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Identity thieves can hunt us for 'rest of our lives,' claims suit after university data leak

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I keep my credit locked down and only lift it briefly for checks that I authorise. There are not many. Not only is it free but it does not allow snoopers to even view your credit score so far more private than the so called 'credit protection' services out there.

Everyone should do this. There is no way to know whether you have been hacked. I got a letter from an organisation recently saying that 'my data had been compromised' three months prior.

Locking down your data has some unexpected benefits. The company that I have used to insure my house for many years recently contacted me because they were unable to pull my credit. What on earth were they thinking? I told them I would find a different insurer if they ever tried that again, they backed down very fast.

Uncle Sam probes H-1B abuse surge: What do our vultures make of it?

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Re: yes, prosecute

Yes there have been a number of abuses including paying a lower wage (now illegal but they will never complain) and laying them off at the point where the H1-B option expires and the company has to sponsor them for a greencard. Now instead they go for L-1 visas (intra company transfers). I came to the US on an H1-B.

Cop warrant orders Ring to cough up footage from inside this guy's home

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You save your data to an NAS nowadays. I'm puzzled by how the Fuzz even knew there were cameras. I can access mine remotely but through a private server that they would never discover.

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I've just finished a stint on Grand Jury in NYC. Almost every single one of the 100 cases we dealt with used private cameras outside shops that had nothing to do with the crime being investigated. Footage was requested and handed over without hesitation. The police have dedicated tech departments that knit the footage together to provide evidence of the drug sale or whatever and then arrest both buyers and sellers using facial recognition.

Women sue Apple claiming AirTags helped their stalkers

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Re: Find My? AirTags...

One of the cases in court was about a man putting an air-tag into his own daughter's backpack. I can't imagine a judge ruling that that constitutes stalking however much his estranged wife might want it to be.

Keep an eye on your Experian accounts: Some profiles hijacked using personal info

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How would an SMS text message two factor authentication work for those of us that either do not own a mobile or have changed their mobile number?