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Uncle Sam to unmask anonymous writers using AI

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Re: Jumping Well Ahead Normally has One Leading or Floundering in Virgin Alien Territory

Funnily enough, I knew this comment was written by you, amanfromMars 1, without even finishing your first sentence or reading your username beforehand. Didn't even need an AI to do it!

You're gonna have update your writing style if you want to avoid detection in the future!

Serious surfer? How to browse like a pro on Firefox

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May I ask what you like so much about Microsoft Edge?

Pakistan politicians label government cybersecurity team 'incompetent'

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>Additionally the Committee expressed its displeasure with efforts to restore telecommunications infrastructure after the recent extreme floods that impacted around a third of Pakistan.

So is there some kind of political infighting going on between the Committee and Pakistan's Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications?