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UK law gives green light to self-driving cars from 2026


So basically a sh*t show waiting to happen...

Scarlett Johansson voices anger at OpenAI's unauthorized soundalike


"Sky’s voice is not an imitation of Scarlett Johansson, but belongs to a different professional actress using her own natural speaking voice."

Basically bull$hit, unless there is video evidence of this supposed voice actress.

An attorney says she saw her library reading habits reflected in mobile ads. That's not supposed to happen


This is why I have local and (per-app where applicable) ad blocking on all my devices and network blocking via pihole on my lan.

VMware giving away Workstation Pro, Fusion Pro free for personal use


Im waiting for the other show to drop.....

Dating apps kiss'n'tell all sorts of sensitive personal info


Coloured me suprised.....And it not only the Apps, but the websites has been selling data for years and are an even bigger security problem.

Windows users left to fend for themselves after BitLocker patch bungle


Re: This is where managed vendors come in ...

indeed, f*ck M$ and thier B$. Anytime I have 'EVER' had to log a support ticket with a TPV, I have ended up having to find a workaround myself.

AI Catholic 'priest' defrocked after recommending Gatorade baptism


The second line in the title, very good, made me chucle...

Microsoft really does not want Windows 11 running on ancient PCs


"Then again, attempting to run something like Windows 11 using hardware from decades past would be pointless."

No, Im running win11 23h2 quite happily and speedily on an old core i5 4430 in my media PC. So if this "new bull$hit" is part of 24h2, then untill a work around is found then it will be simply added to the blacklist.

And half the apps I use already, are open source and have linux versions, so when I eventually tell M$ to go f***k themselfs the learning curve will be less paintfull.

Tesla asks shareholders to reinstate Musk's voided $56B pay package


No one needs that kind of money, certainly not that garbage meatsack excuse of a human being. But hey lets sack a bunch of people and still pay the lackwit ceo, corpo muricka at its finest.

Indian PM's 25-year roadmap laid out with help from AI


So a hairbrained action from a known corrupt goverment, what could go wrong...

YouTube now sabotages ad-blocking apps that stream its vids


Ah but then there is the crux, for alphabet to do this, they would need to have a long and constant history of monitoring you and whats you do online, personally I am NOT ok with that.


Cat and Mouse, Wack-a-mole, Seen it all before. Its like they aren't aware that other web browsers and platforms exist, that they have zero control over...All this will do is result developers finding other-ways to circumvent their banal ads.

I don't for a second believe Google give a flying f**k about the creators, Its greed pure and simple (as demonstrated by several commentors in this thread). If YT Red, or YT Premium or what ever the hell they rename it to next, had a single fair annual price, I would probably have it. But when its more than what Netflix charge, they can f**k right off. Its almost like they think YT is in the same leage as Netflix.

Here is an idea, maybe have a 1080p YT-only plan (no music, or any of the other useless crap we don't need/want) for £35 per year.... But I digress, Netflix and prime are also on the greed train with basic teirs being infected with Ads.

Or maybe they will just keep going down the path they are on and then at some specific point, when the views have dropped far enough, Alphabet will just do what they have always done and shutter yet another service.


Have a look at Newpipe.

Broadcom has willingly dug its VMware hole, says cloud CEO


Yep good old corporate greed at its finest. Im just waiting for the day VMware player isnt free for home use anymore, then I will simple move to something else.

UK govt office admits ability to negotiate billions in cloud spending curbed by vendor lock-in


The title needs editing from "admits ability " to "admits inability"

Iowa sysadmin pleads guilty to 33-year identity theft of former coworker


most of that $1.25M should be given to the victum I would hope.

UK council won't say whether two-week 'cyber incident' impacted resident data


Whats am I missing here?

Arent companies (and councils) legally required to disclose cyber attacks and the details of the attack..? Failure to do do result in hefty fines..?

Biden's State of the Union included a battle cry against AI mimicry


Re: If America wants to be great again...

Er they do have 220-240v over there aswell, its just not common in households.

Apple's had it with Epic's app store shenanigans, terminates dev account


Both companies deserve to fail, they are both anti-consumer and anti-competative.

Job interview descended into sweary shouting match, candidate got the gig anyway


The CTO was and is clearly, a complete and utter cnut..

BOFH: I get locked out, but I get in again



Anooying catchy but utterly terribly song, pissing the night away indeed.

What a surprise! Apple found a way to deliver browser engine and app store choice


Yes, colour me surprised indeed.

Copilot pane as annoying as Clippy may pop up in Windows 11


Already disabled CP on the media and test bench PCs. So no, it work be annoying, as I will never be using it.

Work for you? Again? After you lied about the job and stole my stuff? No thanks


The Landan response: f**k off and do one mate.

