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Jackass 2.5 to premiere online



Hopefully more and more studios will start to release like this as it will reduce bad Cam and telesync torrents...

and to those of you who feel that this is stupid and idotic etc. consider this comdey has always been slapstick at heart and this is merely going further then previous incarnations, your merely showing your age by being unable to find this funny, simply put your out of touch. thats not a problem old people are important too, here have 20p for the meter.

US gov silent robot white (?) helicopter prangs itself

Dead Vulture

Now availbile in White or Black!!!!

Obviously this White Silent Helicopter is to distract you from the Black silent helicopter, both of which distract you from the silent killbots sneaking up behind you... I predict doom... Killbot Doom I tells yer!!! silent Killbots choppers in white and black emblazoned with a mysterious glowing logo shaped like an apple... oh yes and its probably Americas fault.

Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer's

Thumb Down


good ole TP

P2P file-sharing recognizes no borders



Why so low on the number of users encrypting they're data I wonder?

Apparently France are going to "Ban" pirates, facilitated via monitoring done by ISPs, (watch everyone churn to the ISPs who don't monitor overnight) so I think users awareness of encryption features will increase.

Rose Tyler beams back into Doctor Who


I am shocked

I thought Dr Who was pretty well recieved by all, but then

"But alas, that character is no longer for us but for middle-aged Eastenders watching house wifes who are the cornorstone of fine British institutions such as The Sun"

Mate your an idiot, Sun readers would not be into Dr Who

anyway guess what it is British and thats what the charm of the program is for me,

and as for the prop moaners come on pls, thats the point... you know its a guy in a costume right?

Dinosaurs derail desalination drive Down under


both sides of the story and some numbers

Good to see a rational thread of comments with both sides of the story being discussed and the number geeks a crunching,

The enviromental impact is pretty big but I guess it needs to be considered in relation to the impact on the country, if the drought is not broken... we have the raw fossil fuel to power it, we don't give a crap about the enviroment, we do want to support our farmers, we like making money, therefore its a go on the desalination plant I agree with recycled water options but only for the English.

Gamer takes Microsoft to court over Halo 3 'errors'


@ Chris and the i take care of my items so they don't break crowd

have you ever seen the simpsons? so you work in a store where people use there 360's as car jacks and leave them on unalanced surfaces etc. HELLO comic store guy!!!

MS obviously wouldn't have introduced the 3 year warranty if there wasn't a problem.

The only comment of any worth in thuis useless thread is Phill's re development however if MS moguls are going to drive ferraris I do expect good returns policy's in place.

This product could have been as robust as a PS2 I had one which had been modified with a hard disk mod chip basically fucked with by an amatuer spark (me) carried around in a kit bag boot of car its goin on six years old and it still boots everytime has no disc read errors didn't get the laser problem anyone still reading this?

thought not

Anyway the 360 would no way stand up to any kind of mistreatment and I treat mine with kid gloves it operates in Server room condtions and yet Bioshock (oh suprise suprise a GPU intensive game) RROD... some consoles were inherintely fuct from the plant, and thats that.

Panto star sacked for foul-mouthed outburst


Winterfest 2008

here in Sydney we have the usual christmas trimmings in the shop window but what i don't get is why its all snow scenes...

Korean cyber junkies march off to bootcamp


same issue different century

"Governments across Asia have naturally taken a dim view of these dens of adolescent overindulgence."

I see similarities to an opium den, everyone goes there chils out someone occasionally OD's

ten years time: America launches its WAR ON GAMING!!!

Helicopters: President buys British, Queen buys American

Black Helicopters


I thought the monarchy pay for themselves through tourism? anyway I support the British government looking after old people just wish they'd broaden the scope.

I believe that most choppers create a vortex in they're own downwash which can lead to rapid vertical descent...

Sea Kings all round I say

Facebook faces UK data probe


Anti Facebook Slurs

I quite often write in the "user is" section anti facebook slurs no swear words but theories (mostly stimulated by Reg reading) user is sure that Facebook is a huge Market research project etc. and they get removed...

How a bread truck invented the internet


Al Gore v Tim Berners Lee

I thought the Al Gore thang was widely debunked as republican spin, lies, smoke and mirrors? anyway Tim Berners Lee invented it and I invented him so I thank you all very mulch for attending I AM IPV6!!!

Great War diary reveals original Captain Blackadder


out of copyright....

if its only just been released I assume it has also only just been copyrighted... as opposed to IP which has been in the public domain for centuries and as such has become widely distrubuted and no one is sure who has the rights to it...

I read some previews of this and it does sound compelling but if its wrapped in DRM it puts me off, I think it would be better to go for a wider circulation as the world needs to rememeber our history of war... and how it doesn't actually solve anything...

Home snoop CCTV more popular than Big Brother


@ policing on the cheap

I say shut it. the cops have got a hard enough time as it is, I think the more they assimilate with the public the better they can operate. Everyone slags the cops out and it kinda grates me, they deal with the scum of the UK and just because a hoodie scratches your middle class car, they are rubbish and didn't turn up for an hour blah blah blah. Should be doing a better job etc.

If 64.5 million people have access to the huge ammount of Cameras in the UK does it not increase the odds of people being positively id'd for crimes?

it is a little worrying re privacy but then we are talking about public places... its confusing

Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail strike out Iran



so this helps international relations how? to me its merely a way of severing communications between joe bloggs and joe bloggs... "NATIONAL SECURITY!!!" f*** that, I 'd rather people of threat were using hackable channels for communication then strongly encrypted undetectable methods...

whats the point?

peaceful goals are reached through discussion not by cutting people off

Florida cops issue shock 'Butthash' warning


I call Bullshit on this story

After trying to further his war on drugs by ordering Butt Plugs for the entire state of Florida President Bush has been removed from office...

