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Brown gov will make 'big commitment' to carbon capture


I have carbon capture tools in my garden

And unlike whatever this hairbrained scheme is, I can eat it, thus releasing the CO2, which goes on to feed more plants.

Considering that the earth is getting a fifth of the light it once used to, I say we need more CO2 in the air, before the world famine gets worse




Today, I'm going to contribute my little bit to making the world a better place. Using climate change propoganda as kindling, I'm going to have me a nice big bonfire.

Home Sec: British rings to be tightened against intrusion


@Anon: Would they really reconsider

when there's a big fat bonus for them being in on the conspiracy, and arms dealers are set to make even more money than the drug trade?

War is good for their business. They don't care about the millions of dead and the poisoning of lands.

Vote now for your fave sci-fi movie quote


Only thirty bloody five for Dune?

This book is the gateway drug.

Academics propose carbon-capture kit for cars

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But that would be far less profitable than having to manufacture an exhaust processor into each new car.

We already have carbon processing plants. Although in my country, we call them plants. (which, incidentally, turn that carbon into things that can be combusted, and thus feed a new generation of plants. Except now, the population control/culling environmentalist movement would have you believe CO2 is the worlds worst pollutant.)

I'd like to say now that I'm all for conservation, and against genuine pollution (heavy metals, irradiated waste, fertiliser runoff). However, I loathe how the genuine good work of these organisations is being hijacked by a population control movement.

First we were told our incandescent bulbs are illegal, so now everyone happily uses mercury filled florescent bulbs. Next we're told families in Australia (and subsequently the rest of the "civilised" world) should be taxed for having more than one child. Now streetlights (a feature that has done a lot to improve safety) will be turned off.

You mark my words. There will be food rationing (because some foods take more carbon than others to make). There will be clothes rationing. Then power rationing. This is not about protecting the environment, it never was, it never will be. This is about population control, a gradual, subtle descent into world tyranny.

They (the powers that be) have learn't from the previous century that rapid martial law and fascism never works. The people resist it strongly. So now they are doing it gradually, so no one will notice the wool being pulled over their eyes.

Go back to bed world, everything is fine. Here, watch TV, take your vaccinations, drink your fluoridated water. Shut up, don't question, don't think.

London Congestion Charge becomes CO2 tax

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All hail the new world religion!

"In another green-policy shift, it was also announced that the congestion charge exemptions for hybrids (including the Toyota Prius)"

What's green about a car that gets 30mpg, and is full of lead acid batteries?

Carbon tax? Well then, that's a good thing. Put their money where their mouths are, and then the houses of parlement can pay all our taxes.

Faster broadband through bonding


Do people that use the word "kudos" ever amount to anything?


Q: Don't I need some support from my ISP(s) to recombine my traffic coming off these multiple links?

No, as far as your ISP(s) are concerned, you are just a normal user. You don't need anything from them except a standard connection.

TeePipe Home includes an HTTP proxy that runs on your local machine. It intercepts the requests that your browser makes and automatically distributes them across the available links. Since each page you see on your screen is typically composed of many HTTP requests, this works quite well.

For FTP requests, the proxy can split the requested file into "chunks" and distribute the downloading of the chunks across the links.

For web pages that do not include any other HTTP requests (no images, no frames, no flash), there will be no speed improvement because the page can only go over one link. Luckily (unluckily?) there are not any pages like this left on the internet. :)

Note that the absolute best possible solution would be if you could distribute the traffic byte-by-byte across the available connections, rather than only load balancing HTTP requests. To do this, you would need something at the head end to recombine the streams together. There just happens to be a*perfect* system that already does exactly this. It is called Google Web Accelerator. If Google would only publish an API for this product (or even just tell me that they don't mind if I hack it), then TeePipe Home would be able to perfectly use all the bandwidth you've got. So, if you know anyone who works in the Google Web Accelerator department, please urge them to get in touch with me!

Cable cutter nutters chase underwater conspiracies

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Have you been smoking drugs son?

Paris wields the question mark this comment needs.


It must be a new craze to drag one's anchors in the middle east.

England cut transatlantic communications cables that enabled Germany to communicate with the rest of the world at the outset of the war with Germany. Germany then had to use wireless communications that were intercepted by the Allies.

At the outset of the war, the Germans had five transatlantic cables that ran through the English Channel. One went to Brest in France, another to Vigo in Spain, one to Tenerife in North Africa and two to New York via the Azores. The English cable ship Telconia cut them all in England's first offensive action in the war. This left a cable that ran between West Africa and Brazil that was largely American-owned that the Germans could use. In short order the allies ended that source of direct cable communications with the overseas world. Consequently, Germany was forced to use their powerful wireless station at Nauen, just a few miles outside Berlin. From this moment, German messages were routinely picked from the air and began pouring into the offices of British Naval Intelligence. In order to capture this flood of information, four new allied listening stations were established along the English coast with direct wires to Admiral Hall's offices. The positive result from this investment could not be overemphasized.

BOFH: Carbon neutrality

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Carbon credits sounds like a modern karma system

Just with pseudo science bollocks instead of mystical bollocks.

I'll take the former, hemp usage in those religions involves more than making mere suits out of it.

Paris because this BOFH made me philosophical, and so does Paris.

Rogue trader blows sox off control systems



The difference is simple. The former was working for himself. The latter is a stooge working for the old boys club, and thus is above the law.

eBay's CEO throws in the three kitchen towels in a jute bag - $4.99


Rats leaving a sinking ship

I expect to see a lot more CEO's/high ups deciding now is a good time to retire.

Government told to ditch biofuel targets


"Biofuels reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere."

How naive are these new world religion zealots to think that by growing a crop (which rightly so, consumes carbon dioxide) reduces CO2 levels?

Yes, if you were to put the plant matter into a sealed vat at the end of it's life so it could not secrete that carbon dixoide again.

Combusting biomass in any form will release carbon, which binds with oxygen and lo and behold, you get more plant fuel. Sorry, I mean evil, life killing CO2 which is the flatulence of the incandescant, (non bio fuel) land rover using devil.

Carbon dixoide is not a pollutant. I'm far more worried about spent uranium and sulphur dixoide, as well as heavy metal runoff.

UCL preps clustered Dell supercomputer


idle time

I'd like to see such a machine doing BOINC or folding@home.