Itanium? Absolutely not

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It's probably easier to do a port of NetBSD to Itanium. Surprisingly, nobody has ever done that.

RHEL and Alma Linux 9.3 arrive – one is free, one merely free of charge

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Re: RHEL and Alma Linux 9.3 arrive – one is free, one merely free of charge

Nah, you're right

Fedora 39 waves goodbye to modularity, but has enough spins to make your head spin

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Re: I used Test on the latest Fedora

I fully agree with everything you said. My new laptop is arriving next week and I'll be installing OpenSUSE rather than Fedora.

(edit: ok in fact I fail compared to your last sentence, because OpenSUSE is also corporate backed)

Child psychiatrist jailed after making pornographic AI deep-fakes of kids

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Re: At what point do artificial images become "wrong"?

> going full Big Brother and installing spyware everywhere.

Maybe that's the plan? Think of the children!

Canonical reveals more details about Ubuntu Core Desktop

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Very interesting indeed. I wonder how LXD on Core Desktop compared to Distrobox? Will your .debs see your /home folder and all that?

Next I wonder if it would be possible to package `flatpak` as a snap. That would be quite the power move, because the opposite is definitely not possible.

Finally, even if Canonical doesn't want to officially support the installation of flatpak, you could still go the route Ubuntu Core Desktop -> LXD Snap -> Flatpak .deb -> Flatpak'd apps. For those apps that only officially support Flatpak, like Bottles for example.

Bad eIDAS: Europe ready to intercept, spy on your encrypted HTTPS connections

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Re: "I'll compile my own FF without their crap"

The problems only begins when the three-year old has the power to give you billion euro fines, close your bank accounts, arrest you, zersetz you, and run a smear campaign against you in the TV channels he controls.

GhostBSD makes FreeBSD a little less frightening for the Linux loyal

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It would be great to see GhostBSD's improvements and desktop friendliness to get upstreamed to FreeBSD. Even if it's just something like an "install-desktop" command that sets up the MATE or Xfce desktop and the other GUI tools and configs that GhostBSD brings for desktop users. But maybe the FreeBSD devs are not too interested. Even today there are Arch users who scoff at people using the "archinstall" script.

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Real experts use Illumos.

Mozilla tells extension developers to get ready to finally go mobile

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Unfortunately there is no API parity it seems, for example "History Cleaner" (a 'recommended' extension) doesn't work on Android because the history API is inaccessible.

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Re: What % of mobile users actually use Firefox?

To be fair, Opera is the only browser supporting text reflow. Chrome also doesn't have it.

Google formally gets to work on Android on RISC-V

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rambling a bit

>RISC-V is permissibly licensed, meaning chip designers are free to use the architecture but aren’t compelled to share their work as is required under other forms of open-source license.

And exactly this will be a problem. Many incompatible ISA extensions, chip designers adding proprietary stuff that only their special snowflake chip will use, no standardized firmware or bootloader - despite being open source, the implementation will just end up just as closed as ARM or even worse. I guess x86 remains king for us FOSS nerds, because one OS build can run on all x86 devices.

For smartphones, the only manufacturers that allow unlocking the bootloader and installing other Android distros are Google (Pixel) and some niche vendors like Fairphone. (I'm not even sure about non-Android stuff like mobile GNU/Linux distros, can they run on bare metal or do they need a thin layer of Android at the bottom?) A big problem also is that every ROM needs to have a specific image for each device. So even if you have a device with an unlockable bootloader it may not have any ROMs available because someone needs to develop it specifically for that one device. And don't get me started on the fact that the Linux kernel never gets any updates in Android smartphones, which I think is because of all the proprietary drivers patched into the OEM kernel and not supported by the mainline kernel.

Is RISC-V really going to be different just because the ISA itself is open and royalty-free?

On the desktop we have POWER for that by the way, which is also open and royalty-free. But as far as I know there's only one vendor of desktop hardware, namely Raptor Computing.

Linux will soon offer switchable x86-32 binary support

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Can't believe they drop Itanium support before HP-UX is even dead!

Wayland heading for default status as Mint devs mix it into Cinnamon 6 bun

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Re: number one missing feature in wayland

>It's as bad as ViDEOS TAKEN IN TALL-SKINNY ASPECT, apparently the way in which "4 inchers" (aka those who view the universe through a 4 inch phone screen) narrowly view EVERYTHING.

phones are now 7" because zoomers use it as their one and only "computing" (consumption) device

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>So although KDE turned 27 earlier this month, it's still not the oldest Linux desktop still being developed.

Even though nobody uses it anymore, technically that would be CDE (first release in 1993). It runs on Linux and is still being developed albeit slowly (last stable release in October 2022, last commit on Sourceforge August 2023).

Firefox 119 unleashes PDF prowess and Sync sorcery

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Re: Speed is of the essence

The tube map: http://content.tfl.gov.uk/london-rail-and-tube-services-map.pdf is quite slow when zooming or scrolling on my phone, both in Firefox and GrapheneOS's Secure PDF Viewer (based on Firefox's PDF viewer I think). On desktop Firefox it's usable.