Ive been in that situation a few times, and recently one of said agencies got back in contact, but as a result of the way I was abused by said agency I had blacklisted them and for good reason. This was my reply to the agent -


Dear <agency rep>

Below is a summary of what occured in <regimized> -

- <your agency> failed to setup my contract of employment correctly or on-time at the start of the contract, for the first week, I was onsite with no contract in-place.

- I informed <your agency> at the start of the contract that I was receiving verbal abuse from one of the permanent employees, <your agency> were fully aware of this because their previous contractor had the same issue with the same employee. But they did f**k all about it.

- <your agency> failed to pay me on time or correctly on several occasions, which was a serious breach of my contract. They dismissed this out of hand (<your agency> tried blaming the end client)

- <your agency> changed my rate without consulting me or giving me notice - forcing me to accept unreasonable changes to my conditions of employment without an agreement which was illeagal.

- In the end the contract was cancelled with no notice, and no explanation.

- The final nail in the coffin was <your agency> "tried" to get away without paying me my notice period.

So please remove all my contact details from your systems and can you put a note on there that I NEVER want to hear from your company again please.

kind regards


Users now keep cellphones for 40+ months and it's hurting the secondhand market


And yes because the phones you have just works. For a while now manufactures have refused to listen to thier customers, instead removing features users wanted and adding features the did not. They are now reeping the benefits or lack there of, as a result of this beligerant anti-consumer behavour.

An example in my case, Samsung keeps installing unremoveable bloatware, making apps thaat never needed internet access now suddently need to connect to samsung and making it harder and harder to root thier devices. I have owned a bunch of thier devices (D500 slide, S, S2, S4, Note4, S5, S7, Note9) and currently daily drive an S20fe, on which I have a custom recovery, custom rom, rooted, firewall and permission manager. But this may very well be my last SS device.

Fujitsu will not bid for UK.gov business until Post Office inquiry closes


"They will not bid", huh?

How about they are never fucking allowed to work in the UK or on any contract, every again, for any reason.

These cn*ts are are the worst kind of liers, they ruined peoples lives, falsely accused 100s of individials and and were complicit in one of the biggest misscarigages of just this counrty has seen in a long time.

NO, Fujitsu need to fc*k and do one, and all the senior managers & emplyees involved need to face prosecution and imprisonment.

HP customers claim firmware update rendered third-party ink verboten


And this is news how..? Hp have a long and proud history of f*cking over thier customers, nothing to see here.

Another airline finds loose bolts in Boeing 737-9 during post-blowout fleet inspections


Gotta love that 'piss-weak, we aren't admitting to anything' PR response - "While we've made progress in strengthening our safety management and quality control systems and processes in the last few years, situations like this are a reminder that we must remain focused on continuing to improve every day."

No Boeing, you and the FAA haven't made any f*cking prgress! Your safety managerment is still criminaly inadiquate. How many more accident need to happen or people have to die (346 and counting) beforce someone is prosecuted and sent to prison. The second part of that statement is just insulting to the loved ones of those who have died on this death trap aircraft.

Not to self, check aircraft model when buying airline tickets. I went to Berlin recently and thankfully you canm check the flight details after the fact, it was an Airbus A320.

New cars bought in the UK must be zero emission by 2035 – it's the law


There are several issue that the Uk gov are failing to even acknowledge -

- the capacity of the grid, I have yet to see a proper indipendant report that states the Uk power grid will be able cope.

- a lot of insurance companies are refusing to insure EV's as a result of the fire risk. Of if they do the insurance is set so high (£5000) as to be un-practical - https://www.theguardian.com/money/2023/sep/30/the-quotes-were-5000-or-more-electric-vehicle-owners-face-soaring-insurance-costs

- There no current in-place plan for E-motorcycles, or a way for them to be charged along side other EVs.

China's GPU contender Moore Threads reveals card that can cope with Nvidia’s CUDA


"card that can cope with Nvidia’s CUDA"

Sorry, "can cope with", did you mean to say can match...? Drunk a bit to much as the xmas party..?

Elon is the bakery owner swearing in the street about Yelp critics canceling him


To use a commonly used London phrase, muskox really needs to f**k off and do one.

Bricking it: Do you actually own anything digital?


This is why I dont buy anything other than games digitaly. And if game comes out on GoG and steam, I buy it on Gog. And if one day Valve start fucking me about, I will simply head to the high seas for backup copies of the games I paid money for.

Biden urged to do something about Europe 'unfairly' targeting American tech


So this coming from a goverment that rolled over for nGreedia, right after saying it would punish them if they stepped out of line.....

Microsoft to intro dedicated mode for Cloud PCs


Re: Windows 365 Boot?

If you going to have employees do that, then do it should be done properly, as in to a VM where its can be managed and the hardware costs and maintenance are much easier to manage.


