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NASA sets November date for next SLS Moon rocket delay, er, launch


Safety First

I hope Shaun's not getting too anxious - he must be getting as fed up as the rest of us.

Stay comfortable and keep your woolies on.

China discovers unknown mineral on the moon, names it Changesite-(Y)


Re: Weight


Thank you Randall

NASA just weeks away from trying again with SLS Moon rocket launch



It's almost as if they've never actually done it before . . . or have they?

By the way - who is looking after Shaun and will the ElReg Standards be refined when they actually confirm the speed of a sheep in vauum?

Japan to change laws that require use of floppy disks


Re: #DEFINE floppy online

Just look at xkcd 927

NASA's Space Launch System rocket is on track for August 29 liftoff


Launch Scrubbed

There will be a short delay: We are currently awaiting the loading of our compliment of small, lemon-soaked paper napkins for the comfort, refreshment, and hygiene of VIP Shaun the Sheep during the flight

Thanks to Douglas Adams, Aardman and the Indepentent 02 August 2022.

Keep your cables tidy. You never know when someone might need some wine


That would be an ecumenical matter.

South Korea's lunar orbiter launches and phones home happily


Re: Is there another kind of camera?

My thoughts exactly.

Meanwhile in pedants' corner I assume we must be talking about a polar or near polar orbit. if so which pole will they be photographing? The article refers to the pole's craters (pole's = singular possesive). Apparently there are two poles on the Moon so should it not refer to the poles' craters (plural possive)?

I don't have a coat because it is too warm but I'm leaving anyway.