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Robocar tech biz sues Nvidia, claims stolen code shared in Teams meeting blunder


How is it that several commentors have utterly failed to grasp the basics of what happened, even its its been f***ing SPELLED out to them.

The issue WASNT that the code showed on screen, clearly it was ALREADY open and it DEMONSTRATED that the employee had most lickley already shared details of the bloody code with someone! When this same prick then went to WORK for nvidia, that was the basis for the lawsuit. Some of you are about as on the ball, as that idiot engineer...

When it comes to personal data, we're on a highway to hell


For years people used to look at me like I was crazy for having a rooted phone with Xprivacy to block this sthit from being pilfered from my phone, whos laughing now.

Vote now on who should take the lead in Musk: The Movie


No one, because WTF needs to watch a movie about this f**king imbecile!

Apple exec defends 8GB $1,599 MacBook Pro, claims it's like 16GB in a PC


That exec has never had to deal with regular users, once you have have some instancesof Chrome and office application or two open your done. 8GB hasent been enough on Mac's since OSX 10.9. But sheople and IT depts keep buying thier sh*t, so Apple will keep taking the piss.

As we say here in London " what a complete and utter cnut, they and their company can fcuk off and do one "

Samsung wants to push CAMM format into memory mainstream


The demo video in the article is borked...

The iPhone 15 has a Goldilocks issue: Too big or too small. Maybe a case will make it just right


Untill I can root an iphone, install an indipendant permission manager and firewall, switching from Android is never gonna happen. That said the price along of new iphones 15 256gb model (same as I have in my S20fe model) of £900 is joke thats beyond insulting. Butr then again Samsung is pulling the same sh*t with the 256gb S23, but hunt around and you'll find it cheaper. But as the lack of SDCARD slot on the last 3x S series from SS my S20fe might be my last SS handset. Might finally be time to look an alternative android handset, its been a long time coming.

Unity apologizes, tweaks runtime install fees after gaming world outrage


So Marc Whitten, ex-Xbox (right after a bunch of losses and mass-layoffs ), ex-Amazon, so another old white guy Marc Whitten... And good old trust-worthy John Ricattelo, the other old white guy loves Marc, cant sing Whittens's praises enough. Btw I am an old white guy, the irony isnt lost on me.

His apology is hollow and worthless, I imagine people dont a flying f*ck if he is "actually or genuinly sorry, " for the sh*t storm he and his fellow execs created. As one prominant Unity dev put a while back, its too little too late.

To quote 'Alhazred23' over on spacebattles.com - (https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/unity-changes-fee-schedule-or-how-to-hurt-your-platform.1115228/page-18)

"Unity say that folks can stay on prior TOS applicable to the version of Unity that they use, but they don't explain in the blog how prior TOS will be documented legally and for posterity. Unity also won't outright kill the install/engagement tracking, but instead promise to make it an option that devs can opt into, as an alternative to a 2.5% revenue share agreement, and they note that the metrics will be "self-reported" by the client. This is a similar scale walk-back as what WoTC did back when they ended up in the SAME situation, but everything will hinge on lawyers getting involved to set everything promised in stone. Unity also say nothing of the mysterious processes already imbedded in the runtime that phone home to Unity (personal note - I personaly block all games I play on my PC from talking to the internet for this very reason).

UK Online Safety Bill to become law – and encryption busting clause is still there


Re: Blighty seems determined to cut itself off from the rest of the world

'We' are not letting them do anything, 'they' are just riding roughshod over our civil rights and freedoms.

Lets see what happens when a promenant MP or someone rich enough gets their private comms exposed. Then we will see what light his sh*tstain of a law gets portraid in then...

Microsoft wants Activision so badly, it's handing streaming rights over to ... Ubisoft?


Re: Here's A Deal

100% on Arkane, jury is still out on Bethesda after the sh*tshow that is Starfield.

Psst! Infosec bigwigs: Wanna be head of security at HM Treasury for £50k?


£50k... I assume they are joking... try double that for staters.

Rebel without a clause: ISP promises broadband with no contract


Nothing to see here, most ISP's in the Uk offer the same speeds for the same price with a 1month contract, yawn.

Prepare to be shocked: Employees hate this One Weird Clause


Re: Mental

Rees-Mogg is one of those eaton meatsacks that needs to be removed from office and prevented from ever being allowed to stand as an MP, or work as a lobbiest, or in short be put down permantly for sake of this country and everyone else that isnt him.

New IT boss decided to 'audit everything you guys are doing wrong'. Which went wrong


In my experience the way it worked out for you is very rare.

As an engineer it's in my nature, that if I see a problem I will try and fix it. But woe betide any manager or director that tries and take the piss. One time I had the senior site engineer and the site manager (who got the job because the previous manager quit) for the MSP I was contracting for at the time hauled me into a Teams meeting about complaints the staff were making about how I did my job.

I pointed out that my main office (the one I was supposed to be working in) had no such issues. And I was in this remote office as a favour to them because no one else wanted to do it. After klistening to hot air for a few minutes untill I could get a word in was if they didnt like how I worked then to provide my with my contracted notice period. This resulted in an instant back track from said manager.

But then I could come up with several stories that El-Reg could use about this MSP formally known as Anderson Consulting. Needless to say I will never be working for them again as long as there is a hole in my arse.

Security firms hijack New York trees to monitor private workforce


Well as these guards are a) probably ethnic minority workers and b) dont want to loose thier job - of course they dont f***ing have a problem with being tracked... The shit will hit the fan when the system is hacked and/or abused and a guard is seriously harmed or loses thier life. Only then will something get done, typical murica.

What I dont get is why neither city council is prosecuting these companies for damaging public property and/or threatening them with large fines if the issue persists.

Microsoft's Lennart Poettering proposes tightening up Linux boot process


Er thats not what said group are saying, even I as a non linux persona recognise and understand TPM and SecureBoot(which is nothing of the sort) are both a bad thing.

On a parltly related note, I got around to doing a RL test of Win11 on a non-critical potato (media PC). No Tpm, No SecureBoot and far below the rec-specs and its running just fine.

Twitter founder Dorsey beats hasty retweet from the board


Who is this Durban refered to in the article..?

Amazon has repackaged surveillance capitalism as reality TV


Ring camera useage illeagal depending on installation -

Had the same B$ situation in my block, neighbour below me had a front facing RING camera that was not only recoding 2x other neighbours front doors but also the communal stairwell. All of which are illeagal in the UK. Attempts tpo get it removed or direction changed fell on deaf ears. In the end something only got done when when walking past it one day I gave the camera a visual and audiable f*** you.

The owner then had the cheek to complain, at which point it was pointed out that theinstalation and subsequent filming was completely illeagal and they didn't have a leg to stand on and if they didnt remove it the next stage was court. Said neighbour moved out a month later, camera gone, problem solved. And it set a presendent so others dont try the same sh*t.