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UK bans Chinese CCTV cameras on 'sensitive' government sites


Re: Good idea anyways

No china manufacturers are no better

Emergency services call-handling provider: Ransomware forced it to pull servers offline


Re: National Hacking Survival?

Only making it available on HSCN would be a good start

Major IT outage forces UK emergency call handlers to use 'pen and paper'


Re: High experienced?

Critical Systems should be behind the HSCN network which is not public facing and you need a HSCN line to access.

If this wasn't the case why?

Also, I have never known any audit of the requirements for an HSCN line and have seen the form fraudulently filled out to get one. This means there is bound to be so many weak points to get onto this network.

Was when I was in education but we struggled as a school to get Advanced to meet our internal security expectations. They were eventually met. Again you are still down to the weakest member of staff working on your service.