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EU VAT law could kill thousands of online businesses


Re: Amazon Seller Account

There are two kinds of seller profiles you can make on Amazon: one for an individual and one for a business. Each one costs a different amount and has a different set of benefits. For example, if you expect to sell less than 40 items each month, the individual plan is the best choice because there is no monthly subscription fee. On the other hand, Amazon charges private sellers 99 cents for each item they sell.

If you think you'll sell more than 40 items every month, you might want to switch to a professional plan. Amazon no longer charges sellers 99 cents per item, but instead a flat fee of $39.99 per month. If you are a professional seller, you only have to pay shipping costs for media. You can also wrap all of your products as gifts. In the same way, there is a lot about Amazon Account Management that you need to know. Even though you are just starting out, you still need to know how your Amazon account works.

The Right To Know


Re: The Right To Know

Every country's biggest problem is politics. In many countries, people who wanted to rule their own people used politics for their own gain. If a journalist says something bad about them, they will try to stop them in many ways. I think there are also some rules about politics.

Android tablets


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus has good specs, like Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC, so I think you should get it. You should have at least 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage is best.

Lenovo or HP Laptop


Re: Lenovo or HP Laptop

Without a doubt, the best laptop for gaming in this price range is an HP because it has the best specs. I think HP 14 is the best choice for you.

Goodbye, humans: Call centers 'could save $80b' switching to AI


Artificial intelligence is the most advanced technology because robotic systems operate automatically without the involvement of humans. It gives more efficient results in the working environment. In my opinion, if this technology is implemented in the call center, maybe they will give better results as compared to humans, but keep in mind that it’s just a machine. If we replace that machine with people, many people will lose their jobs, which will have an impact on human life. A lot of people are suffering from unemployment, and this is having an effect on the economy of the country.

Facebook hands over chats to cops in abortion case


First of all, Facebook made the right decision to hand over chats to cops. I appreciate Facebook because they helped a law enforcement agency solve that case. I think in this case, there is no need for an amendment in the constitution. It’s just passing one notification from the federal government and giving a woman the right to an abortion. But in my opinion, abortion is against humanity because, in that case, she killed someone who was innocent.

Google Maps, search results to point women to actual abortion providers


If Google offers that option, it means that all abortion providers can be trusted and that all of their information is saved in Google's database. But in a lot of states, abortion is against the law, and I don't know how Google deals with these states. This is because too many states in the US have made abortion illegal.

Oracle to hike support fees in line with inflation


It is good news for employees who are working in that company. Oracle made a good decision because employees deserve the increment in the form of inflation. Everyone is aware that the global inflation rate is increasing at an alarming rate when compared to previous years. The oracle's decision will inspire an employee to work harder and make him want to do a better job.

The Register Lecture: How to build your own tractor beam


Sonic tractor beams employ loudspeakers to create acoustic holograms that can hold, spin, and move items in midair. Researchers battled for years to lift items greater than half the sound's wavelength.

Hiding a phishing attack behind the AWS cloud


Hello everyone, I'm a bachelor's student. My computer was attacked by the piiq virus, and now they want me to pay a ransom. I put avast on my computer to scan. But this virus isn't getting rid of right. Can someone tell me a way to get rid of it?