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Google tests TV set-top search, says report

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Makes Sense

Google signing up IPL

Steve Jobs uncloaks the 'iPad'

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Now I know that a lot of web is changing to HTML5 but there is still a hell a lot of Flash out there.

Its just a giant Ipod touch.

Even tho being an Apple fan, typing on a Macbook Pro, listening to my iphone........ think i will steer well clear of this...like Google and China clear

US book giant confirms Apple tablet

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It Reminds me

That the story of dumb ass media and saving there jobs is so true

Sony plots death of Amazon Kindle

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Funny you should say that

was speaking to a guy from my company in Russia and he had an ebook and was asking him about it.

Anyway cut a long story short but in Russia most books are all free cause of the piracy

Sony reveals slim PS3, drops price

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@ Mathew White

We have video import duty which the lovely EU charge all manufacturers. Its around 40% that those robbing EU policticans take from them forcing our pricing up

And they say they are fair to the consumer, but spare a thought for Norway as they don't have that tax but still pay the same as us

BT slammed for 'importing' cheap Indian contractors

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What companies seem to forget

Is the ammount of time wasted by regular employess having to explain 10 times what the problem is to the help desk...Yes you cut cost by using this model but productivity of other depts goes down!!!

Hulu recognizes Blighty existence

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Considering the Beeb are wanting to hike up the license fee to cover canvas shouldn't they go with Hulu which is already working!!!

Am quite lucky in that I work for an amercian company and can VPN in from home to pretty much any country in the world which I find very useful to watch Burn Notice and other american shows about a year before they show up in the UK

Irish Wikifiddler hoaxes worldwide journos

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Free thinks not welcome to work here

Love the fact that its always the guardian, do they employ the laziest journos in the world

Cameron: Give the UK's health records to Google

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At Least

With HMG you expect them to loose your records.

Do you think if you wanted to psh your operation up the schedule you could throw a few adwords into your medical record

Jaguar-Land Rover to develop F1-style energy recovery tech

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I know pretty much for a fact that Sony and Ferrari started collaboration in this way over 16 months ago? Have to say would be quite funny to see a Porsche, Ferrari even a Range Rover beat the congestion charge

UK.gov misses deadline on EU Phorm probe

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In the words of Keegan

"I love it, I would love it" if BT got a huge fine and lost a shed load of customers cause of it

Sony builds wireless data gang

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Dont forget


Also about 70% of the TV you watch is filmed on Sony Camera's

Japan turns its back on 2G

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Does that mean the Iphone is not selling in Japan?

Red Green Ken v Porsche in battle of the polls

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RE: poor rich people

Moron!! The problem you cant seem to fathom is that only the Rich can afford to drive in London as it effects a lot of cars you might not classify.

Just as Top Gear pointed our there are 17 odd Bentley GT Continentals registered as Mini Cabs, so avoiding the Congestion Charge.

Another tax from Commrad Ken as his beloved CC hasn't worked

Obituary: HD DVD 2002-2008

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Missed my favourite part of the story

When Sony and NEC Mergerd their respective Optical divisions and Sony took a 55% ownership thus giving Sony royalties to HD-DVD!

Toshiba's board to kybosh HD DVD this week?

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RE: The Microsoft Effect

Bingo!! Exact reason why I brought a Blu-Ray Player

Netflix falls in behind Blu-ray

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FAO: Tim

You been sniffing glue!?!

Lets start with Storage

HD-DVD claim they have a 51GB triple layer desk...no one has ever seen.

Blu-Ray 50GB Double Layer already in production also has been proven of a 200GB disk.

Do you seriously think that HD-DVD didn't have region coding, its always been there just never activated!

If you also had of checked the sales figures after the Warner announcment you will see Blu-Ray Standalones outsold HD-DVD one (even with the firesale Tosh put in place) was what about 85% in favour of Blu-Ray

Oh and btw if it makes you feel any better HD-DVD was still paying royalties to Sony courtesy of Sony NEC Optiarc (yes the same NEC that did most of the running for HD DVD )

Woolworths stores to stop selling HD DVD

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HMV Bluewater

Was in there on Saturday 2.5 rows Blu-Ray and .5 HD-DVD

Jobs: Blu-ray wins HD format war then loses to downloads

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Not for Me

The problem is storing it, i recorded the transporter 2 from Sky in HD and on a box with 200GB it took up 7%.

In the end i deleted it after i watched it, to free up the space but had the urge last weekend (2 months after it was deleted) to watch again but of course i couldn't

As much as i like the idea of digital downloads, i would rather have the physical media that i can dig out and watch again and again while only paying once for

So NO you can keep your digital downloads i want a case to show off to people all the movies i own

Paramount poised to drop HD DVD

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Not for a while

I would say Solid State still has a couple of years to go before it goes cheap. The likes of Samsung will try and make as much money from it before prices nosedive like they always do in Memory.

As for porn coming to Blu Ray i would suggest wait unitl its all settled. HD DVD never had/have a sniff of getting Disney cause of the fact that they was prepared to licence to the porn industry

US HD hardware sales 3:1 in Blu-ray's favour by year end

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So not only

It also comes down to content Blu Ray is pulling away from HD DVD. As Michael Bay said (Director of Transformers) If Microsoft hadn't paid Paramount/Dreamworks $150 the format war would be over. But Microsoft are only in this unitl they get their HD Download format working !

PS: BT Vision is all really well until more people down your street start using it take your Bandwidth away then it just constantly freezes

Blu-ray widens US disc sales lead

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@ Tim

How can you blame Just Sony there was far more compelling stuff as to why Apple, HP, Dell, Samsung all didnt want to go with HD DVD.

And let me make some facts clear for you

Sony and NEC mergered their Optical divisions and made a joint company which Sony own 55%. NEC was in the HD DVD Camp so pick up rayalties from all HD DVD and now Sony owns it they pick them up

PS3 only made a huge loss to begin with about 3 months ago they started to break even in the US (Europe is still a year away from breaking even)

Toshiba focus is too much on America and thats why its losing Japan and Europe. I know someone in Toshiba UK and says the sales guys aren't even targeted on selling HD DVD products

I have simply gone for Blu Ray as i have a PS3 and i can play all my old DVD's upscaled on to my TV and thats all i need.

Oh and another one for Deluded Tim DVD struggled to take off until the PS2 so can a console make or break (i think you answered it yourself with the sales of DVD's)

Blu-ray dominates Japanese HD recorder sales

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Toshiba is a Japanese Company

Sony to break out of Cell?

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Big deal

PS3 will still be available and your not going to buy a company and cut your sales are you.

Same thing happend when Sony and NEC mergered their Optical Business (NEC Was prime backers and suppliers to HD-DVD) of course Sony are still supplying Toshiba and MS as they are picking up royalties on both formats

Would be interested to know about the other semiconductor business tho