Any sysadmin or IT manager that thinks this is a good idea needs to be mocked relentlessly and at every oppertunity. And were that reality check fail, it would be time to find a different company to work for that isnt so myopicly inept.

Musk takes SEC 'Twitter sitter' consent decree appeal to US Supreme Court


Would musk ox even know what a pillock is though...

NTT Data to monitor ten million hotel guests and sell data about their sleep


Er how about f**k no! How exactly were tehy going to 'monitor' peoples sleep like? camersa in the hotel rooms, also f**k no!

Health crusaders prep legal challenge over NHS mega contract with Palantir


I have complained to MP about this and about the previous attempts to scrap my patient data from my local GP (doctor). My GP gets where Im coming from and also dosent not want any part of it. Its like a game of cat and mouse trying to keep my f**king data off the NHS.

OpenCart owner turns air blue after researcher discloses serious vuln


@Conner jones, your being accused of lazy journalisim -

- https://github.com/opencart/opencart/issues/12947#issuecomment-1826347718


Re: So... if I read this right...

No, your spot on fella!

Robocar tech biz sues Nvidia, claims stolen code shared in Teams meeting blunder


How is it that several commentors have utterly failed to grasp the basics of what happened, even its its been f***ing SPELLED out to them.

The issue WASNT that the code showed on screen, clearly it was ALREADY open and it DEMONSTRATED that the employee had most lickley already shared details of the bloody code with someone! When this same prick then went to WORK for nvidia, that was the basis for the lawsuit. Some of you are about as on the ball, as that idiot engineer...

When it comes to personal data, we're on a highway to hell


For years people used to look at me like I was crazy for having a rooted phone with Xprivacy to block this sthit from being pilfered from my phone, whos laughing now.

Vote now on who should take the lead in Musk: The Movie


No one, because WTF needs to watch a movie about this f**king imbecile!

Apple exec defends 8GB $1,599 MacBook Pro, claims it's like 16GB in a PC


That exec has never had to deal with regular users, once you have have some instancesof Chrome and office application or two open your done. 8GB hasent been enough on Mac's since OSX 10.9. But sheople and IT depts keep buying thier sh*t, so Apple will keep taking the piss.

As we say here in London " what a complete and utter cnut, they and their company can fcuk off and do one "

Samsung wants to push CAMM format into memory mainstream


The demo video in the article is borked...

The iPhone 15 has a Goldilocks issue: Too big or too small. Maybe a case will make it just right


Untill I can root an iphone, install an indipendant permission manager and firewall, switching from Android is never gonna happen. That said the price along of new iphones 15 256gb model (same as I have in my S20fe model) of £900 is joke thats beyond insulting. Butr then again Samsung is pulling the same sh*t with the 256gb S23, but hunt around and you'll find it cheaper. But as the lack of SDCARD slot on the last 3x S series from SS my S20fe might be my last SS handset. Might finally be time to look an alternative android handset, its been a long time coming.

Unity apologizes, tweaks runtime install fees after gaming world outrage


So Marc Whitten, ex-Xbox (right after a bunch of losses and mass-layoffs ), ex-Amazon, so another old white guy Marc Whitten... And good old trust-worthy John Ricattelo, the other old white guy loves Marc, cant sing Whittens's praises enough. Btw I am an old white guy, the irony isnt lost on me.

His apology is hollow and worthless, I imagine people dont a flying f*ck if he is "actually or genuinly sorry, " for the sh*t storm he and his fellow execs created. As one prominant Unity dev put a while back, its too little too late.

To quote 'Alhazred23' over on spacebattles.com - (https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/unity-changes-fee-schedule-or-how-to-hurt-your-platform.1115228/page-18)

"Unity say that folks can stay on prior TOS applicable to the version of Unity that they use, but they don't explain in the blog how prior TOS will be documented legally and for posterity. Unity also won't outright kill the install/engagement tracking, but instead promise to make it an option that devs can opt into, as an alternative to a 2.5% revenue share agreement, and they note that the metrics will be "self-reported" by the client. This is a similar scale walk-back as what WoTC did back when they ended up in the SAME situation, but everything will hinge on lawyers getting involved to set everything promised in stone. Unity also say nothing of the mysterious processes already imbedded in the runtime that phone home to Unity (personal note - I personaly block all games I play on my PC from talking to the internet for this very reason).

UK Online Safety Bill to become law – and encryption busting clause is still there


Re: Blighty seems determined to cut itself off from the rest of the world

'We' are not letting them do anything, 'they' are just riding roughshod over our civil rights and freedoms.

Lets see what happens when a promenant MP or someone rich enough gets their private comms exposed. Then we will see what light his sh*tstain of a law gets portraid in then...

Microsoft wants Activision so badly, it's handing streaming rights over to ... Ubisoft?


Re: Here's A Deal

100% on Arkane, jury is still out on Bethesda after the sh*tshow that is Starfield.