@ Daniel B you haven't heard of Meth Heads??? have you been collecting poo in Jars with a bag balloons in your pocket by anychance?

Apple gives MacBooks some Santa Rosa loving


decisions decisions

do you pay over the odds for the high class hooker or the five dollar job on the corner, both end up with the same results...

come on Apple sell it to me at the price of a Dell and I'm there!

Pirate Bay aims to sink BitTorrent


Walk the Plank Alex

Granted Sealand didn't happen but I betcha some illegally downloaded movies that if the PB put out a protocol it would take off, fast.

Student taser victim spared electric chair


I can't deal with your questions verbally so my friends are going to use force

that wasn't a debate it was a statement.

poor bugger

Cops coax half-naked Czech wolfman from Cardiff tree


@ David Wiernicki

knowing Cardiff, it would probably of been more like

"What the F*** are You doing You *U**ing *u*t? You Better F*** **f before I Kick yer F**king Head in F***ing T**T"

at which point the Czech would have snapped out of his Mushroom induced trip to respond

thats a bit inappropriate isn't it?

Woman murdered after answering Craigslist ad


@ you lot who've marginilised a human life

no one is asking you to be sympathetic or to compare an indiviudal murder incident against thousands....

wow news flash news papers print stories to sell copies, not to tell you the news, did you seriously only just figure that out?

and for those of you who have said you just don't care, guess what woman come in other formats then jpeg.


@ yeah right

you sound utterly horrible.

but in a feeble attempt to answer your disgusting toned question, its newsworthy as a sign of the times maybe you would have been happier if it acknowledged that this has happened before via traditonal advertising mediums. Its also newsworthy because its a grisly murder and incorporates that (to most folk) unknown quantity THE INTERNET!!!!

TV-Links man: 'I'm no master criminal'


@ hogwash

unfortunately some fat cat isn't losing out on his cream when it comes to exploitation of our children so they don't give a shit, whereas something that is potentially going to hinder them getting another Jag or Ferrari well it simply must be stopped!!!

I think if they pooled they're efforts into making file sharing Piracy a perfectly above board activity I think it would go some way to stopping other most heinous activities from being conducted, but then again who gives a shit about each other anymore lets make some MONEY!!! or to those of you who think it is "criminal" or "theft" to rip and file share lets make other people MONEY!!!

Comcast busted for bagging BitTorrents (again)


throttling, cow milking and the seven seas!

Arrrrr me hearties, how can you tell people who have bought a 20MBps connection to STFU and such like?!? I think its perfectly acceptible to be disgruntled not to get a red car when you bought one? likewise with an incorrectly described internet connection.

Talk with your feet people! if you bend over your going to get b*******

Oz censor bans Soldier Of Fortune: Payback


uninformed decisions

its pretty dumb to ban this game because it is a game.

Ahhh custers revenge... look out stick figures shagging!

@ Wiernicki -chill out bro same happens in US and UK even more so I'd say don't forget where mad max, romper stomper, and other ultra violent greats come from

@ Harper -did you happen upon this article thinking it was an open source piece, and pop a clasp off your jesus sandal in outrage? opps look out I think you spilled some of your delciious pulse based desert on your eco friendly brown shorts.

Mobile phones soon to be allowed on aircraft



I don't care about the safety implications... I'm just thinking about the sheer misery my already incredibly miserable long haul flights will be, sat next to a jumbo pig chattering away on a cell phone for 23.5 hrs(AUS-UK)... argh....! as some mentioned above its going to instigate air rage...

Teen accused of hacking emergency 911 system


Internet Age Prank Calls

calling a SWAT team to a private residence... should he be up on attempted murder charges?

Student suspended in gun rights email row


look out americas coming and its gone a gun or ten up its sleeve!!!

hahahaha people think that its utopian to live without gun ownership? I think your scared people making irrational statements.

I ponder the comment about having guns to keep the government in check, reminds me of the T.Jefferson quote about patriots questioning Government.

so whats stopping you guys you got plenty of guns? but wait you probably think your foreign policy is right

Back on topic, I think the faculty made the correct choice, and should even have gone further, this statement I make based just on what people here are saying...


All we are saying is give peace a chance

Lol @ bible belt having lunch comment!

I think that a lot of folk in the USA are bred and raised on fear. As a nation of immigrants, everyone there regardless of they're race creed etc has about the same right to be there...

Race fears are due to lack of talking you'll find that the groups that are stereotyped are few and far between and most people you talk to are individuals,

No Guns = No Gun crime simple as...

@ if we didn't have guns would you prefur we got raped/killed? seriously would you have been raped and killed or is that just what your government and marketeers would have you believe?

Quick lookout the EYE RACK EEEs are coming to rape and kill us!!!

Kid should of been expelled not suspended

Israel suspected of 'hacking' Syrian air defences



I don't think this is some amazing security compro, its quite simply superior american fire power, its a sleepy morning, smoking some hash, check the radar is that a glitch, tap tap on the screen, no way are those two f15s streaking toward us...

whoops too late.

Jack Thompson sets about Halo 3


parody of Ali G?

Is this guy taking the piss? pretending to be an actual lawyer then filing really crazy claims?

I feel sorry for his son,

NY probes Facebook over pedophile controls


@ when will people learn

I agree with you its stupid to think that the Internet is safe, but at the same time I think Facebook should have responded to the queries it recieved,

on the internet there is an audit trail to follow not following it is lazy and careless, an older man soliciting a minor for innappropriate things should be held accountable.

the guys profile should have been updated too

24 yr old male IS a paedo

so his other friends or groomed victims would know what this guy is up to.

Argos admits selling Halo 3 early


Ban Hammer

I wonder if MS will ban the people if they go on Live with this?